Dec 31, 2012

Celebrating New Year Eve ???

This new-year eve I decided to write something about new-year. There was no such particular thing towards which I was inclined to write but then I thought why we celebrate new-year? Is it because that our very own home planet earth completes one revolution around Mr. Sun  ??  I don’t know about you all reading this post and others also but I don’t give a damn whether earth has really completed the revolution or is delayed like our Delhi trains in New Year due to foggy weather. The reasons that seem to mark the celebration can be revised salary, revised policies, new resolutions, holidays, winters( some people like winters the most), new offers on the gazettes that you have silently noted them in your wish-list, the excitement of just the new beginning but you don’t know what new is going to come, the happiness by seeing others happy for any of the above reason, the time to watch special shows and your favorite stars on television with one hand on the remote and other on your favorite delicacies, the time to go out on specially organized parties with just your family and enjoy in yourself, the time to party with friends for just no special reason but for something new that is going to come in your life and which you don’t know but wish in your heart that it is going to be good whether in your education, in your job in your married life, in monetary terms……

 The way I chose this time is to be at my home town with family and eat mommy-special home-made delicacies, and have some fun with family. I don’t know what is going to come new this year but I just want to forget some bad memories and wish to take good memories with me, I wish to have new responsibilities at my wok and new people and friends in my life. I wish to have a happy tie at a new place where I have recently shifted, I think that is all for now and rest should be good in-fact very good and smiling, and oh!!! And how can I forget this wish of my blog being flooded with lots of lovely readers……

This is how I choose to celebrate the beginning of new year.

 How do you choose to welcome New Year in your life……. I hope you are going to have a blast…….


Dec 23, 2012

As simple as it can be #4

This brings the fourth one in the series ' As simple as it can be '. I hope you will find it good and interesting -

Eclairs- Is the currency of the contemporary world and is used-exchanged in every shopping complex and in a general store to avoid shortage of currency coins.

Society of service class people- Where in every action of a person is driven with utmost care in the set terms and conditions of the service period. Any extension of any kind of work in that society may lead a customer to face disrespectful and agitated behavior.

Media is the mainsail of a ship that is carrying the entire society to any wishful direction.

Colleague- Almost every colleague, not a friend, is someone in professional environment who tries to increase his good count in every found opportunity at your or somebody else’s cost

Dream- Man’s materialistic wish which cannot be controlled by any emotion. It can only change to another dream on the attainment of one.

Dec 15, 2012


Life is a mystery,

That grills me day and night

In the events and happenings of my ride.

I was told that there is God,

Who protects me day and night

And Who controls my life.

I believed them,

I played, cried had all the fun and learnt freely

Under that shadow of unknown protection.

They told me,

That you have to become a good man

So I studied and made friends

With no reasons for my action,

They then told me to earn

And I started earning,

But over a time I

Developed my thouhgts

And it overgrown every outside thought,

I started taking decisions

For my own self.

They told me to live happily,

I asked myself

Why does someone live,

They told me to worship

I asked myself

To whom,

And I found no answer

But only some epiphanies,

I see many people

Living a life,

I am unable to comprehend

why am I living with them,

how does it connects me to them,

Then I found words of wisdom

By the thinkers of the world,

It gave me vague answers, but

I thought I also have

The ability to think.

It gave me inner peace

For the actions I took

In my life.

I look to other people

For the reason of my life,

But I find none,

Except that I have to be happy

And I have miles to travel

In this unknown world for reasons

Yet known in its essence.

I seek thoughts of people

To find answer

To the question in my mind

I am still to give word to it

Keep Smiling:)

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Dec 2, 2012

Of-Course, I'm insane

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 34; the thirty-fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "Of-Course, I'm insane"

Of course, I'm insane.
When I expect that everybody is good to me,
And when I know that world is driven by selfish motives of human greed.
When I expect that everybody will follow basic rules of living,
And when I know that there are many idiots and impractical people around…

 Of course, I'm insane
When I think about you every time,
And when I know that you are not going to be with me.
When I wait for your message at every instant
And when I know that it is not going to beep…

Of course, I'm insane.
When I know that man gets out of what he does and thinks,
Even then I sometimes ask to God for results.
When I know that self believe is important for anything to happen,
Even then I sometimes bow to God out of fear of failure.

Of course, I'm insane.
 When I expect small things from friends,
And when I know that most of the friends are busy in their own life
When I feel a person is a friend, if s/he smiles
And when I know that most smiles are just veils

Of course, I'm insane.
When I sometimes think of myself as the highly capable being,
And the next instant fears about trivial problems of life.
When I wait impatiently for the good things to happen to me
And when I know the positive probable outcome....

