Nov 27, 2011

Breath,Eyes and Memory

Book Review: Breath,Eyes and Memory
Author: Edwidge Danticat

This Oprah Club’s book is about lives of Haitian women, their pains and suffering, and their brave contemplative struggle to make themselves free of it, to set their breath, eyes and memory free of that agony and pain, and finally to live a better life.

The book is basically concentrated on the life of a protagonist Sophie, and the people associated with her. Her aunt Attie with whom she spent her childhood, her mother , who lives in the States for some reason, and her grandmother who wanted her children’s well being, and utilizes her ability to see past vision to bring peace in their lives. The story starts with Sophie as a 12 year old girl and  Aunt Attie living alone in Haiti, oblivious to the outside world, and for Sophie even to her mother and grandmother. She was brought up and reared up by her Aunt in that Haitian village. It was when she went to her mother, and her life transformed from a child to the puberty period, did she start facing the pain and agony that the women of this family were destined to face. She came to the realization of her mother’s suffering and to the reason of her being brought up by her Aunt and not by her mother. She saw her family every moment getting burnt in that

The book moved on with the description of Sophie’s life from her child hood, to her adolescence, to getting married, and then her after life. Author has very simply descried the events, and has been very direct in describing the pain of the people’s life. The pace of how the situations turn up in the book is a bit slow, but nevertheless one will continue to read the book, because of the simple and the honest portrayal of the characters.

Author at the end has tried to explain the readers in a good preachy way that how can one be free of any past memory or incident. Even while reading it, one incident glowed up in my eyes (from my life), that happened some six years back. It keeps coming to me, and may be while writing this I am trying to be free of it, but don’t know I may also have to do things in other ways to rub it off completely from my breath, eyes and memory.

The book is a good read for people who love to observe things and people around, and obviously if you are new to reading then read it after some time.

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Nov 19, 2011

As simple as it can be #1

In ‘As simple as it can be’, I will define this nature, this world, their mundane and philosophical interpretations and much more in the simplest way as they can be.

With first post of its kind, I will start with the most beautiful existing thing, i.e love. It's an irony that I have had many posts trying to define love, but this one is a single liner.

LOVE:  Feeling good about anything……

And then we have-

Engineer:  is a person who has the ability to come out from a deeper than the deepest ditch.

Advertisement:   makes you feel that you are connected with and a part of this world.

Physics:  Relative motion study of almost anything.

Wife: Emotional carrier of a man..

Here begins my search to define anything and everything in the simplest way. I welcome the suggestions from you all to make this series really entertaining, and  you are free to comment on and correct  my simplest interpretations.

Keep smiling!!!!!

Nov 11, 2011

Life is beautiful...

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I am sitting at a restaurant on this colorful and a very light day. Everywhere there are people around me, eating, chatting, smiling, living….everyone is happy in their private companies. I am happy by myself, observing them; observing life…Life is so beautiful.

I ate good food, came out and walked towards my place. There are people around me doing their work, there are plants, animals, birds, around me all living their lives independently. I see their one and only expressions, their urge to live a happy life, their graciousness, their fear, their greed, their satisfaction, their thoughts, and their connection to each other. There is light, there is air, land, water and matter....They all are source of their expressions, reactions and reciprocations. These –ions are bringing the inevitable change at every instant in their lives, in my life.

I can see a man on his bike, brawling with a person walking nearby. It seems as if they are arguing on a trivial matter. A car just passed me, with all its windows open and a little boy, a girl and their pet playing in the car by themselves, where as their parents (a guess) sitting at the front talking to each other. There is a beggar asking for money on the name of God, and a very kind and a courteous woman gave him a ten rupee note. That beggar could not feign his happiness, and prayed to God for that woman’s well being and better life. I sometimes feel myself connected with the creator when I am with a woman, in fact with any female. I had always found them kind, courteous, full of love and care for others. I can see and feel that love and care in my grandmother, mother, sister and every one of them. It is inherent in them to give love and care to others to make them happy. When I realized this fact, I have always been in contact with women.

As I live away from home, from my family, there was a time when I had a lot of work and various pressures and I was kind of disconnected with friends and society; it was also a good time as I enjoy doing work but when I started sharing time and talking frequently to them I found my life a bit light and free of pressure. I have always realized peace and fun with them.

As I walked ahead, a young road side dog started barking, and once or twice showed his tiger-like teeth and snake-like tongue, I just smiled to him briefly and went ahead. It is a nice weather today with a charming light and a comforting breeze. Life has always been a little light or a little heavy. In fact it surprises me that how our lives could be compared with the numbers. We always play with numbers in between 0 and ∞(infinity), and same is our life we always live in between the happiest moment and the most sad moment, and we always with our so-called –ions try to reach on either of them.

I reached home and found my land lady playing with her grandchild, I smiled at them, and they smiled back. LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

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