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Today I don’t know what happened; I felt that there was something odd, some vague feeling as if the cloud of sadness had overshadowed every colour of joy and happiness. Everybody I saw today had fear in their eyes from the unknown danger that they could not control. There was no feeling actually for anybody that I could see on the human face, no love, no hatred, no likeness, no jealousy, no agreements, and no altercations. It was the same feeling as I had read in books only of the fear which I had never felt, and the death which I had never seen which would bring an end to a living age. The end which the great dinosaurs had seen and now it is my turn, it is mankind’s turn to witness the end of self being. This would again going to bring the achievements of intellects, the hardships of the brave, the battles of the warriors, the structures of the creators to the mud of destruction.

And as I had read those lines in the books that told me about of one living age, the history of this mankind would be rephrased into some lines to be read by the one of the unknown kind. I, a tiny being of the mankind who is going to be buried the next moment, can only write the last rhyming lines of sadness………………….

And the world was silent again…

And the world was silent again…

And the world was silent again…

I woke up today by her tender touch on my forehead. I saw her lovely face; I smiled, rhymed some vague lines in my head as if in some dream about to end and closed my eyes again. She gave me a sweet kiss and I again like all the other days realized that the day would be the most cheerful days of all. There was a warm sunlight today, and I, standing on the windowsill, saw the birds flying high to the horizon giving me the indication of new hope, new victory. The horizon which has in store lots of achievements for me, which has in store lots of hardships that I will overcome, lots of battles from which I would emerge as a winner and at the end lots of love that I would bring to my loved ones.

I ate breakfast, hugged her and went out to work. There were people as usual busy in their own work with a hope that everything that they were doing would bring in lots of love in their loved ones life. A cloud hovering on the sunlight suddenly struck me like an epiphany and I remembered in bits and pieces the dream that I dreamt last night. I closed my eyes for a moment lesser than an instant and there was bright sunlight everywhere shouting, smiling and calling me and everybody in the world of peace, happiness and smiles.

I realized that world can never be silent…….:)

Keep Smiling:)

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  1. It can't be. Very true! Some part of it might be, but not all of them entirely! :)

  2. Quite an optimistic post . . all the best for BAT :)

  3. Quite an interesting take and not to forget a great start to the day , there's nothing like that at all

  4. @leo
    yes, some part of it is true and some fiction..i understand it may be close to some kind of ideal optimistic condition...the theme in my mind was to portray that your mind controls everything and you would like to take everything as the myself portrayed there sees everything good and lovely as he opens his eyes...:)

  5. @maverick

    you are right..a beautiful start makes a day...:) thanks a lot

  6. Its all in the mind. A good way to say that! two strikingly contrast served in a platter to readers to choose their option! Well done!

  7. true one.. a beautiful start can make a great day! Nice..

  8. A very optimistic take on prompt. Keep it up!!

  9. I like the way you narrated it, the finer details you have written about the day.

    All the best.

  10. @ a dreamygal
    thanks a lot...:)

    thanks :)

    thanks meenakshi:)

    thanks saru....:)

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