Yoga: A journey to the inner-self

You deserve your own time. Book an appointment with your inner-self.

The path to reach out to your inner self is yoga. It creates consciousness and aids to turn the inner turmoil to an equilibrium of emotions.  Yoga channelize your conscious and subconscious energy to obtain love and peace of mind.

It is the most valuable approach to cleanse your mind and soul from all the sadness, anger and anxiety.

Steps to begin your journey to your inner-self

The sole connection that matters is the one to your inner-self. Yoga is a way of life which helps you to cultivate that sustained connection.  It does not require any broadband wires or digital networks. You do not even need a nano-byte of a data but just below steps to begin 

1) Choose your path

Before starting to pursue yoga, you should be precise about your expectations. People choose yoga to get an enduring recovery from illnesses like hypertension, blood pressure, arthritis, weight-gain, asthma, spondylitis, sciatica and many more. The list of our suffering is perpetual. It therefore is a straightforward decision to choose if you are aware of your suffering.

There are two ways to choose your path

     a) Wait for yourself to either get one of the suffering and then start your journey with yoga. I belong in this league and started yoga for weight-loss and to seek a cure from sciatica.

     b) Start your journey with yoga beforehand and never get into this suffering trap. 

All the corporate slaves out there would know companies today focus on risk analysis. They wanted to know the risks beforehand and take actions now to reduce the impact. We can only reduce the probability of risk but can never eliminate it. But one thing that every company and individual should consider is to begin risk analysis of the well-being of people. It will automatically reduce risks for their company.

Yoga is an action to minimize the risk to well-being of people. Point to remember is yoga will not eliminate your risk to catch suffering, but it reduces the probability of the same.

2)Find your Guru

 Internet has allowed us to communicate with each other and the most significant benefit is that it also allowed us to communicate with own self. There are a manifold of yoga institutes available online. Approach and talk with them and try to find out their vision for yoga. It should align with what you are seeking from them. Speak with them and tell your expectations upfront and in that way you would be in a better position to choose out of the plethora ones available.

I started yoga three years ago. My association with Yoga with candy helped me realize the comprehensive benefits that yoga offers. It is a slow journey but worth taking under the shadow of someone.

3) Define place and rules

Only a practice done with discipline and passion can yield long lasting results. Define a daily or a weekly practice time for yoga. Specify a place in your home if you do it on your own or learn through online classes. Install a mobile application like Freedom or use Focus on Samsung phones. It will not let your mobile to distract you during the practice time. Inform your frequent callers to not expect an answer during this time. 

This time is your time. Talk to yourself  and not anybody else.

4) Select accessories

Comfortable accessories help us do yoga appropriately. Plethora of options are available, but some that I found useful are below. Go ahead and purchase them.


5) Reflect on your progress

Reflection is the most prominent element to ensure sustainability. Take out time to reflect on your progress. Think about how many times have you had an anxiety attack or stress? Have your arguments reduced in the office? Do you feel relaxed? 

It is fine, even if you can only realize minimum benefits. Remember, it has a slow and a long lasting effect. If you cannot realize benefits, then a simple and easy solution is to reconnect with your Guru. They will help you.

Remember one golden statement before you start the journey to the inner self:

"You deserve your own time. Book an appointment with your inner-self."

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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