Of course, I'm insane.
When I know all the above facts
And still do the same insane things.....
Of course, I'm insane.
Of course, I'm insane.
And the funny thing is, 
I sometimes enjoy being insane....

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Nov 29, 2012

Guards or Gays???

This may seem a bit confusing to you, as there doesn't stand any comparison between the two terms or I should not say terms but people.   It was six months back that this comparison or relation spurred in my mind and after so much reluctance I finally decided to pen down my thoughts.

It is weird to even have a thought like this one, but I can just not stop my mind to subdue the repetitive ignited thought whenever I entered into a movie theater, a mall, a shopping complex or a government office.  I at first was amused by the mere thought and tried to avoid the condition, but then at the end felt pity on the guards. A guard’s job is to make sure that a visitor should not contain any object that if used or revealed may create unprotected environment for the common people. It is very important as a part to ensure protection of people. In fact there are also metal detectors installed at some places, but the important point to note here in not all public places. It then becomes mandatory for a person like guard to check people in whatever possible fair way he can. He, I believe, doesn't ensure that the person carries any weapon or not but he only ensures that he has done the checking.  He feels that his job ends there. In a way guard is also right at his place, as he doesn't have any other means to do his job.

Whenever he checks me or whenever I see him checking somebody, I feel like guard may have been converted to a gay because of the repetitive actions of his activity. It also seems weird to me when somebody touches in a way any guard checks me. I just can’t imagine a case when a gay gets a chance to get checked in this fashion by a guard. He would like to visit the place very….

Jokes apart, I feel that there should be some other way out to do such activity. If a particular security agency doesn't have budget to provide metal detecting equipment then it should not impose this check manually. This sometimes creates un-comforting condition for the guard as well the visitor. This manual security check also should not be imposed as in my opinion it doesn't ensure any protection for the people.

On the whole, either it should be made mandatory to have metal protective equipment or no checking for the people. I believe, many share this view with me.

Keep Smiling :)

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Oct 14, 2012


 Traffic in this world has always amazed me with its power that can change the lives of people. It may sound vague that how traffic consisting of motor bikes, cars, trucks, buses, loaders, dumpers, and above all the people and their rules can change lives of the people creating it, and what sort of power does that traffic possess?? We all have seen and have been a part of traffic in the places where we live, we may have sometimes followed the governing rules and of course at times may have broken the rules……Hey, it is not like as the general cinema proverb that says “Rules are meant to be broken”, but it’s a normal tendency of a human being to always do something natural and not what is artificially created and here it applies to rules created by society. As a result of this behavior we break the rules and that creates abnormal conditions on road, causing accidents and at times in a good number.
 In the Part I and Part II of this series I have put up my thoughts about how traffic emerged in this world and how greediness in oneself is responsible for increasing the traffic and changing the course of life, however in this part I would like to pen-down how traffic can be helpful in judging the basic nature of the people living in that society, and how traffic can over-power ones state of mind over a course of time.

People can create two types of condition on road, one either they would follow the traffic rules which is believed to have fewer accidents from all other cases and two they would break the rules and would do as they like. These two conditions can in much broader way classify people into three different ways. Let us first take the case wherein people break the rules and create unwanted conditions as per traffic-police governing body. It is believed to create conditions not suitable for safe driving, I used the word ‘believe’ here because still there is no proof or data which says about a particular city that is most prone to accidents and vulnerable to the increase in number of I-will-not-follow-traffic-rule type drivers. It actually is just our assumption that a particular city has bad traffic or people there doesn’t have traffic sense. It may be true, but I feel that it is not a causal relationship which indicates a particular city to have more number of accidents. In-fact people there would be more optimistic, and that is what I see of them from a bird’s view. You may be considering it an illogical conclusion but that is how I see it. The reason that the people are optimistic is tbecause they just don’t care about any other vehicle and that they are so sure in their minds that nothing is going to happen and everything would always improve. They never think that an accident would happen with them, although it creates an unjust condition but it doesn’t result in an accident. If any of them is negative in attitude or approach then obviously that would result in an accident.

No matter what the signal is they just move carefree and which shows the confidence and the optimism in the people there.

Now, if we talk about the cities (should say metros) where people follow traffic rules and have some traffic sense, there people are either neutral or are feared of an unknown cause. People who are neutral are those who follow traffic rules to be in the system and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. They do it because they feel that it is right to follow traffic rules. These people can either be optimistic or pessimistic, but they are those people who have some logical sense and can think independently irrespective of the flow of wind. They even sometimes break the rules because at times it is logical to break them and just do what one feel is right.

The other class is of fearful people who are afraid of the system, of the police, and that is why they follow traffic rules. They fear government, police even on the case when they follow all the rules; this happens because fear is the basic ingredient of their mind and which governs their attitude. These are the people who cause most number of road accidents.

