Dec 31, 2013


I have chosen a vague topic to write at coffee time, but this is what my mind is going through..... This indicates that I am getting vague these days..haha..may be ..I can’t say…

There is so much that I think I can write about this but still whenever I decide to type down my thoughts, I find myself at short of words. I also thought to change the topic for ‘Everything is right’ to ‘Everything is wrong’ or also to ‘Everything is relative’, but my heart did not agree to those other two topics.

I daily observe life of people around me at my home, my workplace. I keep thinking about the incidences of happiness, sadness, and fights with colleagues, banter, gossips and whatever that I am a part of in my daily routine. I get many reactions of people when I go through this in my life. Some I feel are right for me and some are wrong for me. It took me a long time to understand that what is wrong for me might be right for somebody else. In-fact I should admit that it did not occur to me till the time I myself experience the similar situation where I felt bad about the other’s reaction to me.

Does this mean that I should not feel bad about anything wrong or bad happened to me?? My heart does not agree to this but my mind says ‘yes’. There are infinite perspectives of everything that is happening around me and you. The point is with what perspective are you looking at the things? The reference frame, the base point changes with every perspective. This condition is similar to a twelfth class physics question where a student is asked to calculate the time when the train running on a railway track will cross past him. This question remains incomplete till the time the examiner specifies the point from where the student has to observe the crossing train. The answer to the question will change if the student is on another moving train from when the student is standing on a stationary ground.

One has to first be completely aware of this fact, and then proceed to decide the base frame, reference point of his or her life. Or one has the choice to not have any base frame for his or her thoughts, the condition where one does not feel good or bad about anything.

I think that this is a tough one to decide for me and may be for everybody else breathing in the mundane world. Reference point of your life can be your family, wife, friends etc. Making it more understandable, one’s nation is the base frame of army people of that nation.
 Base frame actually is the top priority of life that makes you react to any condition, incidence or event that happens with you.

If you and me understand this fact and decide our base frame, our top most priority then we can expect to live a happier life. The conditions, situations may make you happy or sad, but in the long run you would know that you have this feeling because of you and nobody else.
If you and I understand this fact then we will be able to control our anger, short-temperedness up to a certain extent.

At the end, I will say that "Everything is right"

PS: I take this as a New Year resolution that now I will keep it in my heart and mind that actually everything is right. Keep Smiling :)

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Nov 17, 2013

As Simple As It Can Be #6

The idea of this post, sixth in the series As Simple As It Can Be, came to my mind when I was watching that emotional speech of Sachin, and at that very instant I decided to pen the sixth one in the following way.

 As he finished the speech, I came out of my home in the outside courtyard and was thinking about cricket, one thing that continuously popped out of  is SACHIN.......AS SIMPLE AS IT CAN BE.....

 I then penned down certain things that have the same effect as Sachin has on me for cricket. This is  like the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of 'something'. So this time I penned down simplest analogies of life as








P.S:  This post is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar, the finest cricketer in the world.

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Oct 19, 2013

Rejuvenating Love

It was 6 A.M on a chilly but pleasant morning, and Raj was standing in front of a closed window watching his own reflection on the glass. There was still some time left for the day to be completely blessed with sunlight. He went there to feel the weather and check the traffic four floors below on the highway from his drawing room.

 His reflection took this thought away and he began thinking of himself, his past and the future ahead. He remembered the time when he broke his chin while playing "Hide and Seek" with friends. He remembered how mother came running to him with medicines and and then everything became good.

 His reflection smiled. He remembered the smile when after the rigorous studying routine of 4 months, he smiled after seeing the results of engineering entrance exams. It was the time when he use to sleep for four hours on bed, and sometimes for forgotten hours on glowing study table.

 The buzz of the ducati on the highway brought him back to the present. He found the traffic too low at this hour of morning, and pondered over to take his wife out on a long drive to spend a good time with her.

