A New Hope- Fiction 500


The sun blazed Amay’s eyes as he rode to office. Shadowing his eyes with left hand, he was moving cautiously at 30 km/hr on a seemingly vacant but damaged road. The image of white diamond Swift sedan popped in front of him. He decided that the car was worth to have in such weather and rough roads.

But, one hand could not stop the sun glare as his fingers became a slit. Cursing the hard sun while imagining himself in that white car, he got a sudden jerk on his back. The bike swerved, his one hand grip loosened, eyes lost track, and the bike plunged. Before even he could grasp anything and regain control, a mini truck coming from behind ran over his right leg. The next moment was as if he was a metal sheet between the jaws of a press machine, he felt the sudden pain till his yield strength and then everything went black, to nothingness, his leg like the metal sheet was cut into two pieces. The raging fire like that of a hot boiler was killing his right leg, and he became unconscious.

“ How are you feeling” enquired the doctor. The truck driver who ran over his leg brought him to the nearby hospital, but it was not before 24 hours that he got to senses. Although doctors performed an immediate treatment on his leg.

His fate is going to play with his wish.

“I am feeling good about the car, and now I will also have a comfortable ride to the office.” The doctor was dumbfounded, his eyes were still closed, and he spoke about the car. There was nothing doctor could do, but wait for him to gain conscious.

After a few hours, the attendant sitting outside his room hears loud noises, as if Amay has seen a ghost. He went inside only to find that Amay was awake and realized his right leg was no more like before.

Earlier, the infection had spread in his leg, and it was imperative to amputate his right foot.

Later, the doctor explained him the situation. Amay heard everything with a stern face. It was a shock for him and sucked his entire energy. He only has two options now, either to buy a car or to get a prosthetic leg. The money saved can only have 1 of these two. Having lost from his fate, he had no other option but to choose prosthetic leg.

Submerged in these lowly thoughts, he impulsively picked up a paperback kept besides his hospital bed: “Lifeline-Will they ever succeed?” It was a story that could give anybody a new hope, and Amay became its proof. Rejuvenated, Amay gladly agreed for the prosthetic leg, and vowed to work hard again to buy that white diamond sedan.

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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