If you do not agree to me just think for a moment while crossing the road or signal like- what did you just thought of for crossing road. May be that will help me to make you understand this post better.

This is all about people who govern the traffic, let us now come to traffic which over-powers people’s attitude over a course of time. This condition is actually like a lotus that blossoms the marsh or in some cases the condition is like a dirty fish that contaminates a pond. If you are in the midst of unjust traffic then you can become optimistic over a period of time, or if you are in a traffic governed by rules then a better chance would be to become a fearing person rather than a neutral one. I say this because negativity is better attracted than anything else.

On the whole it is people who govern traffic and over a course of time it is traffic who governs people. So, it is better to be either optimistic or logical in the traffic. This would automatically ensure safe and happy driving.

Keep Smiling:)

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Sep 4, 2012

Pen- Mightier than friends.....

This just came to my mind instantly.

My mind was wandering here and there in that blowing air of daily hullabaloo, my eyes were looking out for someone who would come and ask me, “What’s going on” and my ears were too active to listen to swarms and honks of the people around me. It was then that I realized this epiphany that pen is actually mightier than friends or anybody.

When your mind is pregnant with problems from every sphere of life; I should say struggle and when every instant on that curvy, bouncy and steep road you find yourself standing alone, and when you have to act like a mountain which should bear the most lethal bullet shot whether at leg, mind or heart, when you have friends around you every-time and you just can’t speak to them, when you have to think thousand times to talk to someone whom you would love to talk for lifetime, when you know the path to reach to your aim but have to fight the relentless mind of your own, when you feel lonely in the crowd, it was then this pen is the one that gives you mental and emotional power to fight and grow.

So I just thought to pen down something that would just relieve me from this burden. I feel that only a free mind can do anything and everything. I could not see time slipping away, so this looked to me the best of all, and better than finding a friend or someone who in him/her self would be having problems like me.

It relieves one from every thought, and marks the new beginning of everything with the great energy and enthusiasm. I feel, with this post, I have relieved myself of many thoughts and emotions and once again I have fuelled up myself to direct my acts as per my will and wish.

Keep Smiling :)

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Jul 29, 2012

Blasting the balloon

I often wondered when I was a teenager, that how would it be to work in an office, whether it would be fun or boring. I had known that time from friends that there would be lot of people, and in most of the cases it could be like a YES-BOSS type job. There would be lot of competition with colleagues for better performance. There was one common doubt amongst all my friends, whether we'd be able to apply our learning in the office???? And this thought seldom use to ignite another flaming doubt in our minds was whether we were learning anything at all or not. With these random thoughts, me and my friends graduated from colleges, and also got jobs.

Office was quite good, and the first impression of that new world was quite good and fascinating where only moolah drives the show. However, when we all friends met after some time and shared our experiences and observations, it had shown an entirely different picture. There were many epiphanies to ponder about, many stupidities to laugh on, many technologies to share, discuss and gain, but apart from all these there were many interesting and mindfully crafted incidents, or I would say different types of phenomena that take place in any office.

One of them is "Blasting the balloon." 

It happens when a person wants to show his importance in the industry or when he fears the loss of his present position or status

When that person chooses to remain silent at the time of a problem faced by his colleague and let it grow to an extent of his wish .In some cases condition becomes so critical and severe that if the problem grows a bit more would cause severe losses for the industry. At this instant, he dramatically enters the picture and solves the problem like a Hindi hero film. In just a sudden spin of time, he again becomes a hero, a cutie pie, a superstar, and a problem- solver in the eyes of so-called illusioned bosses.

Sometimes people know that the person has intentionally let the problem grow, but in the real conditions that knowledge of events doesn’t really matter a lot, after all industry has been saved from a severe loss. This is cunning but a powerful phenomenon that if acted at the right time can drive the career path of that person to new heights of success.

I sometimes wonder whether such phenomena are really required for the person to achieve success and even after that whether he would be able to fight that fear of losing job, whether he would be able to overcome that feeling of insecurity from his colleague because of whom he forced himself to act in such a deceiving manner. No matter he reaches to any height with such tactics, but that growing insecurity and fear within him will reach to the greater and unimaginable heights. Whenever he would have to give a stride to his career, he would always look out for phenomena like blasting of the balloon; but at the end of everything he would find himself struggling for the happiness in life.

I feel that it is attitude that matters a lot rather than anything else, and a positive approach to anything and everything is sufficient enough for any person to reach to the desired heights of success and happiness. …WHAT SAy???

This is one of my observation in my office that I thought to share, there are many more like that which I would keep sharing from time to time. If any of the reader has thoughts about the happenings in his/her office may share here, as this post says sharing of thoughts at right time and place is always better and fruitful.

