Are you Serious??

I remember those elder brothers, neighborhood uncles and aunts who were more serious about my not-so-straight teeth, less height, dry skin, fewer marks in school than their fat bellies, rough and weak hair, and uncultured English. I remember them poking my mother on how to keep my good diet, and suggest lot of unnecessary remedies for a small cold or a stomach ache. I sometimes use to wonder whether their kids have ever got cold and stomachache or not.

I use to have fun hearing those serious discussions when my old aunt would advise my grandmother to take some home-made medicines for body ache.. I don't remember the recipe but my granny did give it a thought. This seriousness incoming from different people is there in everybody's life that is a part of or connected to some kind of social circle. It is good in a way that you actually come to know certain things that you did not know earlier. But it can also be bad because of the nagging habits of people who try to inculcate this seriousness in your life. The effect can sometimes be so adverse that you may stop talking to them or start avoiding them.

I had one such kind of friend who kept on advising me on little things, on my way of doing my routine work, on my way of studying, on my way of reading newspaper and what not. I use to like it in earlier days, but then I started getting irritated and tried to tell him indirectly to keep his futile advice to himself.

Then the time came when I had to say it bluntly on his face to shut up and that his thought were not at all required. I remember having a wordy fight with him. He did, after that, keep his seriousness to himself and stopped interfering in my life. After some days or I suppose months we stopped being in touch.

Recently, I had another such encounter with a person who had that serious habit of advising his colleague on every other thing. This other guy got irritated of course, but he never said anything in lieu of the bond they use to share. Then one day this person realized the fact and got into a contemplative mode for what he had been doing all those days. He did not say anything to his friend but at last stopped interfering in his way of doing things. He actually remembered that some time back he had banter with one of his other friend for a similar reason and he was the one to tell bluntly on his friend's face to zip up his mouth.

I know those things because I was that person who started giving serious advises to his other friend. I felt sorry for myself that some years back I created a bridge in a friendship with one of my friends.

After these two incidents I understood that seriousness is really contagious and can make friends and relations if we know the limits. Besides, I have also understood one other thing that keeping cool thoughts and cheerful tongue can actually inspire other people's life rather than acting insanely serious in front of them.

Keep your cool people,
I have decided
You should also think
And decide.

Time is ever flowing and unstoppable.

PS: This is posted as an entry to an Indiblogger contest- CONDITION serious hai.

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