Jun 20, 2020

Yoga: A journey to the inner-self

You deserve your own time. Book an appointment with your inner-self.

The path to reach out to your inner self is yoga. It creates consciousness and aids to turn the inner turmoil to an equilibrium of emotions.  Yoga channelize your conscious and subconscious energy to obtain love and peace of mind.

It is the most valuable approach to cleanse your mind and soul from all the sadness, anger and anxiety.

Steps to begin your journey to your inner-self

The sole connection that matters is the one to your inner-self. Yoga is a way of life which helps you to cultivate that sustained connection.  It does not require any broadband wires or digital networks. You do not even need a nano-byte of a data but just below steps to begin 

1) Choose your path

Before starting to pursue yoga, you should be precise about your expectations. People choose yoga to get an enduring recovery from illnesses like hypertension, blood pressure, arthritis, weight-gain, asthma, spondylitis, sciatica and many more. The list of our suffering is perpetual. It therefore is a straightforward decision to choose if you are aware of your suffering.

There are two ways to choose your path

     a) Wait for yourself to either get one of the suffering and then start your journey with yoga. I belong in this league and started yoga for weight-loss and to seek a cure from sciatica.

     b) Start your journey with yoga beforehand and never get into this suffering trap. 

All the corporate slaves out there would know companies today focus on risk analysis. They wanted to know the risks beforehand and take actions now to reduce the impact. We can only reduce the probability of risk but can never eliminate it. But one thing that every company and individual should consider is to begin risk analysis of the well-being of people. It will automatically reduce risks for their company.

Yoga is an action to minimize the risk to well-being of people. Point to remember is yoga will not eliminate your risk to catch suffering, but it reduces the probability of the same.

2)Find your Guru

 Internet has allowed us to communicate with each other and the most significant benefit is that it also allowed us to communicate with own self. There are a manifold of yoga institutes available online. Approach and talk with them and try to find out their vision for yoga. It should align with what you are seeking from them. Speak with them and tell your expectations upfront and in that way you would be in a better position to choose out of the plethora ones available.

I started yoga three years ago. My association with Yoga with candy helped me realize the comprehensive benefits that yoga offers. It is a slow journey but worth taking under the shadow of someone.

3) Define place and rules

Only a practice done with discipline and passion can yield long lasting results. Define a daily or a weekly practice time for yoga. Specify a place in your home if you do it on your own or learn through online classes. Install a mobile application like Freedom or use Focus on Samsung phones. It will not let your mobile to distract you during the practice time. Inform your frequent callers to not expect an answer during this time. 

This time is your time. Talk to yourself  and not anybody else.

4) Select accessories

Comfortable accessories help us do yoga appropriately. Plethora of options are available, but some that I found useful are below. Go ahead and purchase them.


5) Reflect on your progress

Reflection is the most prominent element to ensure sustainability. Take out time to reflect on your progress. Think about how many times have you had an anxiety attack or stress? Have your arguments reduced in the office? Do you feel relaxed? 

It is fine, even if you can only realize minimum benefits. Remember, it has a slow and a long lasting effect. If you cannot realize benefits, then a simple and easy solution is to reconnect with your Guru. They will help you.

Remember one golden statement before you start the journey to the inner self:

"You deserve your own time. Book an appointment with your inner-self."

Jun 15, 2020

Love story of the Introverts

Amay woke up with temple-bells buzzing his head. He snoozed his phone-alarm and visualised the dream he saw last night. It all happened in front of his eyes. Alarm woke him up to the reality at 6 AM and killed the pleasure that love-hormone created in his dream.

His mornings were busy in week days. The office bus would come at 7 AM and would  wait for nobody. He, so, in the morning had to follow the clicking of the wall clock so he could reach at the bus stop on time.   He was a manufacturing engineer in an automobile company. The company had its office in the outskirts of the city.

He, during his morning chores,  imagined her lovely, beautiful and lively face. She wore a bright-colored kurti and jeans. Her long and dark brown hair were open, and she wore a black hairband in her left hand wrist like a bracelet. She had striking charcoal black eyes and was smiling and laughing with him. He had proposed to her in his dream. They married and were a cheerful couple in love. The problem is she was not even her friend, and he became nervous and couldn’t speak a word in front of her. He didn’t know how to approach and  propose to her and make this lovely dream come true. She worked in the same office on a different floor, and could only see her during lunchtime. He, thus, tried to create situations so he would have time to interact with her. But because of nervousness, he couldn’t utter anything at the right time. 