Jul 15, 2012

Mind and Heart

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about them is actually nothing. I am unable to relate the two things together, yes but individually I know them very well.

Whenever your heart likes something, is it necessary that your mind will also direct you to the same thing. And whenever your mind tells you to do something is it necessary that heart would love to do it all the time. It happens that sometimes you know it is the right thing to do (your mind says this), but you become lazy in doing that (your heart doesn’t like that idea). It happens that at times you wanted to buy that sweet little soft toy for your cute and lovable daughter (your heart is dying to get this done from you), but you did not because it comes under your category of over expense (mind restraints you from buying that).

There are situations also when you get deeply involved in some activity, oblivious of the things and people around you; this is the time where your mind and heart synchronizes with each other.
One can also not exclude the time from his life when you had not talked to anybody, and were just in yourself. Actually not even in yourself, you were in some other world as you didn’t know what was going on inside you. That was the time when your mind and heart were jumping over each other. That was the time when you sometimes didn’t realize what you were speaking to other people, to those who were not at all connected to the events happening inside your mind and heart. It becomes the reason of unnecessary confusion and dismay between the two people, who actually had got nothing to do with the wrong that had happened in their lives.

I just wanted to know more about the relationship of mind and heart and how it affects our daily life, and by writing this I am somehow expecting that it may clear up this thought to an improved extent.

Can anybody, help me define the true meaning of love??? Love here signifies to that mysterious thing that exists between normal specie and the fairer specie.

There are many thoughts around it, like feeling good about each other, caring about each other, becoming a best friend with each other, becoming the only person in each other’s life with whom you speak out anything and everything, and there can be many more interpretations. But, how does this happens??/

People might think that this post is getting strayed with this love and bullshit. But, actually it has got a very significant relationship with the behavior of your heart and mind. Unless the synchronization of your heart and mind crosses that final threshold, you can not be in love with anybody. It is when you keep thinking about somebody so profoundly that wherever you go, you will find her/him only. It happens because your mind only wants to see that person wherever you go (mind keeps thinking about that person only), and your heart fully supports your thoughts to the immeasurable level.

Our news papers have always informed us about love birds, or a lover killing his girlfriend and all that crap. This is a result of that intense relationship of heart and mind. It is not necessary that other person will also love you; it entirely depends on that person’s thoughts and thinking pattern. The incidents that we hear are the consequence of mind and heart synchronization not coming in the actual form( this is the one sided love story)

This can also be supportive in explaining why arrange marriages are also successful?? In such cases you have got no option but to think about each other only, and unknowingly after some time you start loving that person. One thing is sure that heart doesn’t even take a second to like somebody (what is known as love at first sight), but heart takes time to convince mind, and then true love happens. Divorce is the result, when it happens the other way round.

Let us now bring a mathematical turn into this mind and heart relationship. With love there were two variables that is there were two sets of mind and heart. Equation always becomes easy to deal with one set or one variable, how we started this post. We in our daily lives become use to of certain routine, like I know a person who always sleeps on a bed made of cotton, and a girl who always takes a bath with Dove, and also a person who just cannot imagine himself taking his lunch, dinner without rice. I think these behaviors exist only because they have convinced their mind and heart to do it in that way only.

There is a other picture also, where you see a person inclined towards only hurting others, one of the category is criminal. This I think also happens because of a biased state of mind and heart, and it becomes more dramatic and troublesome when you don't know that something of this kind actually exists.

These mind and heart behaviours actually control our lives, and i believe that it is important for us to understand and realize them. I am still exploring the way to direct these mind and heart beaviour to the way we want at a particular time.

One of the ways that I presume  is through meditation.

To be continued……..

PS:  I have written this post as I was going through an unpredictable stage of mind and heart, and so I just thought to clear it up.

Jul 6, 2012

The Silence Of The Lambs

Book Review: The Silence Of The Lambs

Authored By:  Thomas Harris

This is a book that you will remember for a long time in your life, or may be for your entire life. Let me tell you that it would not be for the author’s writing style, or characters or the story line up but for the reason that this title stands for in the story. Whenever your contemplative mind will look back to this book, it would help you fight fears of your life.

The story starts with our mind boggling and a shrewd character Jack Crawford, an FBI detective gripped in solving the serial murder case from the criminal Buffalo Bill. Clarice Starling, a dedicated and a sincere trainee joins Jack Crawford, and there starts this intuitive, inquisitive and interesting search for this brutish killer. Crawford assigned her to dig out the information from Dr Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist and a heartless killer locked up in jail, to reach to the criminal Buffalo Bill.

