Dec 2, 2012

Of-Course, I'm insane

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Of course, I'm insane.
When I expect that everybody is good to me,
And when I know that world is driven by selfish motives of human greed.
When I expect that everybody will follow basic rules of living,
And when I know that there are many idiots and impractical people around…

 Of course, I'm insane
When I think about you every time,
And when I know that you are not going to be with me.
When I wait for your message at every instant
And when I know that it is not going to beep…

Of course, I'm insane.
When I know that man gets out of what he does and thinks,
Even then I sometimes ask to God for results.
When I know that self believe is important for anything to happen,
Even then I sometimes bow to God out of fear of failure.

Of course, I'm insane.
 When I expect small things from friends,
And when I know that most of the friends are busy in their own life
When I feel a person is a friend, if s/he smiles
And when I know that most smiles are just veils

Of course, I'm insane.
When I sometimes think of myself as the highly capable being,
And the next instant fears about trivial problems of life.
When I wait impatiently for the good things to happen to me
And when I know the positive probable outcome....

Of course, I'm insane.
When I know all the above facts
And still do the same insane things.....
Of course, I'm insane.
Of course, I'm insane.
And the funny thing is, 
I sometimes enjoy being insane....

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Unknown said...

u have come a long way since I first read your post about a year back ! profound thinking :)

Maliny said...

nicely penned . . all the best for BAT ! :)

Harikrishna said...

Some times it is nice to be insane and do insane things.. Nicely written :) ATB for the BAT :)

Vinay Leo R. said...

well, that's life. sane insanity. enjoyable tho may not feels that way. well penned. All the best for BAT.

Chetan Maheshwari said...

nice to se you here...
thanks for the wonderful comment
keep smiling:)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks maliny

true..sometimes it is good to be insane....thanks

Chetan Maheshwari said...

true that's life..with different people having different pespectives..

thanks..keep smiling:)

Amit Singh said...

at times you have to be insane in life .... nicely penned ....

Woman'n'Beyond said...

We all do enjoy being insane at times, lovely post! Keep writing!!

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks a lot...keep smiling..welcome here

thanks ...welcome here..

Rohan Kachalia said...

Nicely penned. ATB for BAT!

Unknown said...

Nice poem :) Enjoying being insane, now that's a real sign ;) Haha, just kidding!

Unknown said...

Nice rhyme, enjoyed your poem ATB :-)

aativas said...

Enjoying our own insanity is the key to happiness :-)

Tanya Sehgal said...

A very cute picture you added to the poem :) I liked the way you described circumstances which make any person go insane & crazy. A nicely penned down post ! Glad I came here :)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

@ rohan....
thanks a lot



thanks a lot


thanks a lot

Chetan Maheshwari said...


thanks for the lovely commen ..hope to see more of you here..keep smiling:)

Saru Singhal said...

I like the way you presented the 'insane' side of every experience, of lover, of friends and of a person in a problem. The ending is beautiful, in this sane world, we all love to be little insane. But on other thought, 'Is the world sane?' Or Sanity is a myth.

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks for the lovely comment
I think there is a catch here, the insanity in the sane world, but is the world sane....i think whatever one feels sane is sane and the other one insane...whatever one feels sane at the moment may seem to be insane to him in future...sanity-insanity is not a myth, just a view point of a person at a particular frame of mind...that is what i feel :) :)