Nex-Tep: Book Review

Nex-Tep is a book for all the young professionals and  aspiring managers. It will guide them to shape their career in the right direction, and will help them take a wise decision to sustain and grow in the professional world.

Although non-fiction, the book starts with this guy who leaves office with confused and edgy mind, and enters Nex-Tep, a cafe. He was a top performer at his company, but not getting a due promotion demotivated and shattered him to the core. In the cafe, he shares his table with another stranger, and also shares his mental condition with him. The stranger eventually guides him to follow the correct path,  shows him the mirror and makes him realize the next steps that he can take for his career.

The concept of conversation between the two people is a novel approach in a non- fiction book to apprise the reader with the intended message. Writing is simple, easy to read and would also entice readers to finish it.

The concepts explained in the book were not new for me but I liked the approach that author has used to describe the same in fresh light. You would get to read about Frequency Illusion and Personal Branding in professional environment and one of my favorite line from the book is “ A good leader always hears the unsaid”. The statement itself guides an aspiring leader to the correct path.

At the end, I would recommend  all  professional debutantes, irrespective of the industry, should read this book. The people in the later stage of their professional career can read this book to revisit the concepts with the fresh outlook.

Happy Reading :)

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Chetan Maheshwari

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  1. Intriguing. Well reviewed. I liked the quote that you shared ��

  2. @Purba
    Thanks a lot :)
    Yeah, It's good..Happy Reading

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