Oct 26, 2020

My Published Book: Lifeline- Will they ever succeed?

 Here I am with my first novel : Lifeline- Will they ever succeed?

Initial Reviews:


Teesha, an ambitious marketing workaholic, who is still battling the scars of her previous relationship, and Akhil, a consultant and an ace at his job, go through an internal battle, trying to defeat the demons of office politics and boost their respective careers. Will they be able to overcome the challenges that destiny has thrown at them in return for their hard work? Pulled into the drudgery of the brutal corporate world, will they be able to lead happy and content lives? Will love find a way into their lives?

Rati, a single mother and a freelancer, decides to launch a mobile application. Will she be successful in her startup venture and get the social identity she craved for? Will she gain acceptance as a single mother?

Lifeline is a story of love, friendship, money, office politics and startups. It is a story of survival and portrays love, care and respect revolving around myriad relationships and situations that we encounter in our lives.

And a Video Teaser as well:

Available on Amazon.in, Amazon.com and Flipkart.

Let me know if you would like to read this book. I am sure it will entertain you and will introduce you to the interesting relatable characters that you can easily find in your social circle. These three characters, with their quirks and eccentricities are unique in themselves, and you would laugh and cry with them in their good and not-so-good moments.

Happy Reading:)

Oct 16, 2020


 Let me start by asking the question-

What is your lifeline?

That gives you life

That keeps you going

No matter how rough the road is

But you smile 

With the company of your lifeline.

I wonder,

What is lifeline for me

My family, my friends, my first book

Come to my mind,

But is it true, do I really know myself,

Do i really know my lifeline?

I sometimes long for solitude

Do not want to think about anyone, not even me

Then how can they be my lifeline

Or does it change with time 

Am i the lifeline of myself?

What is there inside me that I can not see

That is keeping me on the toe

What is there inside me that I can only feel

That never lets me falter.

Science and mythology says 

You belong to nothingness.

As I write this I realize

And now I say, I belong to an emotion

The emotion that is always alive

Inside me, you and everybody

That is my lifeline

My emotion for everything....

Do you want to feel that emotion, then read Lifeline...

It is a story of 3 professionals and their struggles in their personal and professional life. It is written under the backdrop of a cutelovestory, deals with topics like office politics, start up and a social cause for women.

Here is the book teaser as well. Do watch it with some volume.

Do check it out on Amazon.in and Amazon.com

Let me know if you would like to read it and review it on your blog or social platform.