Celebrate Victory but never lose Humility

Celebrating victory is important, but not at the expense of one’s humility. The process of ego formation is a quasi-static one that always remains in equilibrium, and you don’t notice it until the change in you has already taken place and gone off the rails. When that happens, you lose even the ability to recognize that ego cloud, and your growth becomes dependent on someone else to shake you from your ego-run.

Do you know this?

Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple in 1985, from the very company he founded. Not because he underperformed, but because he was unmanageable. His ego completely consumed him up. 

But he learned, he recovered, he started another company, rejoined Apple in 1997, and he changed the company’s fortunes again. 

But you’re not Steve Jobs, and you shouldn’t want to be the Steve Jobs of 1985.

If that can happen to Steve Jobs in the company he started himself, it can happen to anyone. 

Let’s get to these questions that may answer why you started the company in the first place?

1) To make money and live a quiet life without having to move to different places for jobs.

2) To be your own boss.

2) To change the society with your efforts.

 3) To prove yourself in front of the world.

4) To have a rich life

Fulfilling some of the above motives fill you with pride, inner satisfaction and you think that you have proved yourself, but sometimes this can sow the seeds of ego and sense of superiority in you.

You start believing that you are the master of everything and that you can change the world with your mind, your techniques, your money and your network. You consider other people in the learning phase of what you mastered.


This very network that helped you succeed will bring you down in no time if you lose humility after your successes.

Check if  below points sync with your current state of working style-

1) Your say is a final stamp in your business.

 2) You micromanage your team members.

 3) You think the customer is a fool who doesn’t understand business.

4) You don’t mind losing your credibility in front of lesser people.

5) You don’t value your competitors.

You are the best judge of your intentions and responsible for your actions and decisions. If you have achieved success, then check if you fall under any of the above points, if yes, then change your  way of working and follow the right path. 

 If you are on the path to achieve desired success, then remember to never lose humility in that winning process. 

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Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. Very well said. This is so important to keep the ego in check.

  2. Hi Purba
    Ego is the enemy in disguise..

    Thank you

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