Aug 21, 2020


Above is an English translation of the Hindi dialogue "Raja ka beta raja hota hai" from Super-30, a Bollywood movie based on a true story of an individual who trained thousands of students free of cost to crack the toughest exam of the country -IIT JEE. He gave the right to education to the poor and turned their life around.  In a way, it tried to follow the right to education to prepare for IIT.  (I have my own journey of appearing for IIT but saving that story for future )

Although I think the dialogue does not completely relate to the true story that producers attempted to portray, but it appropriately relates to the open debate on #nepotism. Triggered by the death of Sushant Singh rajput- SSR, the debate on #nepotism is not looking to end too soon and is becoming a movement greater than #Metoo. 

I was very sad after the death of SSR. He was the rank holder  (AIEEE Rank 7) and studied in DCE ( Delhi College of Engineering). Such rank holders have got immense mental strength and are fighters, the challenges of life do not bog them down but they face it with unparalleled courage.

Can #Nepotism cause his death? Well, it is not sure whether we may come to know the truth, or will it be buried under history as a death in mysterious circumstances? But the theory of depression doesn’t suit SSR personality.

Talking about nepotism, it is not only in Bollywood but exist in every sphere of life. Has it affected me?, the answer is Yes. Has it affected the entire human race? the answer is yes. 

"Everybody is the product of #nepotism"

Remember Mahabharata, the entire epic is based on #nepotism. A blind person, Dhritrasthra is made a king of the clan, and then he wanted Duryodhana, his unworthy son, to be the king which triggered the biggest war of human history. 

Why was there a rule that “The king’s son can only be the king” because the forefathers of the clan acquired the region with their struggle and created their own kingdom.  Now that they have created the kingdom, then why would they not want their children and future generations to take advantage of their struggle. So in a way, it is right and anybody is free to have a war to put their claim to the throne

Talking about contemporary time, in most of the cases, a family-owned business always has a successor from the same family. Capability is never the ideology behind the selection. But the ideology is that the person who started the company will want his family to continue and not want them to struggle the same way as he did but take it ahead to new heights never attained before. So this kind of nepotism is ok and everybody does that at their level.

In the current debate in Bollywood, no actor shall like to see his children struggle but shall want them to use his network and contacts to start a career. And there is nothing wrong in that. Why would he want his kids to struggle the same way as he did?  Out of kindness, and real capability of other people, a person can support others but it can never be the obligation.  Now, talking about outsiders and their expectation to get work in big production houses: My question to them why don’t you do the same work  what your father did at  young age, you will get the benefit of your father’s experience, #Nepotism so to say. If you are doing something new that nobody in your family has done it then you are bound to struggle, it has to happen but your kids, if they follow your path will take benefit of your struggle and move ahead. This is how life works. If you have so much problem with nepotism, then follow your father’s path and take the advantage that you can get out of nepotism. 

I also some times crib that my first job is not as some department head or a strategist but merely an employee of a company. But that’s the choice that I made and the struggle I chose, so there is nothing to crib but to work hard and become that much able that your future generation can take some advantage of your struggle and move ahead in life #Nepotsim.

The Ugly Truth

But it does not sometimes end here. Big people with power take advantage of outsiders and desperate people.  They do not give them due credit. Female and male wannabes need to compromise to get work. This no doubt is wrong and should be stopped.  

What should people do?

You should build on your emotional strength and explore the true meaning of happiness for you. Your desperation and want of social acceptance and respect can make you do crazy things but you have to balance your mind, look into your Life Mirror and find out your true long-term ambition and vision of life. 

May be rough, but there will be an alternate route available.

Aug 9, 2020

Canvass of a Mind- Book Review

Engrossing...Was the first reaction as I finished this book. After a long time I grabbed a love story, and was ecstatic that I chose this one. The riveting story coupled with a nail-biting twist and intriguing narration is the USP of the book. 

Let me tell you, the first thing that I liked about this novel was the names of the main characters -Akashi and Ipsha. The story is of these two sisters who have lost their parent in childhood, and live by themselves in Kalimpong. Apart from dealing with their love interests, the story revolves around the bonding and relationship that the two sisters share in their life .

It takes pace when a stranger follows Ipsha and leaves down mysterious love notes for her. Wooed by these alluring love notes, she gets attracted to the stranger and falls in love with him. 

But will Ipsha be able to flourish her love with a stranger, and sustain her strong bond with Aakashi all together?

“Nothing further...This is no spoiler, you have got to read the book”

It is a very compelling book, and I finished it too soon. I prefer reading in gaps of time and sometimes I drag a book for weeks or a month, but this book didn’t let me do that and kept me off the hook with its gripping tale. Though, in between it looked to be a bit of a bollywood lovestory but then the ending will change your entire impression about the book. I like books which surprise me at the end and this is one of them.

Why I chose this book?

I recently started reading books from Indian authors (took a halt for some years), and indiblogger introduced me to the author-Purba Chakraborty. I liked her writing style, the title of the book was unique, and it already had nice reviews so I grabbed it.

Who should read this book?

It is a psychological thriller in the backdrop of a love-story, and can be a very good weekend-read or a travel-buddy. All those who like good narration, love-story and psychological thriller can pick this book with no second thoughts.

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Happy Reading :)

Aug 4, 2020

The five people you meet in heaven- Book Review

Enticed by the title and nice online reviews, I selected it and simply put I was amazed by this book, and the author’s thought process. Imagining heaven seemed next to impossible for me and even today I am clueless if I have to write about heaven but this book made me feel that how heaven could be. 

The story starts with the death of old and crippled Freddie in an accident. He worked as a maintenance person in the amusement park. It then takes Freddie to heaven where he gets to meet five people from his life on earth.  The people who had marked a significant life event in his life. He interacts with them and sets his mind free of all the prejudices and doubts that he had had while his time on earth.

 The story is very simple, but the USP of this book is the concept of heaven and a meticulous narration of the story. It is not a thriller, not a run down chase sequence, no mystery, but you would never want it to end. 

Why I rated this as four stars and not five?

I expected more description and context of Freddie's discussion with the fourth and fifth people. It was great but it did not match the way it was explained for the first three people. 

This book is not for people who only like fan-fiction, love-stories or run-down chase thrillers. This book is for readers who want to understand life, explore  people around them and ready to take inspiration from anybody and everybody. It will help you see your Life Mirror.

Happy Reading :)

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