 It had been a long time that both of them had spend good time together free of all the cell phone buzzes, cyber notifications, and always-urgent-office mails. He knew that no gift can reconcile their lost time. He knew that only time could heal the time. He therefore decided to take a day's off, and dropped a mail for urgent leave to all the stakeholders, quickly set up the 'out of office' notification and switched off his cell phone and threw it away in some corner of his work table.

 Riya, on the other hand was getting ready for the office, but was surprised by his exploring hands on her. She gave him some time silently but then put them away. She turned back and said, " Honey, not now. This is not the time and aren't you getting late for the office"

 " I know, but I have a surprise for you"

"What????", trying to hide the excitement, and turned away from him.

 He holded her back and asked "Where is your cell phone".

 "Why??" she asked curiously.

 Their love had already lived that phase of baby, honey, lovey, dovey, or whatever, and Raj had understood this fact very well, but he also knew that they were yet to enter that next phase of love, where apart from exploring their bodies they would start exploring each other's wishes, happiness, weakness, and would finally start living each other's life.

He said patiently, " Tell me na. ..."

She handed her phone to him, and started looking him working on it and then at cellphone.

 After a minute he handed back her phone. She was surprised, and got very angry to find that he switchoff her phone. She asked her angrily," What did you do with my phone????"

 "We are going out and have mailed to mine as well as your office that we would not be able to come due to some urgent work, and switched off the phones.

She was dumbstruck, and hurriedly switched on her phone and shouted on him" What the hell have you done, I am having an important meeting with the boss and some restructuring is going to happen in the hierarchy, there are going to be many surprises in the office, and I have to witness that." Raj listened to him silently, but had not expected this outburst from her .

He did not know what to say to her, and remained silent for a minute. He kept watching her mumbling something, and typing a sorry mail to her office, and could perfectly read the last line typed by her " I will very well be there in the office today". He turned back and sat on the couch, not knowing what to do next. He was not worried that he had also missed an important meeting with the vendor, and now the time lines of the project would extend, but he was more worried about both of them and their future. He was not angry with her, but it started worrying him.

 Riya realized that she should have at least not raised her voice. She thought over it and came to the conclusion that actually it had been a long time that they have gone out when there was nobody to disturb both of them. She, somewhere from inside now was dying to go with him, but knew that words and sorry emails could not come back even with time.

"I know honey I have done wrong, but please you" and she went out for office.

 Raj didn't know what to do now, but was sure that he wouldn't be going to office. He remained seated at the couch and closed his eyes.

Riya had a bad day, as her mind was preoccupied with Raj and their cancelled visit. She didn't even know whether he had gone to office. Riya loved Raj a lot, and she knew that she loved more than he ever did but her work had kept her so much occupied these days that she didn't even know how Raj's work is going. There was time when she used to call him thrice from her office for timely breakfast, lunch and sometimes even tea, but she cursed herself for today that she didn't even know where he is. She decided not to call him but give back him a lovely surprise to rejuvenate their love.

 She left her office at 4'o clock instead of 8, bought a lovely dress for herself, a dress that Raj would like her to see in. Riya knew him very well, his likes and dislikes better than him. She knew that he would not say a word but his expressive eyes would tell her everything. She now became very eager to be close to him, to get back to home before him and be ready to give him a surprise.

 She also brought his favorite pizza bread, if in case conditions didn't get easily in control.

 She reached home at quarter past five, and entered the house with her set of keys. She hurriedly went to the room, to set things well before Raj's arrival.

She switched on the lights and was amazed to found Raj sleeping on the couch. She felt a guilt in herself, but thought that still she had time, as Raj was not awake. She, walked with floating legs, gave him a cute kiss on head and went inside to get ready.

 Raj got up and noticed that the light was on, but he thought it as left opened when he went asleep. He was as baffled about their relationship as he was before going to sleep, but at least now sleep took its toll from his mind. He went near to the windows to have a look on the highway.

 His reflection was laughing at him. He did not want to have a fight with her again, and wanted to free his mind from whatever had happened. His reflection  was gazing at him.  He did not know what to say to her so that everything can be like it was before. He wanted her to understand that it the time had come that they both have to live each other lives.

