Feb 27, 2012

As simple as it can be #2

Here I am with the second post of ‘As Simple as it can be’. Hope you will like it and will share your views and debate on the below points

Experienced Person: is the one who understands that one incomplete task will not mark the end of world, this counts for realizing the patience in ourselves.

Culture: is defined by group of people behaving in their own way, and obliviously leading to the same output.

Scientist: is a person who likes to quantify and relate anything and everything

Boss: is just another colleague who has equally different set of responsibilities, that requires a bit more pressure bearing capacity and patience.

Engineering: is a logical study of almost anything and everything.

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Feb 19, 2012

Sipping with Shahrukh...

Everybody loves to have tea, especially in winters there is no reason for it; you can just have it at any time. On the days like this, I had a friend at my home, and he told me to take him to a good tea shop. We went to the nearby tea stall ran by an old man. He knows me, as I am his regular customer and whenever I go, he neither smiles nor say anything but by his face just reminds me of our acquaintance to each other.. I loved this silent relationship. Apart from a good tea that he makes, this is also one of the reasons that I visit him regularly.

The tea was asusual good, and my friend also liked it. We were talking about our lives , about our work and many other stuffs. Then silently from the backside, one kid came near to us and started begging. He was so young that the sweet and the innocent layer of the child hood were still prevalent on his face. But his hair were rough, cheeks dry, clothes torned and one hand moved forward in an inclined position to collect money. To be very honest, I at first didn’t feel any empathy for him and we denied him any money and started talking in ourselves.

He didn’t move for some seconds, and then I thought to have a brief chat with this boy.

“What are you doing here???”

“I am here to earn some money so that I will eat something”

“Where are your parents??”

“Father is outside Indore and mother is here”

“Where do you live?”

“Near to Khajrana Temple”

“Doesn’t your mother earn anything?”

“Yeah, she works “

“What about your school”

“I go to …..” (I actually didn’t remember his school name, it was some old mismanaged government school)

“But, why do you beg, why don’t you study”, asked my friend.

“To have some food”

“Will you have some tea with us”

He was at first surprised and didn’t know what to answer but then he said, “Yes”.

That old man and his three, four customers were also listening to what was happening around. I then went to old man, asked to give one cup to this boy. He took it, and sat with folded legs on the ground. He silently started sipping it. I then again went near to him, and asked, “How is it”.


“Do you always roam here”

“ yeah, most of the times here or near to the temple”

“Do you want to click a photo with me”

And he obviously said yes and smiled. I told my friend to click.

“Smile like this – HA HA HA “

And he really smiled like Ha Ha Ha.

While going, I asked, “ what’s your name”

And he said “ SHAHRUKH”

“ What”, ofcourse I was amazed.

And he again said, “ Shahrukh”, and smiled.

All the people around us started smiling like anything, and one of the customers even started joking with me just for no reason. We smiled together and then went off to our own places.

It was a very nice incident, I will remember all the time. I know that the boy became happier not because that I offered him a tea, but because I just talked to him. In return he also made me happy. I think that is what is meant by “ Give me one and god will give you 100” .

Feb 11, 2012

Black and White

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 24; the Twenty-Fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for this month is BLACK AND WHITE.

Is there anything like Black and White? I was thinking on this from the instant blog-a-ton announced the topic, and I quizzed myself day and night and actually was not very convinced on the very existence of something black or white. Of course they are colors and exist as the two extremes of its nuance. The point of discussion lies in whether there are two extremes to anything. Let me take an example to put it and that too of colors, we all have seen the night without moon as the dark night or the black night. But are we sure that the night that day was the darkest or the blackest night. When you would see it the other day, you may find it darker or lighter or darker or from the end of somebody’s imagination darker than the darkest; but you may face some hesitation in defining the darkest of the darkest night.

There are no extremes to anything in this world be it a pretty girl (you can always find a more pretty girl), be it a good movie, (you always find a better one the next day),be it a good job (there is always a better one, waiting for you), be it a tasty food and that too with the same chef ( you will always find it more tasty or less the next day). These extremes are just defined as a word in our language to see a relative difference. Even in mathematics, we say that there are two limits 0 and ∞ (infinity), or -∞ and +∞ but in real sense it is not achievable .

Let us also say that two extremes exist to every thing around , but then I think that it would defy the nature’s law of a constant change. How would you feel that you get the best dress one day, and then the other day you are unable to get a better one from that best dress. It can be better put in like this there is always better than the best.

There are so many colors blue, orange, red, green, yellow, magenta, etc fill up your life with any shade of color you want, and I am sure you will always be happy in your life. Whenever you feel that you are going towards any extreme just think about Madhubala, Sridevi,Madonna,Kate Winslet, Madhuri Dixit, Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif…etc and there are more to come, but not the best one, always the better one.

Be the better person in your life.

Image Courtesy:http://fineartamerica.com/featured/colorful-life-lutz-baar.html

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