Timeless Time

People say that time keeps moving. If one couldn’t move together with time, then he would be dragged with time. One should grab the opportunity on hand as time wouldn’t wait for anybody; this is what we had all been taught in our schools, homes, offices.

A student in a school was always advised by teachers and parents to study as the time would go and then exam would come. An engineer would study full last night before the exam as he had always let the right time to go off in vain. People would keep praying outside the interview room as they know in their hearts that they could have prepared at some time before and this made them cribbling outside the interview room. A lover would always abuse himself for not talking to at the right time.

Wife would always feel low as the matters could have been discussed earlier with her so caring husband. A father would feel bad of himself that he could not make out the right time to talk to his son. A son would feel ashamed that he did not give time to his parents when it was most needed. Then there would come a right time when you would be taken with death, and that would always be at the right time……

Well, what would you say about this…death? Inescapable

I would say that for almost all of us at least one of the above written statements would hold true……By this I am not denying the exceptions, they can always be there…but since we live in the normal world so one of them could be holding true for you unless you are a Gautam Buddha …lol……..ok……...now tell me this have you ever given a thought that why didn’t you do the things at the right time, may be you could have had better conditions, results, time etc etc……May be some of you must had given a thought as I am giving it right now with all of you……

Why is it that in the above conditions time has always won the game, or are we really playing the game???I am not sure.. I don’t know anything about this, and I also do not have words to write on this.....

What I know now is that Time is Timeless, and that there is no right or wrong time for anything. If you feel that you could have studied earlier than it is right, if you feel that you shoud have said something to your lover than it is right, if you feel that you should have talked to your son before then also it is right. Nobody is saying you this but it is only you who feels in this way. To experience the Timeless beauty of Time one has to start living in present and not in past. One has to believe that  every moment is right for anyhting that springs into your heart and mind. I am trying to do the same, and I believe that this is the right thing to do. But I still do not have a clue about the emotion of this mundane world which keeps us dragging to think and happy or regretful about the past, and the emotion that drags our minds and heart to live in past.
What I know now is I have to control that emotion to live in present.

 If you would like to test this you can just observe your thoughts for a week and you would realize that about the world you are living in-past or present????

One has to be happy about present not regretful about the past.

Let us stop all this philosophical stuff here and in simple words enjoy the moment and act and think for the present moment. It will attract smiles and happiness in your lives.

Keep Smiling :)

Time is actually Timeless……Believe it..:)

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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