 Riya, was almost ready and was looking at herself in mirror. Everything looked fine to her but something was missing. She did not know what, and got confused. She searched absent mindedly in the drawers  but did not find the right thing for the moment. She then checked their common almirah and found it. She remembered that day when he gifted her that illustrious platinum necklace. It was the first day of their love. She wore it today to make it everlasting. She went to the drawing room and found him already awake, standing on the window. She got tensed and thought what she would say to him.

 She silently went close and stood besides him. Raj took a while and then noticed that platinum necklace in the reflection and then her. He amazingly turned back and found her standing in front of him wearing a new dress and his gifted necklace. The memories of the day came flashing in his mind. It was the day when they discovered their love, and that necklace was the only witness to that . He had chosen platinum as it was the purest metal with at doesn't tarnish with time.

Their eyes were filled with love, joy and tears. Tears washed their face and rejuvenated their love. He hugged her closely and the moment was captured on that window. They did not make love that day but talked to each other, cleared their differences and slept in each other's arms to enter into that new phase of everlasting love.

P. S:   Well, it was my idea of Platinum Day of Love. I hope you liked it.

Sep 15, 2013

That Old Creaking Chair

Floating legs,high n heavy spine,
A wide reclining lap,
Made of teak wood,
Is that old creaking chair.

He oblivious to all of this,
Talk and sleep with him,
In the affectionate and caring lap
Only known to him.

He wakes up with its creaking alarm
Gulps a first water,eats a last bread,
Even takes a noon retiring lap,
In its company.

That creaking chair is his only friend,
But look at the agony of this lonely world,
Even that is not his own,
For he is not the master but a lowly one.

P.S: Dedicated to all the under age helpers, servants, who even if work in big palaces only get a chair to sit, sleep and live.

Aug 11, 2013


I am writing a book's review after a long time. It is not that I did not just write it  but actually I was unable to finish any of the last 4-5 books that I chose to read. I completely agree that lately I was bad in picking up good books to read.

These days I would pick up a book, would read say 100 pages then at first would not read it for weeks and then finally would decide it to put it down. This cycle was getting repeated till the time I came to know that DAN BROWN published another novel. Actually I was on cloud nine, when I came to know this, as he is one of my favourite authors. The excitement doubled when I decided to read Inferno as my first e-book. I had always had doubts about enjoyment in reading an e-book, so I chose this book of my favourite author to start with as it will automatically keep me glued to the story, and with all this I dived into this e-book.

Book Review : Inferno
Author: Dan Brown 
Published in: 2013

This one has a pretty different start, and a good one to grip readers, that Robert Langdon, the main character, the great symbologist, of all Dan Brown novels, has met with an accident and has lost his memory. He wakes up with hallucinations that gives him an eerie message and a picture of Dante's portray of hell, in his pocket.

 He, with the help of Sienna Brooks, a lady doctor and a prodigy in herself, starts following out the message that his hallucinations and the image has in store for him. There starts the run chase of Robert Langdon and the other people, who believe that only Robert Langdon knows a way to hidden path.

The book has a pace from the beginning and is sustained throughout the story. The character of Sienna Brooks is well woven and one would enjoy reading about her in the book. This book, like other Dan Brown novels, has lot of vivid historic descriptions of Italian and American museums, churches, and palaces.

The book, along with suspense and thriller category, can also be categorised in a sci-fi category . I can not say whether the scientific concepts described about biotechnology has got any practical significance but I, being an engineer, enjoyed reading it.

I, apart from its vivid and exaggerated architectural descriptions, that I skipped some of the times, liked this book a lot for its strong story line up, its pace and the excitement that it keeps intact throughout the story.

A Dan Brown fan would love this book, and also, the  other group of readers will surely like it.
I believe this one is also going to turn out to be a  movie, that I would love to see.

