Jul 19, 2020

5 things to do after Lockdown

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Lockdown and the corona pandemic has taken a toll on everybody. Rich or poor, nobody is spared by the corona, and this has turned out to be an equalizer as money can not ensure vaccine or early cure of the virus. In fact, if this crisis continued for a longer time, it can affect the entire human race. Today, the entire country and the world might not be in the lockdown but it continues to feel like till we return to normalcy. 

The Corona time is bringing many changes in our lifestyle ,and we could not do several things we used to do months back. After normalcy, our habits and lifestyle will also transform, we will adopt new habits and will drop older ones.  But then there are certain things that you and I should do first after the crisis is over.

Bear-hug your friend

Are you not missing that hug from your close friends? Nobody ever imagined a greeting without a handshake or a hug. The greeting which symbolizes the closeness of emotions with the person. This bear hug is very important to eliminate the emotional distancing that is accompanying the social one.

Drive to a hill station/beach

Would you like to drive to a hill station or to a beach with your family? Enroute, you will again, as earlier times, enjoy the desi Indian dhaba food. The delicious, finger-licking and mouthwatering food will pamper and rejuvenate you.

Hill stations and beaches will take away that feeling of confinement of your home, and you will enjoy the cleanest and purest nature that you may have never seen in the past. Why? Because one of the biggest positives of this epidemic is the cleansing of environment. 

Do Shopping in the mall

Would you like to do a window shopping in the mall? Yes maybe you should, even if you prefer online, at least feel that you belong to this place to this community. Nostalgia would be all over you the moment you enter the shops that always have those favorite collection of dresses and shoes. 

Visit your parents home

A lot of us work in different cities away from our parents and native place. It might be the best thing to do after a long gap. A meeting after a long time would make you relive those childhood memories with your parents. You could again feel that protectiveness as you would enter your home.

Adopt Minimalistic lifestyle

This lock-down has helped us to break that mental rut that we could not survive without household helps, and not only that, but we by ourselves can do many other things. If we reflect upon the lock-down, we would realize that we do not use so many things at our home. I think it would be the best time to rethink about your lifestyle and what all new habits you should take and the older ones to leave in the corona time. Minimalistic living thus should be the last one in this list to adopt right after the pandemic is over.

But, unfortunately, as per the current scenario- “Dilli is far far away”. We don’t know the end but the best way to utilize this time, apart from creating #Lockdowntales for future, is to reflect about yourself and decide what permanent changes you would bring during and after #lockdown.

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Jul 15, 2020

Nex-Tep: Book Review

Nex-Tep is a book for all the young professionals and  aspiring managers. It will guide them to shape their career in the right direction, and will help them take a wise decision to sustain and grow in the professional world.

Although non-fiction, the book starts with this guy who leaves office with confused and edgy mind, and enters Nex-Tep, a cafe. He was a top performer at his company, but not getting a due promotion demotivated and shattered him to the core. In the cafe, he shares his table with another stranger, and also shares his mental condition with him. The stranger eventually guides him to follow the correct path,  shows him the mirror and makes him realize the next steps that he can take for his career.

The concept of conversation between the two people is a novel approach in a non- fiction book to apprise the reader with the intended message. Writing is simple, easy to read and would also entice readers to finish it.

The concepts explained in the book were not new for me but I liked the approach that author has used to describe the same in fresh light. You would get to read about Frequency Illusion and Personal Branding in professional environment and one of my favorite line from the book is “ A good leader always hears the unsaid”. The statement itself guides an aspiring leader to the correct path.

At the end, I would recommend  all  professional debutantes, irrespective of the industry, should read this book. The people in the later stage of their professional career can read this book to revisit the concepts with the fresh outlook.

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Jul 11, 2020

The COVID Impact

The lock-down season brought many changes in our lifestyle. We never imagined that swarms of traffic would become a thing of the past, that we will not eat for months from restaurants. The companies, giant and tiny,  promoted work from home for survival of business. Even with such an availability of manpower, we would live without maids and the other daily help. Nobody could have imagined it in this lifetime, but it happened. We do not yet know the end. The greatest pundits of the world say that vaccine would bring an end to this. Every pharmaceutical company, big and small, has entered this rat race to find the vaccine. For them, they found a gold mine, but with a secret key. Even if they decode that secret key and create a vaccine, will this ever end what has begun in 2020? Can this fear ever be swept away from hearts and minds of you, me and everybody else? Will we not doubt the air that we breathe in the future? The fear of another airborne infection will forever lurk outside our homes. No great minds or genius has a solution today as everybody is on a recovery mode even when they don’t yet know the entire impact of the COVID.

What do you think is the biggest impact of COVID to the human race? 

There are several positive points of lock-down for some would have explored their hobbies, have completed their long pending tasks, some would have explored novel business opportunities, but the biggest impact of COVID is yet to be realized.
Some months back, before lock down, I read this amazing book  Sapiens- A brief History of Mankind  by Yuval Noah Harari. It left an indelible impression on my mind and it answered the most prominent questions of our past 

  • How Sapiens could rule this world?

  • How did they eradicate the entire Neanderthal species, and  why other powerful and large animals could not claim the supremacy on this earth?

The book says it is our inherent ability to make larger groups that no other species can do or had done  in this world. One reason we, The Sapiens, dominated the earth is because of this inherent ability. 