This is the second one from the series of Thomas Harris books, for the character Dr Hannibal Lecter. The way in which the case was approached and solved made it unique from the contemporary thrillers. However, author’s writing style made it a bit slow in the middle, but the interactions of Dr Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling were the ones that gripped me till the end. Dr Lecter, while aiding her to solve the case also aided her to fight with her own childhood fears that had gripped her mind. Author has actually used his main character Dr Lecter very beautifully, that you can very easily relate to his logical and perceptive conclusions on anything and everything. This book is more about logically solving the case unlike the Dog-Cat-Chase game.

On the whole, it is a very good and a unique book. Even the movie made on this book in 1991 with the same name, directed by Jonathan Demme won Oscar awards in five categories. So grab it and gulp it…….AAAAAh one thing, if you will read first of the Lecter’s series, “The Red Dragon” before this one, you will enjoy it more.

I am on my way to read the third one of this series “Hannibal”.

Apr 28, 2012

As simple as it can be #3

This brings the third series of  'As simple as it can be'. I hope you will find it interesting....

Friend’s Wedding Procession: It is an occasion where in you are invited as unpaid random dancers.

Effective Communication: It happens when both the people have same level of language understanding.

Cell Phone: It is invented as a communicator device and is now slowly taking place of a gadget that is becoming a major contributor in the making of the flat world.

Politics: It is an activity that aims at having one’s own profit in every existing condition, event or place.

Human Body: It is the best machine existing in this world.

It is a series where in every thing can be defined in the simplest manner, however the definition can be changed from time to time; as they say everything moves, and change is the law of the nature.

To read the other posts of this series, click As Simple as it can be

Apr 21, 2012


It was a very cold night. I went out with my friend around midnight to find something to eat. One would say it a scavenging process, as at that time you could only get the left over from the day. It didn’t matter to us; we just wanted anything to eat.

We searched all along, and couldn’t find any opened shop, but fortunately a very small milk candy (kulfi) shop was about to close, and we reached there on time. There were some five six people sitting outside the shop in circle surrounding the bonfire. We also felt better near to that, as it gave us a bit comfort from the chilly wind. It actually was a paradox that we were eating a kulfi in the near comfort of bonfire, and we were enjoying it. It was also the effect of ambience that gave it a sweet taste.

At first, we didn’t pay attention to the people sitting around, and were talking in ourselves. But then their sudden laughter caught our attention, and our ears got automatically dropped in their:

…..Ah all that is fine…but tell me, how Lord Ram could have travelled long distances on his feet”.

Then one other man with long hairs and big beard answered, In the old times, people use to get pure food, and their routines were good not disturbed by the illusion of today’s world, and then they were Gods….

Then after a silence of 30 seconds, other man with broad shoulders responded, Actually, they could have had some conveyance which we do not know, as whatever we know is from the written records, and is believed to be preserved from thousands of years. May be, we do not know the real condition, what could have been there at that point of time, and it is just our assumptions that this could have happened.

Then other person intervened in the discussion, “How can you say that, we do not know the real condition, and to put up such statements is like offending God, which is not right”

“I am not saying that it is not right, but it is just a possibility that I think can be true, I also trust God and also the other rituals equally as you do”….

The fourth person with thin moustache entered into the debate, actually to resolve it, oh ho…the good thing is we know something about it…..and I feel it is better to respect what we know, and try to keep searching for what we don’t know. There is nothing right or wrong here, it is just a perspective which can take any blind turn. I feel that perspectives are only for giving it a thought on, if you like and not for fighting on it.

The man with the big beard, rubbing up his hands continuously to get warmth, added, I also think it is right, Lord Ram has given us good teachings, I think we should learn from them rather than questioning them

Then the man with broad shoulders responded, “I am not questioning any of the sacred happening that had happened in the past. It is just as he said, “pointing towards that fourth person, that it is only my perspective, and it could be whatever I can think

Then the shopkeeper himself added, But, whatever everyone says, there are many things that we do not know….

I didn’t notice that my friend had finished his kulfi, paid the money and is just waiting for me to finish. After a second or so, he said, Oye.. .. eat fast, let them blabber whatever they want, let’s go it’s getting very cold, and that kulfi although it was good, but gave a cold burn to my teeths.

We then came back to our place and slept. The next day from the morning itself that over heard discussion was in my mind, and I actually also agreed to that man’s point with thin moustache, about one’s perspective. I actually also remember a fight that I had with one of my friend because of our different perspectives, and regretted it now.

People say that eavesdropping is not a good habit, but I feel that its goodness depends on what you are dropping your ears on….

Eavesdropping actually means listening secretly to a conversation, but I felt  appropriate to use it here, and you can take it as my perspective for using the word Eavesdropping here.

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Apr 8, 2012

A Time to Change

I wake up surprisingly before that alarm could have rung today. After a long time I felt like I have slept enough at 7 am in the morning, and was in a agreeable mood to get ready for office. I switched off the alarm before it buzzes on my well awake head, and started my day with brushing, washing and bathing.