Jun 29, 2013

Curbing Molestation and Rape

How do you feel when you see a pretty girl wearing an appealing dress that perfectly suits her curves, and you whisper to your self “ Oh my, how can she be mine”... mind you this is only for man…:) 

Men will always ogle, and women also likes to be ogled and noticed by men. I believe or rather think that most women dress themselves so that men notice them, and women will also agree to this fact. A woman becomes happy within herself if a man gets nervous (on seeing her beauty), if someone calls her pretty and beautiful, even if someone unknown stares her, she blushes and feels that femininity in herself and feels that her purpose is accomplished. A wish of these emotions, sometimes, unknowningly force woman to compare herself with other women because of jealousy and fear of not looking better than them. It consequently creates two situations, one a woman dresses up very beautifully and takes everybody's praise,and the other is she ends up being a mess feels low in herself and sometimes in jealousy and insecurity starts showing off her skin in an effort to look beautiful and sexy.

 A girl is beautiful and feminine only if a man sees her, even a well-covered girl dressed with good girly attitude solves that purpose. This fact in this modern world is slowly getting shadowed and is losing its meaning, and in totality the essence of being feminine is becoming vague. Dressing up with short clothes, showing off skin, and looking better than other girls is now becoming the traits of being feminine. There is a very fine line between a man looking at a girl with the combination of appreciation and lust, and a man looking at a girl with the overwhelming desire of sex. Girls on the other hand have a very fine line in choosing their dress and showing their attitude that could gain the appreciation of being feminine, and the other one that could ignite that overwhelming feeling of lust and sex in him.

 What happens when that overwhelming desire ignites in men? Why it ignites??And in which type of men does it ignite?? 

There can be various reasons but what I can think off are jealousy from peers having more feminine connections, men having late marriages, over indulgence of men in mundane things. I shall first put thoughts on the last one as the men who lose their control on their mind easily, and who can get attracted to new things easily. These kind of men are the ones who actually lose control on seeing fairer sex in small and revealing clothes. It is not necessary that as soon as this kind of man sees a girl, he will commit some societal taboo but it will for sure contribute to slowly raise that level of excitation in him. Once the threshold (which depends from person to person) is reached, then the man will commit a crime, and only to those females who are easily approachable to him, but not to the ones who actually with him also contributed to ignite that desire.It can be anybody, may be that is why we hear rape cases to a girl of almost any age. 

The first two points that were left to be considered here were about a man who crosses his threshold limit but is happily married or in a relationship. In such a case,he would not at least commit a known crime. This brings our attention to the fact about people who are not married and not in a relationship at all and crosses their threshold limit. I am here talking about youngsters i.e of age group 20-30 who are believed to be the future of this nation. This indicates to us a truth that the tradition of late marriages and unhappy marriages also becomes a reason that forces men to commit rape. 

How women can play a part to control rape, molestation?? 

I believe not every women understands that fine line. They should think about this issue and should try to understand and define the fine line for them, as their one wrong or careless step can unknowingly contribute to one or more molestation or rape to somebody else. Women should explain their teenage girl kids in a way which they understand. Teenagers are not developed to think upto this extant till the time someone else throws light in front of them.

 What men can do to curb this?? 

Men can do everything to curb this. One thing that everybody should understand is going to good colleges or institutions doesn't solve this issue. If institutions,or man himself, can develop the ability in him to think and understand the difference between wisdom and illusion, between love and sex, between the prime duty of a man and a woman, and understand the similarity between mother and creator, then perhaps we may move a step ahead to curb this crime. A man should have the ability to attain peace of mind if he loses control on his emotions. 

The bigger point that comes here is how would common man learn to attain the peace of mind. I pondered over this for a long time and came to one point from my experiences of life,if i have ever been in problem i have searched for a guru in my family, elders, brothers, friends, books,and for anything that can inspire me and help me to take the right decision. Unknowingly I have gone into the shadow of a guru. I believe this is the universal technique to solve any issue.A man therefore should always be in the shadow of a guru; a guru who can inspire him, give him the peace of mind,and help him in taking decisions over anything. If everyman understands this need of guru and also understands where can he find him;a guru can even be your best friend who gives comfort to you at your low times, then we may up to some extent will be able to curb rape and molestation. 

