Jul 29, 2012

Blasting the balloon

I often wondered when I was a teenager, that how would it be to work in an office, whether it would be fun or boring. I had known that time from friends that there would be lot of people, and in most of the cases it could be like a YES-BOSS type job. There would be lot of competition with colleagues for better performance. There was one common doubt amongst all my friends, whether we'd be able to apply our learning in the office???? And this thought seldom use to ignite another flaming doubt in our minds was whether we were learning anything at all or not. With these random thoughts, me and my friends graduated from colleges, and also got jobs.

Office was quite good, and the first impression of that new world was quite good and fascinating where only moolah drives the show. However, when we all friends met after some time and shared our experiences and observations, it had shown an entirely different picture. There were many epiphanies to ponder about, many stupidities to laugh on, many technologies to share, discuss and gain, but apart from all these there were many interesting and mindfully crafted incidents, or I would say different types of phenomena that take place in any office.

One of them is "Blasting the balloon." 

It happens when a person wants to show his importance in the industry or when he fears the loss of his present position or status

When that person chooses to remain silent at the time of a problem faced by his colleague and let it grow to an extent of his wish .In some cases condition becomes so critical and severe that if the problem grows a bit more would cause severe losses for the industry. At this instant, he dramatically enters the picture and solves the problem like a Hindi hero film. In just a sudden spin of time, he again becomes a hero, a cutie pie, a superstar, and a problem- solver in the eyes of so-called illusioned bosses.

Sometimes people know that the person has intentionally let the problem grow, but in the real conditions that knowledge of events doesn’t really matter a lot, after all industry has been saved from a severe loss. This is cunning but a powerful phenomenon that if acted at the right time can drive the career path of that person to new heights of success.

I sometimes wonder whether such phenomena are really required for the person to achieve success and even after that whether he would be able to fight that fear of losing job, whether he would be able to overcome that feeling of insecurity from his colleague because of whom he forced himself to act in such a deceiving manner. No matter he reaches to any height with such tactics, but that growing insecurity and fear within him will reach to the greater and unimaginable heights. Whenever he would have to give a stride to his career, he would always look out for phenomena like blasting of the balloon; but at the end of everything he would find himself struggling for the happiness in life.

I feel that it is attitude that matters a lot rather than anything else, and a positive approach to anything and everything is sufficient enough for any person to reach to the desired heights of success and happiness. …WHAT SAy???

This is one of my observation in my office that I thought to share, there are many more like that which I would keep sharing from time to time. If any of the reader has thoughts about the happenings in his/her office may share here, as this post says sharing of thoughts at right time and place is always better and fruitful.

Jul 15, 2012

Mind and Heart

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about them is actually nothing. I am unable to relate the two things together, yes but individually I know them very well.

Whenever your heart likes something, is it necessary that your mind will also direct you to the same thing. And whenever your mind tells you to do something is it necessary that heart would love to do it all the time. It happens that sometimes you know it is the right thing to do (your mind says this), but you become lazy in doing that (your heart doesn’t like that idea). It happens that at times you wanted to buy that sweet little soft toy for your cute and lovable daughter (your heart is dying to get this done from you), but you did not because it comes under your category of over expense (mind restraints you from buying that).

There are situations also when you get deeply involved in some activity, oblivious of the things and people around you; this is the time where your mind and heart synchronizes with each other.
One can also not exclude the time from his life when you had not talked to anybody, and were just in yourself. Actually not even in yourself, you were in some other world as you didn’t know what was going on inside you. That was the time when your mind and heart were jumping over each other. That was the time when you sometimes didn’t realize what you were speaking to other people, to those who were not at all connected to the events happening inside your mind and heart. It becomes the reason of unnecessary confusion and dismay between the two people, who actually had got nothing to do with the wrong that had happened in their lives.

I just wanted to know more about the relationship of mind and heart and how it affects our daily life, and by writing this I am somehow expecting that it may clear up this thought to an improved extent.

Can anybody, help me define the true meaning of love??? Love here signifies to that mysterious thing that exists between normal specie and the fairer specie.

