Sep 4, 2012

Pen- Mightier than friends.....

This just came to my mind instantly.

My mind was wandering here and there in that blowing air of daily hullabaloo, my eyes were looking out for someone who would come and ask me, “What’s going on” and my ears were too active to listen to swarms and honks of the people around me. It was then that I realized this epiphany that pen is actually mightier than friends or anybody.

When your mind is pregnant with problems from every sphere of life; I should say struggle and when every instant on that curvy, bouncy and steep road you find yourself standing alone, and when you have to act like a mountain which should bear the most lethal bullet shot whether at leg, mind or heart, when you have friends around you every-time and you just can’t speak to them, when you have to think thousand times to talk to someone whom you would love to talk for lifetime, when you know the path to reach to your aim but have to fight the relentless mind of your own, when you feel lonely in the crowd, it was then this pen is the one that gives you mental and emotional power to fight and grow.

So I just thought to pen down something that would just relieve me from this burden. I feel that only a free mind can do anything and everything. I could not see time slipping away, so this looked to me the best of all, and better than finding a friend or someone who in him/her self would be having problems like me.

It relieves one from every thought, and marks the new beginning of everything with the great energy and enthusiasm. I feel, with this post, I have relieved myself of many thoughts and emotions and once again I have fuelled up myself to direct my acts as per my will and wish.

Keep Smiling :)

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