The Killings in November

BOOK REVIEW: The Killings in November
AUTHOR: Rajesh Talwar

 This is a play enacted and  well suited for Delhi and revolved around people who were afraid and shit scared with the mysterious killings that had happened there in the November month.

The play started when the police would appoint two well known investigators to find the killer and it gave the impression in the beginning that this would be a thrilling chase between them and the killer. However soon the story deviated from this theme to build other parallel stories in order to connect all of them at the end.. I felt here author had lost me as it became little boring and I was just wandering when would they come to the main story.  Although the main theme of the play was unique but the portrayal could be much much better, and also ofcourse it was in no way close to a thrilling or a surprising end.

On the whole, this one was a little less interesting for me. This was the first time that I had read a play and I did not really like the experience , and am not sure if in future I would take up a play to read.

Happy Reading to all.

Chetan Maheshwari

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