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Have you ever run out of ideas for your business growth?
  • Never understood why leads weren't converting into sales?
  • You ran out of ways to improve your product.
  • Don't know what fell short in the last service you provided?
  • You want to hit your head when the customer gave a bad review without explanation.
If you are plagued by such problems, you can turn to other business owners for advise. People will be happy to help if you ask with honesty and without ulterior motives. With this, you'll also expand your network and make professional friends. 

Of course, big business tycoons might not respond, but people who have similar or larger businesses should be able to help you. They can become your advisors.

How can you reach out to them?

1) Contact them on LinkedIn. Explain your mutual interest in connecting. It should always have a win-win prospect, if not in short term than in long term.

2) Reach out to them through mutual friends.

3) Attend business conclaves, expos, or conferences. These social events are realistically like nightclubs for business owners. A convenient place to network.

4) Have social interaction with someone from big management institutes like IITs/IIMs. Alumni of such institutes are bound to have connection with startup-owners. (Ignore if you are already from there, go back to point 2).

Approach in the most humble manner. Make them understand that they are the only ones who can help you. 

5) Look out in your circle of family and friends, in most cases you can find a person from your extended family. Never underestimate your family connections. They are the ones who will help even if you are up in the air and have all egos in your body language.

In this effective way, you can hire peers as consultants without paying a penny. Every large, growing company have advisors  to guide them as they step along their path.

 Small business owners may not be able to afford, but this way you can unofficially hire your advisors.

A business without advisors can only cover partial journey of growth.

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