What society can do to minimize rape or molestation cases? 

We have to understand the pros and cons of late marriages and open relationships. A society should have such norms which will fulfill the needs of its people.If a need of every age group is considered and accommodated then also we can expect to move one step closer to reduce rape and molestation cases. 

I believe if we can think more deeply on the above points then we will surely make a secured place for a fairer sex to live in.

Jun 16, 2013

Bold and Real Indian Roads

I daily spend ten  percent of my day's time on roads.Indian roads are actually very interesting to observe,and you can,sitting in your air- conditioned cars, easily pass time by observing them.Apart from motorbikes and cars, you will find many other road-species like manually driven wheel carts, loading trucks, tractors, and even  black, white,sometimes red cows,that too varying from a new born to an old one. One can see stray dogs waiting at the road side to cross the roads.One can also see people selling different kinds of things from your make-up box to some spicy dish.Driving a vehicle in these conditions actually requires more skills than are required to get a driving licence. It requires a man to be bold enough to drive with so many road species, and that too when he is  supposed to follow the traffic rules.While driving, I generally see, a driver of the other car  driving and overtaking the other vehicles from so minute  spaces that it left me wondering that how could one even think to drive like this. 

   At the end the car is gone safely with no damage to other vehicles as well. It is not only about the drivers of those cars but  about the animals as well. They remain standing at the middle of the road no matter how fast a vehicle comes to them. They are always so sure in their minds that  vehicles will change their path and will not do any  harm to them. I sometimes get forced to take inspiration from these roadside animals.

  My office is close to 60 kms  from my home, and I daily have this chance of 120 kms to experience this roady feeling. People generally ask me that how can I travel daily without a back ache problem  and I just give them that smile as how can I explain them what happens on road. It is not that no one has a problem of back ache, there are colleagues who have a problem but they have made arrangements to comfort their backs.    

There is one thing that I observe and don't understand is about  the people who have shops on the highway.  I sometimes assume myself being the owner of one of those shops and waiting for a customer with every passing vehicle.  I only have the ability to think this but I can't work like this. In reality I feel people in this kind of work develop so much patience which can help them to achieve anything of their wish. I sometimes wish to have the taste of their highway experiences to actually learn from them about the greatest virtue of human nature, patience. We at times take a break in shops of this kind for tea and snacks and I never miss a chance to talk to those people. They do not the understand the reasons of my questions but they always give a very good response to my questions.     

  These roads have given me very good experience of this kind and I expect that they will continue to do the same.These roads have now become an important part of my life as they in reality teach me to be bold and real.

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May 19, 2013

Employee Of The Contemporary World

I daily return from my office at around half past six, and the moment I put my feet inside the room my stomach starts banging me to feed it. I have this routine to go out and have some snacks and a cup of tea (a bachelor has to go out and feed himself :(   anything of his own wish :) lucky me). Last week I and my roommate decided to try a new place to have evening snacks and you may not believe it we went to a nearby Hospital canteen, it might look weird but I have always found hospital canteen as nice and clean, it doesn't mean that I keep going to hospitals I mean canteens in hospitals but yeah once or twice is ok as they also serve fine food for normal people. So we went there and ordered a cheese sandwich and two cups of tea. Sandwich was fine and to our surprise tea was served in a very large cup. We were expecting a tea in a cup similar to the nearby stalls in that area because all of the near-by business competitors or tea-makers follow same norms and even rates are increased at same time. We thought it might be one or two rupees more and asked for the final amount to be paid and again to our surprise it was the same price as six rupees. We did not ask him anything, paid the amount and started walking towards our place.

“He charged same as the other ones but the cup size was bigger than anybody else here” My friend started the discussion. I was also thinking about the same topic about the difference in this shop and our frequent visited shops.