"Neanderthals usually hunted alone or in small groups. Sapiens on the other hand, developed techniques that relied on cooperation between many dozens of individual, and perhaps even between different bands. Neanderthals could have beaten Sapiens in a one-on-one brawl, but probably, in a conflict of hundreds, Neanderthals wouldn't stand a chance." 

"Even our earlier predecessor Chimpanzee could not make and communicate in a group of more than ten. There would be a pandemonium if thousands of chimpanzee were allowed to watch a cricket match together in a stadium, but Sapiens could do that with unimaginable harmony."

Today, the COVID Effect is reducing our inherent ability to make groups. People can not make groups from fear of contracting the infection.  Does this mean it is the beginning of the end of human supremacy in this world? Let us assume for a time being that there are other viruses and airborne infections in this world, pardon me for being pessimistic but this is the need of the hour, the armies will not exist, the entire concept of mass gatherings will fade away. Slowly our inherent nature will change to not make larger groups, and then we would be tested on our individual muscle power rather than a group power. The entire food chain can become upside down as the most extreme effect of The COVID. 

Reiterating that the problem does not end with vaccine, but it is just a premonition of bigger evil for the entire human race. Nature is telling to change our ways of living, otherwise it will take its own course and it will give the crown of supremacy to the other species. No wonder if this could evolve the homo sapiens into another specie like neanderthals evolved into homo sapiens. It will not happen in a day or years even if it has to happen.It will not happen in our lifetime or our grand children’s lifetime because the evolution is a slow process and it can take a century or hundreds of years but this could be the beginning of such evolution as it is alleviating our most basic ability to create groups.

What we can do now?

Following nature’s laws is the  best we can do. We have to create renewable resources and have to utilize natural elements. We, being the supreme species, have to create space for lesser species otherwise nature will evolve by itself and no wonder it will give birth to the new evolved Sapien.

Survival of the fittest

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Jul 4, 2020

Books that I want my younger self to read

Nostalgia took over me last week when I went through my digital bookshelf. I cherished the wisdom of non-fiction and relived the prominent and splendid characters of the legendry fiction books. Some books, I felt, I could have read at a younger age. My books, certainly represent my thought process, and it gave me goosebumps to think if I would have read that book in my younger self or teenage days. Have I chosen another path for my life? Have I taken another decision? I can not explain them now, nor can I imagine the course of my thought process.

But what I can do now is to share the list of books that I would want my younger self to read. Do not hesitate to click on the image to purchase any of these books.

 I would categorize this as one of the eclectic books that illustrates how companies design tools, items, instruments and equipments for your day-to-day life, for example what designers consider designing a bathroom tap or a door handle.   I chose this one from the reading list of the then Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer and I will always be grateful to let me read such an eyeopener of a book.  It would amaze you to read that the product you find sophisticated in the expensive and luxurious hotels are not sophisticated but inadequately designed. The brand name of the company plays the game. Readers would realize the appropriate role of technology in their lives and the core message that the book shouts in every page is “Technology is there to simplify  life and not sophisticate it for people”

This book is a certain addition in this list. I regret to read this one late in my life, and it could not do much for me. Teenage days is the appropriate time to read this book as it would give you the much required financial literacy. The author brings the concept to you in a novel way and shows you what rich dad teach his kids and what a poor dad can teach. It explains to the reader that how one should earn money and invest it for a longer and sustainable benefit.

This one is a fiction and a recent read. This wonderful book takes you in the life of a young boy who has a disfigured face, and tells you his unkind experience in the kind and effluent society. The book explains the emotions running through the kid’s mind and his family members. It shows how people treated an abnormal kid in his day to day life and what life looked to him. It could expose readers in their early age to this different thought process and they in their early age can become aware and sensitive about this prevalent issue in our society.

I was earlier unsure if this one would make to this list but then the message from the book is important for anybody to know as earliest in their lives as possible. The book tells you that nobody is born genius, but they have grown in their lives into genius minds. It is the nourishing, enriching environment and culture that make people genius. It talks about lives of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others who are the most successul people today. It talks about what they did and opportunites they have because of the culture around them. This one’s a confidence booster for anybody who reads it.

This is one of those books that changed my life and inspired me for the longest time. I read it several times and I must admit it changed my thinking process to some extent. I would want this one to read at my younger age. I used to go back to this book repeatedly to solve a problem my life. It makes me feel delighted to think about those days. The age to read this book should be the one when a person starts to understand written language.

One of the best thrillers I have ever read is The Da Vinci Code. This was my second book I read, and it became my inspiration to continue reading. I remember I used to think if books are so good then why not to continue reading other books? I would have entered this imaginary world of fiction a long time back if I would have had my hands on this book. Most of the readers would know that Dan Brown takes into that world of science, technology, religion and mysticism. Along with the thrilling adventure, one also gets to read the history and facts that one can not find it anywhere.

How can I forget and miss the Godfather, the great Vito Corleone. I read this book 10 years back and one of those things I remember from this book is the legendry Godfather, Vito Corleone. The character sketch of Vito Corleone  was so intense, intriguing and powerful that it became unforgettable. The Godfather taught me how to use and control power. It is always good to know the plus and the minus of power at an early age. Although, this is a fiction, but every fiction represents the thought process of the author who writes it. You got to read the thought process of those outstanding personalities. This is also one of those books that I would like to read again just to feel the power of Vito Corleone. 

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