Dec 15, 2012


Life is a mystery,

That grills me day and night

In the events and happenings of my ride.

I was told that there is God,

Who protects me day and night

And Who controls my life.

I believed them,

I played, cried had all the fun and learnt freely

Under that shadow of unknown protection.

They told me,

That you have to become a good man

So I studied and made friends

With no reasons for my action,

They then told me to earn

And I started earning,

But over a time I

Developed my thouhgts

And it overgrown every outside thought,

I started taking decisions

For my own self.

They told me to live happily,

I asked myself

Why does someone live,

They told me to worship

I asked myself

To whom,

And I found no answer

But only some epiphanies,

I see many people

Living a life,

I am unable to comprehend

why am I living with them,

how does it connects me to them,

Then I found words of wisdom

By the thinkers of the world,

It gave me vague answers, but

I thought I also have

The ability to think.

It gave me inner peace

For the actions I took

In my life.

I look to other people

For the reason of my life,

But I find none,

Except that I have to be happy

And I have miles to travel

In this unknown world for reasons

Yet known in its essence.

I seek thoughts of people

To find answer

To the question in my mind

I am still to give word to it

Keep Smiling:)

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Saru Singhal said...

Life is easy when we stick to the basics. Staying happy and blessed. Beautiful poem.

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks saru :)

GoddessChhavi said... can think and choose for yourself..

Chetan Maheshwari said...

yeah..thats right...
thanks a lot..
keep coming here :)

Unknown said...

Beautifully woven words.lovely write up..:)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

@split strings

hello yashi, welcome to the smiling planet
thanks a lot:) ...keep coming here and keep smiling:)