May 31, 2020

Irrationally Passionate- A Book Review

Book Rating: 4 /5

Irrationally Passionate describes the journey of one of the successful and sought after entrepreneur of the country. Jason Kothari today is one of the top 10 paid executives in India, and he shares his overwhelming journey of how he became a successful entrepreneur from once a rebellious kid. His is a must-read journey for all the young people out there who really want to make big in their life.

He, in the book, shared his lifelong experiences from teenage years until I assume 2019. He categorically explained that the characteristics of entrepreneurship were sown in him from the very childhood, and how, from those experiences, he realized his thirst to take over an entrepreneurial journey. He then shared his life as a rebellious teenage kid, and how he treaded it back on track with good grades and a disciplined lifestyle. He has very succinctly at each stage of his life shared the extract of his learnings to inspire that entrepreneur hormone in the reader. He intended to inspire his readers by sharing how in his young age he dared to acquire crumbling Valiant Entertainment, that publishes comics and then turned it around to a successful venture. He explained how he overcame those early struggles to turn around his and Valiant's fortune.

 He returned to India after his tenure in Valiant, and that was grabbed as an opportunity by the Indian startups who had stumbled into the quagmire of their own making. The first one to hire him as CEO was and he shared some of the interesting business insights and stories of this turnaround that would keep you hooked and very well engaged in the book. He was then hired as CSIO and CEO by Snapdeal and Freecharge respectively, and he turned around their fortunes for the good.

The book is written in the first person, and mostly in an active voice.  It is a fast-paced book and is also easy to read. Author, and his editors, I think has taken care to use simple and well-structured language so that it reaches not only to seasoned readers but real entrepreneurs as well. I, however, felt that the Valiant account of his journey was a little stretched out for a reader and could have been trimmed a bit.
He during his entire journey shared inspiring insights, stories and his learnings, which for sure are the lessons for any entrepreneur. He wrote this book with an intention to share his learnings and guide to all the other wannabe entrepreneurs, but I would say that this book is an inspiration not only to those budding entrepreneurs but also to all the people out there who are looking for a motivation to achieve anything and everything in their lives. I, not being an entrepreneur feel inspired and am now excited to try out new things and enthusiastically follow the passion of my life.
In the end, I would say that this is a must-read for any entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can pick this book any time and read it, however, for others, this book should find a place in your bookshelf when you are feeling demotivated, and looking for motivation and inspiration to achieve things in your life.

Do not hesitate to buy it from below thumbnail, as it is said that a penny spent on good books has immeasurable worth in millions.

Happy Reading :)

May 24, 2020

As Simple As It Can Be #8

I, after a long time, bring to you the eighth post in the series As simple As It Can Be.

But this time I am writing it in a different tone than the earlier posts.  I ask myself that what can be called as a simple life and who lives a simple life?

Well, Is simplicity defined by the era we live in, or in  the age we are born in? Is it defined by the culture that we adopt or by our beliefs, education system and skill nourishment in  the course of the life?

 I would say that I live a simple life as I have a car, a flat, an internet connection and I live in a metro.

Let us imagine if I travel back in time and meet a person who lived 200 years ago. That person also loves blogging and intends to write this post. He would, I presume, say that I live a simple life if I get a food to eat, and a shelter to sleep under. 
This definition of simplicity will further change if I travel 1000 years ago. 

It also depends on person who defines simplicity, for example Bill Gates will have a different definition than what I write. So what actually is simplicity? 

The more I  write , the more it baffles me. It can not and should not change with time or the social status of a being. I therefore could only come to one conclusion-

Simplicity is living in resonance with nature. It is to live in resonance with the people around you. It is to live a life without an emotion of extreme jealousy, hatred and greed. It is also to live a life without an emotion of extreme love and care. A being who has a stable mind and heart and who is unaffected or less affected by the melange of mundane emotions is living a simple life. A being  whose actions are defined by his thoughts and who is always ready to  adapt the change in life lives a simple life. 

It then doesn’t matter if he belongs to now, or thousands of years back, or if he is the richest man or a poor. This simplicity in reality is the ultimate source of happiness, and is the only way to live a meaningful and a contended life.

Keep Smiling :)