The goosebumps from the cold shower interrupted his thoughts of dreamland, and then he hurried up and left for office.

Apeksha knew that Amay liked her and followed her like an ant follows sugar. Amay, to her, was a good fella, but she was not ready for another relationship. Her last one ended months back. Although, his desperation to talk was evident to her, and so, she found no harm to know and talk with him.

He, these days, could not concentrate on his work, and her thoughts lingered all day in his mind. She could reject her proposal and then he would become a laughingstock in office. The centre of attraction would shift to him. He made his own assumptions in his mind but never tried to speak out and find the truth. Unaware of this, he continued to act weird in office and at home. 

She lived with her friends in the hostel. Although only a few of them were close to her. She, in her free time, would read Indian love stories and would paint random art. She wanted someone to love and pamper her. Her time went on dreaming and thinking about all those lovey-dovey characters from a novel. Amay was successful in finding a little place in her thoughts. She wanted to know if he liked her and if yes, then what made her so special in his life. 

She was not a fan of herself except that she was efficient and prolific at work. Her education, her achievements and her life had been normal. She would express herself through her paintings. Her happiness, sadness, excitement,  amazement were all visible in her paintings. Some of her very close friends had seen them. 

He wanted to make sure he loved her, and only then he wanted to make another move. Her facebook profile was not open for all, but he followed her digital moves like a detective would and guessed that she liked to do paintings, watch Netflix and Hindi romantic movies. 

He, in his free time, had reflected a lot about his love for her and took months to make the next move. Her face got imprinted his mind and would think day and night about her. He, so, decided that he would propose to her, but would also make sure that none of his friends should come to know, at least for now.

The other day she received a ping on her office chat account.

“Hi, are you there, I am from manufacturing department. I had some queries about your last improvement project. You decreased the quality rejection rate by 10% in that project”.  She was busy in office validating quality reports of the car, but his name caught her attention. She verified if this was the same Amay who followed her and it raised her heartbeats.
“Yeah, please tell me the queries”, she wished to see if this is a query or an excuse he made to talk with her. 

Amay got excited as he saw the reply. He knew already that she was a quality engineer and therefore contacted her to start a conversation. Her reaction would give him confidence about her interest to talk with him,

“I wanted to know the process you implemented, for the bearings of crankcase, to reduce oversize defects. I am having an issue in the other model and thought I could learn from your improvements,”

Apeksha for a moment forgot their unsaid personal connection and replied in a professional tone. “I can share the documents with you and if you would like I can also explain to you what I did”. 

Amay didn’t need any document from her but he was ecstatic as it seemed to be an opportunity to meet with his dream girl “Yeah, that’s a nice idea, maybe I will go through your documents first and then we can meet and discuss if that sounds ok to you,”

She smiled because he took a step  to meet with her, “Ok, let me know you will receive the documents in two minutes,”

He took a sigh of relief that she was ok to talk with him, even if it was for a professional work. He now only had to be opportunistic and share his feelings with her. 

The other side of his mind forced him to give some time to build the friendship. He could then share his feelings. It seemed logical to him, but he was sure  that he could not be her friend and he didn’t want to be friend-zoned. 

“But why would she accept my proposal at the first meeting?” This question engaged his mind for nights, but his desperation won over the logical side of his brain and he proposed to her. 

Apeksha was a little happy that he wanted to talk with her, even if with an excuse for some professional work.  With this, she could be sure if it was her wrong notion that he liked her or had some truth in it.  She found herself relaxed and happy and painted with no specific thought in mind. She painted dawn with warm sunlight, blue and white sky, and the sun looked so far yet its sunlight was spreading happiness everywhere. There was greenery and a very magnanimous castle.  She continued to paint for hours and never realized that she got so immersed in it and skipped her dinner. 

She never expected that her painting would give her an epiphany and would help her take a decision for her life. The painting had several elements and each of them had an independent soul and a meaning but it gave a different and a holistic understanding when viewed together. She created a castle that emanated and reflected happiness from every corner. The life around the castle bloomed with love and happiness. Love, hope and optimism were visible till infinity, and she saw herself outside the castle facing the sun and waiting for that happiness to hug her. That feeling amazed her. She took it as a signal from her conscious that she desperately wanted love in her life.

