I am writing a book's review after a long time. It is not that I did not just write it  but actually I was unable to finish any of the last 4-5 books that I chose to read. I completely agree that lately I was bad in picking up good books to read.

These days I would pick up a book, would read say 100 pages then at first would not read it for weeks and then finally would decide it to put it down. This cycle was getting repeated till the time I came to know that DAN BROWN published another novel. Actually I was on cloud nine, when I came to know this, as he is one of my favourite authors. The excitement doubled when I decided to read Inferno as my first e-book. I had always had doubts about enjoyment in reading an e-book, so I chose this book of my favourite author to start with as it will automatically keep me glued to the story, and with all this I dived into this e-book.

Book Review : Inferno
Author: Dan Brown 
Published in: 2013

This one has a pretty different start, and a good one to grip readers, that Robert Langdon, the main character, the great symbologist, of all Dan Brown novels, has met with an accident and has lost his memory. He wakes up with hallucinations that gives him an eerie message and a picture of Dante's portray of hell, in his pocket.

 He, with the help of Sienna Brooks, a lady doctor and a prodigy in herself, starts following out the message that his hallucinations and the image has in store for him. There starts the run chase of Robert Langdon and the other people, who believe that only Robert Langdon knows a way to hidden path.

The book has a pace from the beginning and is sustained throughout the story. The character of Sienna Brooks is well woven and one would enjoy reading about her in the book. This book, like other Dan Brown novels, has lot of vivid historic descriptions of Italian and American museums, churches, and palaces.

The book, along with suspense and thriller category, can also be categorised in a sci-fi category . I can not say whether the scientific concepts described about biotechnology has got any practical significance but I, being an engineer, enjoyed reading it.

I, apart from its vivid and exaggerated architectural descriptions, that I skipped some of the times, liked this book a lot for its strong story line up, its pace and the excitement that it keeps intact throughout the story.

A Dan Brown fan would love this book, and also, the  other group of readers will surely like it.
I believe this one is also going to turn out to be a  movie, that I would love to see.
Chetan Maheshwari

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