I had a good breakfast at the nearby kiosk to my home, and then left for office. En route to it , I stopped for petrol. There were some four five people ahead of me, but  got my chance at almost 5 minutes. I thought it was something good about today. There was one lady with a kid asking for help, asusual on the name of god. By looking at the kid, automatically my hand slid into the back pocket and I gave her whatever came out. It was a five rupee coin. She gave me her blessings and went away.

I reached office on time, and luckily I was not sweating enough. The heat of the day and the load of the helmet always makes my shirt sweat and my head wet. But today, it was fine and even the lift’s fan was working so I as usual got my smarty look before I entered into office.

There were about 40 emails in my inbox, and 10 of them required urgent attention. I started working on them along with some pending work of the last day. After about an hour, Mr Lohia one of my colleague came in to get my help on some of his work. I called at the pantry for an off-time tea, and discussed his work. We came to some common conclusion on his problem, and then he went away hoping that he himself could do that work.

It was 5 pm; todays had been a busy day in the office uptill now, but then one of my colleague and crush Udita came in at my desk, for coffee…And how can I say no to her, I always felt happy whenever I talk to her. She keeps on talking to me and I keep on looking at her cute face. May be someday I am going to propose her.

After finishing work at around 7 30 I left for home. The dinner was good tonight, and that cauli flower was tasting good . I relished it beyond my capacity and then went out for a small walk. It was  dark tonight, and there were so many naked stars, creating a soothing view for the thoughtful minds and the tired eyes.

Ting…TIngTing….TingTINGTING….Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting. My dreamily loaded hand moved up and blasted the clock….MAN…….***K OFF….you *(#@##$$....... I opened my eyes, checked the time it was 7 10, I am 10 min late, abused my self and got up to go office.

While I was taking bath, I remembered the dream I had where everything was good about it, the morning, break fast, office night but then that alarm clock pulled me out of it. And as the shower hit my face, I realized that it was me who had to change, the world is ok, beautiful and very good as is. One just have to change the outlook on everything they see, and everything and every day  would become beautiful and good as that dream.

That dream helped me understand that it was not the world’s reaction on me and my life, but it was only my reaction, thoughts and outlook on my life and the life around. If I make it good, life would become good , happy and beautiful.

To make the world beautiful and to bring the positive change, I have to change; and the world will automatically turn into the beautiful place to live in.

The post is written to pen down thoughts on the things that one could change to make the world better and beautiful. As some say it is a  Time To Change


Mar 12, 2012

The Naked Ape

Book Review: The Naked Ape
Author: Desmond Morris

It was the name that got my interest, when I first heard of the book. Of course I had expected something unusual in the book, and it turned out to be the same. The Naked Ape is a non-fiction, brilliantly written book about our origin as an ape, and how the genesis of an ape’s life, societal traits, and biological phenomena is related to and with that of animals. It could be made clearer by the fact that author was a zoologist and one should expect detailed description of different animal’s living style, their feeding habits, their life cycle in fact one can get an idea about their culture with this book.

The book is branched into sections analogous to the life of an animal or an ape. It started with explaining that how the ape could have been originated and its resemblance to mammals. It discussed the sheer difference between the two with examples and habits from the real life. It then moved ahead with explaining the sexual life in both apes and animals and explained the differences with justification.

Author had also explained the development of ape’s culture, and what possible traits could have contributed in it. The best thing was side by side he kept comparing every detail with that of an animal, and that actually made the book all the more interesting. At the end he explained the anthropomorphic attributes of human beings towards animals. He had also briefly thrown a light on the increasing population decade by decade, and it’s could-be impact in the years to come. He had clearly pointed out that human being is not the strongest one and cannot control nature and the biological phenomena as per his need. No matter how hard he would try to live as per societal norms and in the controlled culture, but there are basic urges that are common to animals and humans which would automatically bring them to same level, and would create for both of them, as the time had seen, an equal position in this environment and world.

Author in the entire book had been elaborative, and due to this reason the book had been banned in some parts of the world. The book was understood to be disgracing human beings and in some cases was considered as unworthy to read. However, respect, disrespect, worthiness and unworthiness of a thing is created by human beings and largely depends on an individual's view point, but the book only tried to explain the origin of an ape, reasons for its nature that we saw today in ourselves and its sheer comparison with animal life. The other good point of the book is it could be helpful for those who would like to develop themselves in body-language reading. It could add another dimension to their thinking pattern.

On the whole, the book is worth reading for everyone and if you are a fiction-freak then it can also give you a good break from thrillers, love stories or sci-fi.

