Guards or Gays???

This may seem a bit confusing to you, as there doesn't stand any comparison between the two terms or I should not say terms but people.   It was six months back that this comparison or relation spurred in my mind and after so much reluctance I finally decided to pen down my thoughts.

It is weird to even have a thought like this one, but I can just not stop my mind to subdue the repetitive ignited thought whenever I entered into a movie theater, a mall, a shopping complex or a government office.  I at first was amused by the mere thought and tried to avoid the condition, but then at the end felt pity on the guards. A guard’s job is to make sure that a visitor should not contain any object that if used or revealed may create unprotected environment for the common people. It is very important as a part to ensure protection of people. In fact there are also metal detectors installed at some places, but the important point to note here in not all public places. It then becomes mandatory for a person like guard to check people in whatever possible fair way he can. He, I believe, doesn't ensure that the person carries any weapon or not but he only ensures that he has done the checking.  He feels that his job ends there. In a way guard is also right at his place, as he doesn't have any other means to do his job.

Whenever he checks me or whenever I see him checking somebody, I feel like guard may have been converted to a gay because of the repetitive actions of his activity. It also seems weird to me when somebody touches in a way any guard checks me. I just can’t imagine a case when a gay gets a chance to get checked in this fashion by a guard. He would like to visit the place very….

Jokes apart, I feel that there should be some other way out to do such activity. If a particular security agency doesn't have budget to provide metal detecting equipment then it should not impose this check manually. This sometimes creates un-comforting condition for the guard as well the visitor. This manual security check also should not be imposed as in my opinion it doesn't ensure any protection for the people.

On the whole, either it should be made mandatory to have metal protective equipment or no checking for the people. I believe, many share this view with me.

Keep Smiling :)

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Chetan Maheshwari

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