Black and White

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Is there anything like Black and White? I was thinking on this from the instant blog-a-ton announced the topic, and I quizzed myself day and night and actually was not very convinced on the very existence of something black or white. Of course they are colors and exist as the two extremes of its nuance. The point of discussion lies in whether there are two extremes to anything. Let me take an example to put it and that too of colors, we all have seen the night without moon as the dark night or the black night. But are we sure that the night that day was the darkest or the blackest night. When you would see it the other day, you may find it darker or lighter or darker or from the end of somebody’s imagination darker than the darkest; but you may face some hesitation in defining the darkest of the darkest night.

There are no extremes to anything in this world be it a pretty girl (you can always find a more pretty girl), be it a good movie, (you always find a better one the next day),be it a good job (there is always a better one, waiting for you), be it a tasty food and that too with the same chef ( you will always find it more tasty or less the next day). These extremes are just defined as a word in our language to see a relative difference. Even in mathematics, we say that there are two limits 0 and ∞ (infinity), or -∞ and +∞ but in real sense it is not achievable .

Let us also say that two extremes exist to every thing around , but then I think that it would defy the nature’s law of a constant change. How would you feel that you get the best dress one day, and then the other day you are unable to get a better one from that best dress. It can be better put in like this there is always better than the best.

There are so many colors blue, orange, red, green, yellow, magenta, etc fill up your life with any shade of color you want, and I am sure you will always be happy in your life. Whenever you feel that you are going towards any extreme just think about Madhubala, Sridevi,Madonna,Kate Winslet, Madhuri Dixit, Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif…etc and there are more to come, but not the best one, always the better one.

Be the better person in your life.

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Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. Well written, quite philosophical yet simple to get the point through, good one.

  2. Good philosophical post from your pen Chetan and it happens in day to-day life. I do agree that always hope for the better one.. Loved it..

    A life on colours

    Someone is Special

  3. @harsha
    thanks :)

    @someone is special

    thanks a lot :)

  4. An extreme is an ideal. To be better, we need to have a goal, no matter how unreachable it may be. We would always keep trying to be perfect. All the best for BAT.

  5. @D2

    yeah..true extreme is an ideal...we would always keep trying to be perfect... and perfection is always relative to our present will keep changing and moving towards betterment..
    thanks for sharing your opinion...
    keep coming and keep smiling:)

  6. Colors and the entire philosophy behind it. We must choose to admire the rainbow in life...

    Nicely written...

  7. interesting....but just think...white reflects back all colours......and black absorbs all of not it also interesting.....and when we mix all the colours all we get is white light !! that is even more interesting.....

  8. @suryanshu
    yes interesting it is, is there really an object except colors that can absorb all the light...???
    the latter part is interesting and can form an another post...thanks:)

  9. may be no two9 extremes exist...but extremes do may not be the extreme of two sides but on comparison with each other it is in extreme with each other.......

    different post....

    i loved the last line ...... Be the better person in your life.......hope everybody does that

    rajathecritic - BLACK AND WHITE

  10. @the critics
    actually you are right, and what happens is when you reach that extreme , you find another extreme waiting for you then another then another...


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