Mar 4, 2012

When Journey meant more than Destination

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Today also he wake up at 7 am. His routine is always fixed. He was as usual happy and had turned his life in such a way that he always smiles. There was a time when Amay use to be impatient and anger use to take over him. But some deep thinking and meditation had helped him in knowing who he is and what it really takes to live in this world.

Amay works in the pharmaceutical industry, some 30 kms from the town. He loves his job, and the interesting part that he finds in is his more and more interaction with the other people. He feels that it helps him to understand the world and the people around. He sees the world as all the people are somehow connected, and so he enjoyed every moment of it. He has a team of 8 people, and the team also enjoys working under him. It is his positive attitude and approach to impromptu conditions that got him a count in the most talented employees of the organization.

He sometimes has to work almost 16 hours a day, and he enjoys it. He actually felt happy after doing the work; it is like a feeling of achievement at the end of each day. He tries to instill this feeling in his team also.

Looking at his continued exemplary performance and dedication towards work, company has also given him early promotion. He had set certain targets for his development, and that can be achieved by utilizing the company sources. He just had to use them optimally and efficiently. While going today to office, he was sitting alone in the bus and was contemplating on his next steps to achieve his targets, so that he can then plan to change his company and would move to a bigger and much better profile. Whenever he thinks in the bus, he keeps looking out from the window on the changing terrain from city to country land to arid place to the mountains. Actually he only sees them but his mind is always somewhere else thinking and analyzing on stuffs that he only knows. He therefore failed to notice as the bus stops at one place and one of his team members Akhil took seat beside him.

Akhil is a very promising and a sincere guy. He belonged to a poor family and his father sells clothes on his bicycle. But there was one thing good about his upbringing, it made him brave and bold, pragmatic and a student. Student in the sense that he always tries to learn new things from anybody he interacts with. This quality actually helped him in getting a prominent position in Amay’s team, and he was thankful to Amay for that. He thinks that Amay is helping him for just no reason. He actually is naive at this to understand the reasons and the justifications of him holding a good and a responsible position at the work. But one thing is true, he always looks out to Amay for any kind of personal or professional advice, and he always got influenced by his charm and views. Today, also he wanted to seek an advice, and so after waiting for some time finally brought back Amay from his thoughts.


“Oh, hi Akhil” surprised, “ I am sorry, I didn’t notice that you were sitting here”

“Anyways tell me, how is the morning today?” Amay always talks like this, just asking anything that comes to his mind; but yes in an appropriate manner.

“ Oh good” he replied and maintained silence for a moment. Amay understood that there was something going on in his mind that he would like to share, so to make him feel more comfortable, he asked, “ How did you find that song Chikini Chameli , Katrina was looking good….huun”

He smiled with the hidden gestures and said, “ Yeah, it is a nice song and now there is some new song on the road of Malaika Arora , she is also looking great”

“ Oh really”, then Akhil said blushingly “ Oh, please don’t make fun of me”

“Just kidding, yaar.” “Tell me how life is going other than work”

“Amay, I need to take one personal advice from you” and waited for Amay to answer.

“Sure, tell me”

“Actually, I am planning to join some institute for doing M.B.A. How do you see it?”

“Oh, yes it is good, it will be better for you”. But then after answering he thought about the work. Amay knows that this guy would make him suffer if he goes. He is also aware that whatever he says will hold importance for him, and that Akhil trusts him a lot. He has to give him a genuine advice as a person, and not as a professional. And then he continued…..

“I think you are thinking in the right direction, and I will say GO for it, but just keep one thing in mind, select a good institute to do an M BA, and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. If it takes one more year then be it, but make sure that you are going at the right place.”

And then they talked about colleges and their placements, and then sorted out some good colleges in which Akhil should apply for.

While retuning back from office, he was thinking about Akhil only, and his dedication to excel in his life. He was surprised on some instants that how much Akhil trusts him, and that he shared his personal plans with his boss, knowingly that it could affect his present role and responsibility. He was also impressed and inspired from Akhil, that how fearless he is in his life. He decided that no matter what happens, Akhil’s roles and responsibilities will not change.

He also thought about his plans to change the company, and how he had strategized his steps to achieve his developmental targets from the present company. He actually also felt sorry for himself, that he never even gave a thought about his team members, and their expectations with him on a personal level. He indirectly is responsible for their future growth also. On his road to destination, these team members are like small plants, and he has to water them and feed them. If there would be no plants there would be no growth. He also became happy for this epiphany and came to the conclusion that in any journey to success, there are many things that one has to take care, which may not be related to their goal. But that would be the important part of other’s life.

Amay felt that all the people are connected here, and the journey can only be completed by giving and taking with the people on that road. It may be independent of the set destination, but the people would always hold the important role in getting one connected with this nature.

