Startup-Season 1 Netflix Series:Review


Adam Brody as Nick Talman

Edi Gathegi as Ronald Dacey

Otmara Marrero as Izzy Morales

Startup is an American streaming television drama created by Ben Ketai. Season 1 was released in 2016. Netflix made it available to its viewers in May 2021. 

These days, anything to do with startups appeals to me. And season-1 of Startup is good, exciting and keeps you on your toes.

It is the story of three people having different motives but one urge to change their destiny. A startup unites them. But will they be able to create it? A digital currency startup, not Bitcoin, but Gencoin.

Izzy Morales creates this unregulated digital currency, but she doesn't have enough seed money to start her own company and she pitches to different companies for seed funding.

Nick Talman, a desperate banker, finds potential in Gencoin and roots around the unethical money entrusted to him by his father, a longtime Miami con man. His father has also left a trail to Nick that comes from a federal agent - Alan Rask.

Pouring of this unethical money leads them down unseen and unexpected paths, and they meet the real Haitian crook Ronald Dacey.

With all this money mess will they be able to get funding and launch their unregulated digital currency -Gencoin? 

You got to watch it further.  YOU FEEL ME? - A dialogue that I liked the most.

My favorite character is Ronald Dacey. I liked his acting, dialogue delivery and his portrayal of Haitian life. 

Although the pace slowed down in between but timely twists and turns kept me riveted until the end.

This series was released in 2016, but even in 2021, digital currency is still new to the world. People all over the world are having second thoughts. The currency flares up with a tweet from Elon Musk. This series also shows the same uncertainty about digital currency in today's world of regulated government dollars. 

In the beginning, there were steamy scenes that didn't look like the demand of the script, but only served to hold the viewer for some time until the actual story picks up speed.

Who should watch this series?

  • Anyone who has an interest in bitcoin, dogecoin and other digital currencies.
  • Anyone who has their own startup or wants to create one. 

I will also watch season 2 and 3. Check it out.

Chetan Maheshwari

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  1. Sounds like a good series to watch. Digital currency is highly debatable, while the jury is out we can enjoy the TV shows...

    1. Yes, it is good, Will not be that easy for jury to be out ..But we can watch it , yes...Thank you so much

  2. Wonderful review. Will check it out.

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