Desi Boys, Cricket and The Secret

Desi Boyz banged theatres last week, and we as usual like every week-end were excited to watch any god damn new release. The excitement was doubled with the time clashing of the nail-biting end of the India-Windies final test and our booked show. But actually the truth was something else, we were more thrilled by our upcoming race with time to reach theatre, and to even catch the pre-movie trailer; it is like if you didn’t watch a pre-movie trailer, your money got wasted.

Ashwin’s not-so-convincing performance at the last over, got mine and my friend’s usual dialect and slang beating, and then we left off for our race. It was our other friend’s jumbo AVENGER that gave us the confidence and the self belief of us making there on time. My friend intended to drive, and the race started to reach the 20 km away theatre in 45 min, with the hustling and bustling Sat-evening traffic of Pune. My friend with his smart tactics of bypassing others from the road corners and from the places where even a cycle man would think to cross increased our belief to a level of complacent excitement.

But, did we reach there on time….or did we ever watch that show …….

After 15 min of driving, I experienced some slight bumps but thought of it because of great speed and ignored it, and there came the real Desi-Beat on us; after 500 metre, a sudden wobbling from the back, great reflex from my friend gave our bike a road corner halt. We were there 10 km or 20 min away from theatre with punctured rear tire of Avenger. We still had twenty min, and luckily we got the nearby mechanic shop, and his quick reaction to it increased our excitement. Tire got dismantled, tube deflated, and checked, one puncture, two puncture, three, four, five…..we were stunned, and finally there were ten punctures. Our hopes shattered then and there, and icing on the cake was even the tire at 3 places got holes.

are #($*#(@#, wat had happened yaar, 440 bucks drained plus this extra 800 bucks…wat next………nothing let’s go somewhere, eat, give comfort to your eyes, and buy tickets for the night show….and we did watch the night show of Desi boys ……

After movie, I gave a thought for all that happened. I came to the conclusion, what we wanted was to watch the movie and we watched it no matter how, and we wanted a frenzy and we got it. My friend and me actually earlier also had a similar kind of experience with a match about to end and a movie to start. That time it was a nearby theatre and there were only five minutes to go. We had booked online tickets, and at the ticket counter we were informed that there were no tickets with our transaction number, we cross checked it nothing happened and just before the time when we were about to blast that person he got the actual situation that ours was the different theatre ticket, and by mistake we came here. It gave us such laughter on our stupidity, and I cursed my friend badly for all this non sense as he booked the tickets. We did watch the show that time also at the right theatre but with offbeat lunacy and insanity. Actually with Desi Boys we both had this earlier time on mind, and we expected something similar to happen with us, and it just happened.

As I realized it, I became happy and smiled to myself as it again cemented the  belief that what we think in our heart and mind is what happens with us. This is an inspiration from the book ‘The Secret’, and which changed my life 4 years back when I read it for the first time. But the ball had always been bouncing between surity and uncertainty whether this can really happen, and I kept on testing this belief on myself from time to time. I did get positive results, and also negative sometimes. But this was the first time that I realized its existence after what had happened and that it was the same what I and my friend thought about. Although it would look maniacal, that why would somebody like to have his bike punctured and that too ten, but see if it would have been single it would be a normal condition, and that was what we didn’t expect. We wanted an excitement and we experienced it.

This incident again gelled up a belief in me, that whatever I think will only happen with me. This is the universal truth that I believe, and which keeps on giving me good and strong epiphanies from time to time.

Test it in your life, and you will enjoy it..

Keep smiling……..

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. So, you were caught between the movie and, I think I should read the book...

  2. yeahh....
    you must read the book, i have read it a number of times, and can still read it more of it....

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