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Feb 27, 2012

As simple as it can be #2

Here I am with the second post of ‘As Simple as it can be’. Hope you will like it and will share your views and debate on the below points

Experienced Person: is the one who understands that one incomplete task will not mark the end of world, this counts for realizing the patience in ourselves.

Culture: is defined by group of people behaving in their own way, and obliviously leading to the same output.

Scientist: is a person who likes to quantify and relate anything and everything

Boss: is just another colleague who has equally different set of responsibilities, that requires a bit more pressure bearing capacity and patience.

Engineering: is a logical study of almost anything and everything.

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Feb 19, 2012

Sipping with Shahrukh...

Everybody loves to have tea, especially in winters there is no reason for it; you can just have it at any time. On the days like this, I had a friend at my home, and he told me to take him to a good tea shop. We went to the nearby tea stall ran by an old man. He knows me, as I am his regular customer and whenever I go, he neither smiles nor say anything but by his face just reminds me of our acquaintance to each other.. I loved this silent relationship. Apart from a good tea that he makes, this is also one of the reasons that I visit him regularly.

The tea was asusual good, and my friend also liked it. We were talking about our lives , about our work and many other stuffs. Then silently from the backside, one kid came near to us and started begging. He was so young that the sweet and the innocent layer of the child hood were still prevalent on his face. But his hair were rough, cheeks dry, clothes torned and one hand moved forward in an inclined position to collect money. To be very honest, I at first didn’t feel any empathy for him and we denied him any money and started talking in ourselves.

He didn’t move for some seconds, and then I thought to have a brief chat with this boy.

“What are you doing here???”

“I am here to earn some money so that I will eat something”

“Where are your parents??”

“Father is outside Indore and mother is here”

“Where do you live?”

“Near to Khajrana Temple”

“Doesn’t your mother earn anything?”

“Yeah, she works “

“What about your school”

“I go to …..” (I actually didn’t remember his school name, it was some old mismanaged government school)

“But, why do you beg, why don’t you study”, asked my friend.

“To have some food”

“Will you have some tea with us”

He was at first surprised and didn’t know what to answer but then he said, “Yes”.

That old man and his three, four customers were also listening to what was happening around. I then went to old man, asked to give one cup to this boy. He took it, and sat with folded legs on the ground. He silently started sipping it. I then again went near to him, and asked, “How is it”.


“Do you always roam here”

“ yeah, most of the times here or near to the temple”

“Do you want to click a photo with me”

And he obviously said yes and smiled. I told my friend to click.

“Smile like this – HA HA HA “

And he really smiled like Ha Ha Ha.

While going, I asked, “ what’s your name”

And he said “ SHAHRUKH”

“ What”, ofcourse I was amazed.

And he again said, “ Shahrukh”, and smiled.

All the people around us started smiling like anything, and one of the customers even started joking with me just for no reason. We smiled together and then went off to our own places.

It was a very nice incident, I will remember all the time. I know that the boy became happier not because that I offered him a tea, but because I just talked to him. In return he also made me happy. I think that is what is meant by “ Give me one and god will give you 100” .

Feb 11, 2012

Black and White

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Is there anything like Black and White? I was thinking on this from the instant blog-a-ton announced the topic, and I quizzed myself day and night and actually was not very convinced on the very existence of something black or white. Of course they are colors and exist as the two extremes of its nuance. The point of discussion lies in whether there are two extremes to anything. Let me take an example to put it and that too of colors, we all have seen the night without moon as the dark night or the black night. But are we sure that the night that day was the darkest or the blackest night. When you would see it the other day, you may find it darker or lighter or darker or from the end of somebody’s imagination darker than the darkest; but you may face some hesitation in defining the darkest of the darkest night.

There are no extremes to anything in this world be it a pretty girl (you can always find a more pretty girl), be it a good movie, (you always find a better one the next day),be it a good job (there is always a better one, waiting for you), be it a tasty food and that too with the same chef ( you will always find it more tasty or less the next day). These extremes are just defined as a word in our language to see a relative difference. Even in mathematics, we say that there are two limits 0 and ∞ (infinity), or -∞ and +∞ but in real sense it is not achievable .

Let us also say that two extremes exist to every thing around , but then I think that it would defy the nature’s law of a constant change. How would you feel that you get the best dress one day, and then the other day you are unable to get a better one from that best dress. It can be better put in like this there is always better than the best.

There are so many colors blue, orange, red, green, yellow, magenta, etc fill up your life with any shade of color you want, and I am sure you will always be happy in your life. Whenever you feel that you are going towards any extreme just think about Madhubala, Sridevi,Madonna,Kate Winslet, Madhuri Dixit, Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif…etc and there are more to come, but not the best one, always the better one.

Be the better person in your life.

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