As Simple As It Can Be #7

This is the seventh one in the series that describes some of the basic traits of life in its simplest form.

Self confidence  

This unbeatable personal trait is the only required ingredient to achieve anything and everything in life.


This, now a days, pertains to a chunk of ancient customs with unknown origins in every religion, which the orthodox people fear if not followed would instill the traits of anthropophobia in them.


Addiction to anything, in most of the cases, help people in fighting out the moments of fear in their day to day life.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16, often known as the age when love-buds cultivate, is also the age of finding oneself and trying to take power of one's own life.

Courtesy of contemporary people

This is generally bestowed to others to grab and munch a good favour in return.

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Chetan Maheshwari

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