“Yeah I noticed that and did you see tea was actually better, I liked it.”

“Yeah me too, and even there were tulsi leaf and black pepper were also there as catalyst”

“You are right”

We crossed the busy road and remained silent for a while as how could we know the reason behind this, and no customer would ask reasons for low profit making to a shopkeeper.

“Did you see that the tea-maker was like an employee???He was not the owner of the shop”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Did you see he was not concerned about the liking of his customer or how many customer were there; he was merely concerned about one thing to serve the customer as per the order and as per the instructions given to him. It seemed what I believe that he was concerned about the salary that he would receive at the end of the month. He did not give a damn how many customers visit the shop and whether the shop is making profits???His job must be restricted to giving daily sales to the owner and that must be all”

“May be you are right, but how does it relate to customers getting a better tea in big cups”

“It could have been like  a shop owner started the canteen and hired a person to look after it. He did not take care about his competitors. The hired employee took concern only about his fixed salary irrespective of the profits of the shop. Now this is by chance that the hired employee makes a good tea and also adds extra ingredients. If he would have not been good in making a tea even then the shop would have continued to serve the same tea with whatsoever profits”

My friend looking agreed to the justification said, “You are right but do you think this will continue for a long time”

“I also can’t say anything about it, as it entirely depends on owner’s business interest. May be the canteen is his secondary or tertiary business and actual earning business could be something else”

My friend taking a pause then finally said, “This strikes me another thought that all the big shops around us in malls have the employees sitting and managing the shop and not the owner”

“I can guess where you are going to…..”

He continued, “That is why sometimes those shopkeepers don’t give a damn whether we buy their product or not and do not even try to convince us”

My friend was right and I also agree to this fact that an employee sometimes does not give a damn about the owners profit or loss. In some of these cases even a customer voicing his opinion would not get any consideration and would remain dissatisfied with the shop. This could even become more problematic when a customer is forced to buy a product from that one shop only as the product could be unavailable anywhere nearby.

Looking at the future of India, it seems that a day would come when there would be no small shops but only malls with an employee managing the same. Then the customer satisfaction would only depend upon the employee’s integrity in that shop. One could imagine the satisfaction that a customer would get in the coming time.

I can just hope that I being a customer would visit the shops where I would get full value, if not extra, of my hard-earned money.

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May 5, 2013

Lovely Love

She leaves her childhood home
And enters into the home unknown,
With hopes and aspirations,
To live the life with her lovely love.

She feels the emotions of the other being,
Blends them with her love and care,
And starts living up his life
To make herself complete.

She forgets her wishes
As his dreams become hers,
She cooks food, patience and kindness
For their happy life and sweet home.

She endures the pain
To give life to the lovely love,
And becomes a mother
To make him a complete man.

PS: I wrote these line while travelling. Hope every homemaker will like it. Dedicated to my mother and all the homemakers. Wanted to publish this on Mother's Day, but couldn't control myself and posted this one week back. Any ways, Happy Mothers Day

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Apr 20, 2013

As simple as it can be #5

With this post I bring up the 5th one in the series- "As Simple As It Can Be". There are so many things that can be put up here but I would like to let you know about my thoughts for this series that the intention is not to make some kind of dictionary of the world. I try to include those terms which I observe that people know in their hearts but never express them in public. I take this chance to express those views here

Employee: A servant of the developed world where nobody is actually the owner, the king or the guardian.

Leader: A true leader is one who only gives the right direction, instead of himself following the same.

Artist: One who chooses his profession out of choice and not by conditions of time.

Girlfriend: Much needed wife in this contemporary world where one can not marry at an early age.

Festivals: Most awaited days of the year as they bring a person close to his near and dear ones. Religious practices have become an excuse to have a get together with the family.

The above thoughts are solely mine and any thoughts on the same are welcome........Keep Smiling:)

Apr 6, 2013

Timeless Time

People say that time keeps moving. If one couldn’t move together with time, then he would be dragged with time. One should grab the opportunity on hand as time wouldn’t wait for anybody; this is what we had all been taught in our schools, homes, offices.