There are many thoughts around it, like feeling good about each other, caring about each other, becoming a best friend with each other, becoming the only person in each other’s life with whom you speak out anything and everything, and there can be many more interpretations. But, how does this happens??/

People might think that this post is getting strayed with this love and bullshit. But, actually it has got a very significant relationship with the behavior of your heart and mind. Unless the synchronization of your heart and mind crosses that final threshold, you can not be in love with anybody. It is when you keep thinking about somebody so profoundly that wherever you go, you will find her/him only. It happens because your mind only wants to see that person wherever you go (mind keeps thinking about that person only), and your heart fully supports your thoughts to the immeasurable level.

Our news papers have always informed us about love birds, or a lover killing his girlfriend and all that crap. This is a result of that intense relationship of heart and mind. It is not necessary that other person will also love you; it entirely depends on that person’s thoughts and thinking pattern. The incidents that we hear are the consequence of mind and heart synchronization not coming in the actual form( this is the one sided love story)

This can also be supportive in explaining why arrange marriages are also successful?? In such cases you have got no option but to think about each other only, and unknowingly after some time you start loving that person. One thing is sure that heart doesn’t even take a second to like somebody (what is known as love at first sight), but heart takes time to convince mind, and then true love happens. Divorce is the result, when it happens the other way round.

Let us now bring a mathematical turn into this mind and heart relationship. With love there were two variables that is there were two sets of mind and heart. Equation always becomes easy to deal with one set or one variable, how we started this post. We in our daily lives become use to of certain routine, like I know a person who always sleeps on a bed made of cotton, and a girl who always takes a bath with Dove, and also a person who just cannot imagine himself taking his lunch, dinner without rice. I think these behaviors exist only because they have convinced their mind and heart to do it in that way only.

There is a other picture also, where you see a person inclined towards only hurting others, one of the category is criminal. This I think also happens because of a biased state of mind and heart, and it becomes more dramatic and troublesome when you don't know that something of this kind actually exists.

These mind and heart behaviours actually control our lives, and i believe that it is important for us to understand and realize them. I am still exploring the way to direct these mind and heart beaviour to the way we want at a particular time.

One of the ways that I presume  is through meditation.

To be continued……..

PS:  I have written this post as I was going through an unpredictable stage of mind and heart, and so I just thought to clear it up.

Jul 6, 2012

The Silence Of The Lambs

Book Review: The Silence Of The Lambs

Authored By:  Thomas Harris

This is a book that you will remember for a long time in your life, or may be for your entire life. Let me tell you that it would not be for the author’s writing style, or characters or the story line up but for the reason that this title stands for in the story. Whenever your contemplative mind will look back to this book, it would help you fight fears of your life.

The story starts with our mind boggling and a shrewd character Jack Crawford, an FBI detective gripped in solving the serial murder case from the criminal Buffalo Bill. Clarice Starling, a dedicated and a sincere trainee joins Jack Crawford, and there starts this intuitive, inquisitive and interesting search for this brutish killer. Crawford assigned her to dig out the information from Dr Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist and a heartless killer locked up in jail, to reach to the criminal Buffalo Bill.

This is the second one from the series of Thomas Harris books, for the character Dr Hannibal Lecter. The way in which the case was approached and solved made it unique from the contemporary thrillers. However, author’s writing style made it a bit slow in the middle, but the interactions of Dr Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were the ones that gripped me till the end. Dr Lecter, while aiding her to solve the case also aided her to fight with her own childhood fears that had gripped her mind. Author has actually used his main character Dr Lecter very beautifully, that you can very easily relate to his logical and perceptive conclusions on anything and everything. This book is more about logically solving the case unlike the Dog-Cat-Chase game.

On the whole, it is a very good and a unique book. Even the movie made on this book in 1991 with the same name, directed by Jonathan Demme won Oscar awards in five categories. So grab it and gulp it…….AAAAAh one thing, if you will read first of the Lecter’s series, “The Red Dragon” before this one, you will enjoy it more.

I am on my way to read the third one of this series “Hannibal”.