“Is it because of Amay?”

She questioned herself but ignored it as she didn’t know him. How can she fall in love with somebody just like that, but her heart didn’t want to ignore the message from her painting? She with confused and rambling thoughts went to office the next day.  They had earlier planned to discuss her project after lunch.

Amay waited for their discussion since morning. He kept on rephrasing questions he would ask to her. They planned a meeting in one of the office meeting rooms.  He made sure that nobody would get a clue of his intentions. They both were there before time.

“Hi Apeksha”, he uttered the moment he saw her.

“Hi Amay” she smiled and went directly inside the meeting room.

“You had your lunch,” asked Amay to start the conversation.

“Of course, you didn’t have” it confused her as it was already well past lunchtime.

“I have too, just asked,” He thought of a fool of himself to ask a silly question.

“Ok, tell me have you gone through my reports” asked Apeksha to break the momentary pause and move the conversation ahead. She thought she could have responded earlier in a better way.

“Yeah, I have gone through and I was wondering which tool should I select to achieve the accuracy of 20 microns for the diameter,” Amay moved fingers on his hair and tried not to have direct eye contact with her. But he could not control and was checking her then and now.

Apeksha noticed but didn’t react, “We used reamer, and it would work but important for you to have an excellent tool material as the tool should not wear out in a short span of time “

“Yeah, that’s a wonderful suggestion, I think I will consider that,” Amay had already implemented the solution, but he had to bluff it. 

He halted that discussion and enquired “Where do you live”

She told her the location, they exchanged the phone numbers but Amay did not propose to her and said nothing that could have triggered further meeting. He cursed himself later that at least he could have complimented her. 

He knew he would go mad if it continued in this way. He was browsing on the internet and read poetry somewhere. It triggered an idea to him to write poetry and express his feelings. He thought it might be easy in that way and he could express much more than what spoken words could express. He spent the entire night thinking about her and finished the poetry. He slept at 6 am and skipped office the next day. 

Apeksha searched him during lunch but was unhappy to not find him. She was ok with their meeting and now she was thinking to meet him again. She thought at least she could make one move now and then see where their friendship would go.

“Hi Apeksha, this is Amay” he went to her place in the evening and called her. 

“Hey, Hi, how are you,” Apeksha asked with a surprising tone. She did not expect his call as there was no specific reason now.

“Hey, I wanted to talk with you, and I am downstairs at your place, can your come for a while,” said Amay and waited for his response.

She  got baffled but agreed to come down.

They saw each other, and he bent down, when she came close enough, on his knees and gave a decorated card with poetry to her.

When I first saw you 
I was awestruck by your simplicity and
Overwhelmed by your natural beauty,
I questioned myself
How can one be 
so simple yet so elegant 
So silent yet so expressive.

I don't know who are you
But I feel like
I know you since ages,
I don't know what you think
But I believe I can understand you 
I know you paint your emotions
And I wish to read them happily.

You know that I like you,
Your striking  eyes speak a lot
Your demeanour talk volumes,
I don't know what you think
But you can test my love for you
I promise
I will be the one always for you.

She smiled, read it with amazement and was very very happy but didn't show it to him. She then said
Amay got baffled " Ok? what, please tell me"

Jun 10, 2020

A day in an NGO

Have you ever thought about the happiest days of your life? Well, I recently did, and a day that I spent in an NGO made it to one of the happiest days of my life.

I must admit that this visit gave me immense happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day. 

Kaliyuva Mane an innovative school for underprivileged children was located on the outskirts of Mysore. It was a four-hour ride from Bangalore, and two of my colleagues accompanied me there.

The founder, Mr Ananth Kumar, a very humble and a kind person, dressed in a traditional south indian lungi and shirt welcomed us. The school covered a very big area with an optimally sized playground for a leather ball cricket match,  a small fertile land to teach basic farming techniques to kids, a residential building for boys and girls, a canteen, and a small building for admin office and school. 

We started our day with farming and all of my wrong notions about kids were cleared at that very instant. The kids were smart and they engaged us by their regular questions and literally taught us to sow bean-seeds.  I did ploughing and could only show my power to move the plough here and there and messed up that land.  They taught me that very basic thing required for survival - Farming.

We later exchanged views about their future goals and guided them on the steps to achieve it. They were also taught yoga in their school, and we, for some fun did it together before lunch.