A student in a school was always advised by teachers and parents to study as the time would go and then exam would come. An engineer would study full last night before the exam as he had always let the right time to go off in vain. People would keep praying outside the interview room as they know in their hearts that they could have prepared at some time before and this made them cribbling outside the interview room. A lover would always abuse himself for not talking to at the right time.

Wife would always feel low as the matters could have been discussed earlier with her so caring husband. A father would feel bad of himself that he could not make out the right time to talk to his son. A son would feel ashamed that he did not give time to his parents when it was most needed. Then there would come a right time when you would be taken with death, and that would always be at the right time……

Well, what would you say about this…death? Inescapable

I would say that for almost all of us at least one of the above written statements would hold true……By this I am not denying the exceptions, they can always be there…but since we live in the normal world so one of them could be holding true for you unless you are a Gautam Buddha …lol……..ok…… tell me this have you ever given a thought that why didn’t you do the things at the right time, may be you could have had better conditions, results, time etc etc……May be some of you must had given a thought as I am giving it right now with all of you……

Why is it that in the above conditions time has always won the game, or are we really playing the game???I am not sure.. I don’t know anything about this, and I also do not have words to write on this.....

What I know now is that Time is Timeless, and that there is no right or wrong time for anything. If you feel that you could have studied earlier than it is right, if you feel that you shoud have said something to your lover than it is right, if you feel that you should have talked to your son before then also it is right. Nobody is saying you this but it is only you who feels in this way. To experience the Timeless beauty of Time one has to start living in present and not in past. One has to believe that  every moment is right for anyhting that springs into your heart and mind. I am trying to do the same, and I believe that this is the right thing to do. But I still do not have a clue about the emotion of this mundane world which keeps us dragging to think and happy or regretful about the past, and the emotion that drags our minds and heart to live in past.
What I know now is I have to control that emotion to live in present.

 If you would like to test this you can just observe your thoughts for a week and you would realize that about the world you are living in-past or present????

One has to be happy about present not regretful about the past.

Let us stop all this philosophical stuff here and in simple words enjoy the moment and act and think for the present moment. It will attract smiles and happiness in your lives.

Keep Smiling :)

Time is actually Timeless……Believe it..:)

Mar 23, 2013

My Blog, My Hobby, My Readers

It had been a long time that I had written something. My last post probably was one month old. It was not that I didn’t want to write, in fact I tried number of times to just write anything that could have come to my mind but I didn’t know what was the thing that had earlier triggered me to write and what in all this time prevented me from writing. I was having all the time of the world on weekends, but I preferred getting bored rather than writing. I could never figure out why??

I had always written because I felt good after writing. The important fact that I had noticed in myself was whenever my mind was free I had written good posts. It could have been that because I always blogged as a hobby and not for any other purpose so a free mind was always required. Over a period of time I had also noticed that regular posts were required to maintain a blog, to attract readers but I never actually publicized my blog. It could be because I had been lazy in going on sites and publicizing it and one thing could also be that I had never known how to do this.

I had always tried and would keep trying to learn from other bloggers on how to do that so that my blog would remain active and evergreen into this dominated virtual world by micro-blogging sites. I now also felt that there would be some people who would like to read the posts, so I and in-fact every blogger has that responsibility towards their readers to post  on possible regular intervals for them.

I would try to follow the same and would also start writing for the readers. I as always would try to write the post that would  leave smiles on your face and would in some sense make you feel good about yourself.

Am I right?? It is you who know that ….

Keep Smiling :)

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Feb 9, 2013

Atlas Shrugged


I took this 12 inch book only because it is an Ayn Rand’s piece; and if one has read The Fountain Head then he cannot resist picking up any of the Ayn Rand’s literary piece. I also took Atlas Shrugged with thoughts that once again I have this golden chance to delve into her  philosophical world, to read her eclectic theories and at the end feel myself as the changed and the inspired man.

