Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny- Book Review

I started reading this book after seeing it mentioned in national bestsellers and in recommendations for authors. Eventually, I couldn’t disagree that authors should read this one. It is unputdownable even if it is not a fast-paced book.

In fact, 150-200 more pages would have made me happierYes, that’s how comforting Katherine Heiny’s writing style is in “Early Morning Riser.” It’s not a thriller, intense romance or dystopia, but simply the portrayal of lives of the main characters Jane, Duncan and Jimmy. Indeed, it feels like you are reading a part of your lives through them.

The author described Jane’s insecurities about work, love, money, life, children, mother, and everything else exactly as how we feel in our daily lives. 

For example, I could see myself in Jane’s place when she realized her neighbor or friend was better at cooking. In addition, I sighed when she tried to find faults in herself to conclude a mismatch with her and her lovers.

These descriptions are bittersweet, humorous and relatable at the same time making it an endearing read. 

The book presented the portrayal of Jane’s life from 2002 to 2019. She lived in Boyne City, had an affair with Duncan, who had slept with almost every lady in town (Boyne City is a small city, so everyone usually knows each other). When she was trying to find her happiness with relationship, life and friends, an incident happened that completely transformed her life. She started living with guilt and tried to do everything she could to compensate for a small decision she made that changed the course of her’s, Jimmy’s and Duncan’s life. It moves further with her constant efforts to have that perfect relationship and life; and the end will show  whether Jane will comprehend the meaning of true happiness in life?

I enjoyed author’s writing style, as I could see everything in front of my eyes.

For example, read this excerpt:

“She had been in such a hurry that she had slammed the car door shut on one corner of the full skirt of her dress, and it fluttered in vain, like a handkerchief waved by a departing train.”

And my eyes grew wide, and I cried out inwardly, “Yes, I have seen that.” This book is full of giving you moments like that. 

Besides, the section that I liked the most was when she described her feelings, thoughts, fears and happiness during her pregnancy. It was an eye opener, and it felt like I could feel her pain and happiness at the same time. That’s how powerful her descriptions were.

For sure, I will read her other books soon. 

But, who shouldn’t read this book?

-If you haven’t read many books, then you need to take some time, read other books, and then pick this one up. 

-If you have a deadline that you need to meet by reading, then don’t pick up this book.

-If you are a hardcore mystery lover or intense romance fan, 

Who should read this book?

- If you are on vacation, and want peace in the world with sun and sand around you or in the mountains with chilly breeze, tea and snacks, then this is the book for you. 

- If you are a writer and going through writer’s block, then pick up this book and it will give you tips on how to move your story forward. 

- If you are a book reviewer, read this book to see how wonderful descriptions can be.


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Happy Reading!!

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