A life-lesson from a Speed Breaker

 Last week I was driving  slowly at 12km/hr in the parking lot of my society. It had metallic speed breakers installed at every 100 metres. Bumps that have a higher tangential angle, meaning a bit steep at the end and less flat at the top. At that time, a phone call from my friend made me stop in between and later I realized that the front tyres were right at the brink of one of those speed breakers.

I put first gear, slowly releasing clutch and accelerating at the same time but car stopped with a slight jerk. I tried again this time putting up more acceleration in half clutch and it took over and I was off to my destination.

The first attempt did not have the momentum  that a moving car has. The momentum help the car to overtake the breakers with minimum power.  Similarly these breakers or obstacles are like problems in our daily life and if we want to overcome them easily then we should always have something new going on, ready to learn new things. The new knowledge exercises our brain and keeps the momentum in our body and soul. If you adopt complacency then the effort required to break any obstacle multiplies in geometric progression or sometimes has a scary exponential increment.

This momentum of learning is the key to success for anything as it breaks the big effort into small steps of daily discipline and dedication. We may not realize it instantly but the habit of simple easy things actually add up to a bigger effort to overcome these speed breakers. It sets the foundation for ourself.

So keep learning, keep innovating and not even for a second let the complacency take hold of you. But if you feel low and dejected then- first, talk to people who are energetic everytime , read good books, and then look into your life mirror. You will find a solution for yourself.

Keep smiling :)

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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