The main line of the book was to highlight the importance of collective work done in right spirits. One could call a collective work as done by any small group, team, society or the entire world. The definition of the right spirits could be confusing but simplistically it could be put up as the work done with the good for oneself and benefiting the society as well. This illustration was based on the ideas expressed by the Ayn Rand through her beautifully woven characters.

Ayn Rand had chosen an unimaginable theme for doing this by basing the story on the phrase said by “they”. This “they” is when we say ‘ as they say’ when the original speaker is unknown. The used phrase in the book “Who is John Galt” would make you really wonder about John Galt and how it became successful in creating that curiosity in the reader for knowing more and more about who actually was John Galt, and how he had changed the world and would continue to change it. She had explained her theories of wisdom, man’s freedom to live, importance of deeds, meaning and need of physical pleasure, thoughts driven by ego, hatred and jealousy through her varied characters comprising of Dagny Taggart, main fairer sex protagonist, Henry Reardon, one of the great intellectuals of his time, Fransico D’Anconia, another intellectual driven by his motives to keep the respect of his deeds and to not let go off the gain to other people.

This story of the world of 1950’s that surround these characters and Rand’s philosophies were very captivating in the beginning, but till the end one would feel like it getting exaggerated for no reason. One would start feeling, when there would be 200 more pages to go, that why this story was not being put to an end at that instant. When the end came, I found it in the movie style heroic drama and which could have been done in a much better way. But one thing was achieved with this book that author had put up her ideologies and philosophies very impressively and had made them timeless.

This book doesn’t stand against The Fountain Head anywhere, but I would recommend this book to any one for the philosophies and ideologies illustrated around the story, and not for the story. If one can keep his calm and read philosophies and varied thoughts of many people in multi-varied contexts then this one is surely for you and you should just grab it.

Jan 6, 2013

In dreams only..

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 35; the thirty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "...and the world was silent again"

Today I don’t know what happened; I felt that there was something odd, some vague feeling as if the cloud of sadness had overshadowed every colour of joy and happiness. Everybody I saw today had fear in their eyes from the unknown danger that they could not control. There was no feeling actually for anybody that I could see on the human face, no love, no hatred, no likeness, no jealousy, no agreements, and no altercations. It was the same feeling as I had read in books only of the fear which I had never felt, and the death which I had never seen which would bring an end to a living age. The end which the great dinosaurs had seen and now it is my turn, it is mankind’s turn to witness the end of self being. This would again going to bring the achievements of intellects, the hardships of the brave, the battles of the warriors, the structures of the creators to the mud of destruction.

And as I had read those lines in the books that told me about of one living age, the history of this mankind would be rephrased into some lines to be read by the one of the unknown kind. I, a tiny being of the mankind who is going to be buried the next moment, can only write the last rhyming lines of sadness………………….

And the world was silent again…

And the world was silent again…

And the world was silent again…

I woke up today by her tender touch on my forehead. I saw her lovely face; I smiled, rhymed some vague lines in my head as if in some dream about to end and closed my eyes again. She gave me a sweet kiss and I again like all the other days realized that the day would be the most cheerful days of all. There was a warm sunlight today, and I, standing on the windowsill, saw the birds flying high to the horizon giving me the indication of new hope, new victory. The horizon which has in store lots of achievements for me, which has in store lots of hardships that I will overcome, lots of battles from which I would emerge as a winner and at the end lots of love that I would bring to my loved ones.

I ate breakfast, hugged her and went out to work. There were people as usual busy in their own work with a hope that everything that they were doing would bring in lots of love in their loved ones life. A cloud hovering on the sunlight suddenly struck me like an epiphany and I remembered in bits and pieces the dream that I dreamt last night. I closed my eyes for a moment lesser than an instant and there was bright sunlight everywhere shouting, smiling and calling me and everybody in the world of peace, happiness and smiles.

I realized that world can never be silent…….:)

Keep Smiling:)

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