Celebrating New Year Eve ???

This new-year eve I decided to write something about new-year. There was no such particular thing towards which I was inclined to write but then I thought why we celebrate new-year? Is it because that our very own home planet earth completes one revolution around Mr. Sun  ??  I don’t know about you all reading this post and others also but I don’t give a damn whether earth has really completed the revolution or is delayed like our Delhi trains in New Year due to foggy weather. The reasons that seem to mark the celebration can be revised salary, revised policies, new resolutions, holidays, winters( some people like winters the most), new offers on the gazettes that you have silently noted them in your wish-list, the excitement of just the new beginning but you don’t know what new is going to come, the happiness by seeing others happy for any of the above reason, the time to watch special shows and your favorite stars on television with one hand on the remote and other on your favorite delicacies, the time to go out on specially organized parties with just your family and enjoy in yourself, the time to party with friends for just no special reason but for something new that is going to come in your life and which you don’t know but wish in your heart that it is going to be good whether in your education, in your job in your married life, in monetary terms……

 The way I chose this time is to be at my home town with family and eat mommy-special home-made delicacies, and have some fun with family. I don’t know what is going to come new this year but I just want to forget some bad memories and wish to take good memories with me, I wish to have new responsibilities at my wok and new people and friends in my life. I wish to have a happy tie at a new place where I have recently shifted, I think that is all for now and rest should be good in-fact very good and smiling, and oh!!! And how can I forget this wish of my blog being flooded with lots of lovely readers……

This is how I choose to celebrate the beginning of new year.

 How do you choose to welcome New Year in your life……. I hope you are going to have a blast…….


Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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