Diwali on the doors.....

Diwali......The moment of togetherness.....The happiness to be cherished lifelong.....The lightening of the fun in everyone's heart...

Diwali, one of the most joyous and entertaining day of my life, is on the doors. Diwali is a day when I spend good times with my family and friends. It, to me, is a day that gives a sense of newness to everything around and is a  time to spark the friendly relations with everyone.

I remember as a kid, that it was school which would first make me realize that Diwali is about to come as there always were Diwali Holidays in the calendar.I remember that my father would get me two sets of new clothes for this day and I would  wait for the time when we would go to buy all types of colourful crackers. We would haggle with the shopkeeper to give us the maximum discount so that we could buy more and more crackers. For us kids there use to be two types of Diwali as Choti Diwali and Badi Diwali, and we would buy separate crackers for both of these days. All the friends use to gather at one place to light up the crackers.
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The Diwali Puja also use to be special as compared to other Hindu festivals. There use to be so many flowers and sweets, and there were  unique traditions that were only followed on this day. Infact everything use to be unique with this day. This day would end up with smile on my face and happiness in my life.

The sense of Diwali now has changed a lot, and it is this IRCTC site that makes me realize first that Diwali is knocking on the doors. We now try to finish all the pending works before Diwali, so that nothing sbould keep us bothered during the Day. The holidays have become lesser now but that excitemnt of feeling happiness and sensing the newness in everything remains the

same. I would reach my place one day prior to Diwali, and would catch up with friends to plan something after the traditional Diwali Puja. I would also get some gifts for my lovely nephew and nieces.

I now see Diwali as the day when all the family members get to one place to celebrate the day. The puja, sweets and crackers is obviously the part of this day but now I also see this to live that moment of togetherness with my family and friends. This day, for me, has now become the right time to sort out differences amongst family and friends, and glow up the new hope of fun and love for the next year.

Many people now also await this festival for its auspicuous nature , as every industry, business and shop would give offers on their products. Some of my friends are buying cars, some are buying home appliances and some are looking forward to buy gold on this day. I too am looking forward to buy something big on this day, afterall I also would like to create that feeling of newness on that day.

Its four days left for Diwali, and the moment I step in the market I sense that festive feeling on everybody's face. I see the air in itself turns festive when Diwali comes around.

As everytime, I also am excited to float in this air of festiveness and live that moment of lifelong happiness and togetherness on this one day.


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