Lunch was in itself an enriching experience.  We, after a long time, sat on the floor and ate lunch with 80 kids. We were served tamarind rice and bissibili bhat. I realized that day that how an environment and aura can add deliciousness to the food. The food was ok and our appetite was fulfilled. 

Later in the day, we organised a painting competition and played basketball with them. We did not give them any money, but of course one of our office colleagues donated some good toys, sports goods and books. They were happy to accept anything and everything. 

During the day one of the kids held my hand, pulled me, and made me walk towards the ground with baffling inclusiveness that generally we even do not find with our family members. This incident touched me deeply and will always be with me for my entire life. 

I saw a different way to live a happy and contented life: A life without an abundance of money or resources, without mouth-watering food and branded fruit juices, but a life with an enriching and nourishing education system and a life that promotes inclusiveness for anybody and everybody.
That day I realized what true happiness is. That day my life showed me a life mirror that I am just one of those fortunate bunch of population who was born in a well-to-do family.

If life gives you an opportunity like this, then be opportunistic and grab it with open arms. BELIEVE ME, you will not regret it but will only earn lifelong happy memories.

Keep Smiling 

Jun 7, 2020

5 Steps to evolve as a person

Why do you need it?

Everybody at some point in their life goes deep down into that ditch of troubles and problems. The ditch is so deeper that you lose contact with your friends and relatives. You wanted to end all of this overnight, but has it ever ended? NO 

It is in the rarest of scenarios that your problems might end overnight, on a lighter note, problems can only come overnight like stocks crashing in Covid-19 pandemic.

A question that puzzles you, me and everybody is how to avoid problems? And the solution does not live inside the brains of business tycoons,  inside the illusionary world of celebrities or in the wisdom of motivational gurus. It lives inside You. How?

Well, the answer is that you need to evolve as a person to think about happiness and love rather than problems.

 Five steps:

The first step to deal with this situation is to  ask the right question, which is,

 How do I prepare myself to face any problems?

Asking this question to yourself in itself will resolve some of your problems. You may have puzzled thoughts right now but your doubts would clear as you read further steps.

The second step is to have a calm and stable mind that could think through patiently in any problematic situation. This state of mind and heart in itself is a process and takes time and requires sincere efforts to achieve the same. You would like to take below actions to achieve it 

Have a good 6-7 hours sleep. This would energize your body and mind and would develop an ability to think without brain fatigue.

Have a well balanced home-made diet. This would relieve you from all the problems like hypertension, constipation, diabetes, heart problems and several other diseases. A healthy body only has the ability to have a well-balanced mind. 

Give some space to exercise and meditation in your daily routine. This regulates your blood flow, gives strength to your body and mind.  

The third step is to do a risk analysis of your life, and again ask questions like below to yourself
What all expenses are going to come in the next 2 years and in the next 5 years?
When do you see yourself as a married person?
When do you like to wake all night up to caress your kids?
When do you want to become the CEO of your dream company.
There can be endless of such questions based on your expectations and wishes but you would only be able to ask them if you follow the first two steps.

The fourth step is to not worry about what others think of you? People today live life for others and ask for the validation of their each and every action from others. You only need the validation of your any achievement from you and not anybody else. Social media today is an example of such a mental mess. 

The fifth and the last step is to engage in some kind of activity with your full passion. It could be dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument or writing. It is no less than a meditation if you do it with full dedication and passion.

Evolving as a person is a slow process and does not give results overnight. It requires unwavering discipline and belief in your own actions. 
Just remember one  thing that the lasting effect of the feat achieved overnight, does not stay long, but also ends over the night

Jun 3, 2020

My Cycle My Companion

I remember that day
When I met my companion
For the first time,
I was four
When he came  home,
And my heart 
Bounced with happiness and ecstasy 
Like those unknown bumps on the roads.

He rode with me
Easily and tirelessly,
Bearing all my heavyweight
On his back,
He rode with me
On the bounty roads, 
the open fields
And the distant and elevated peaks.

He accompanied me
To my school
To my friend's
Waited for me at pitstops, 
He celebrated
My first achievement 
Gave me the balance, and I welcomed
God’s blessings with open hands.

He was with me
When nobody supported,
And he made  me smile
And took me to there
Never visited, never discovered,
I smiled, I enjoyed and rejuvenated
As my companion was with me

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