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At first, I’d like to thank Ek Titli and Ginger Chai, for giving this topic to contemplate and write; if not for Ek Titli, I’d have written some other post.

There are innumerable ways of greening the planet, and by this I ‘d like to throw light on ways beyond planting of trees. In fact, one can direct his each move towards greening the planet. An attitude that supports the nature’s cycle of millions of species directly or indirectly contributes in greening the environment. For example, a small behavioral change in lacs of people for throwing litters only in dustbin can create a green revolution after a considerable period of time. However, as suggested by Ek Titli I would like to highlight 10 ways in which how an opinion or a strategy change can contribute significantly towards greening the planet. Here, I have also tried to focus on the driving factor for change for the below mentioned categories.

1) Scientists: There should be an announcement for scientists that whosoever finds out a new natural element in a Periodic Table which can be used to make a recyclable utility similar to polythenes, will be awarded with INR 5 crore, to spend on a research of his choice.

2) Schools: As schools have a PT(Physical Training) schedule in every week (I hope so , it is not daily), likewise there should be an EE (Environmental Exercise) schedule and that may include tree plantation, gardening, bowing of seeds, study of crops and knowledge of vegetables that can be easily grown in home gardens. It may benefit in many ways, the next gen will know how to plant and cure a tree, which this gen or at least I personally do not know.

Assuming that 10 lac students pass each year from school which has EE activity, and if even 1% of them in their later life choose to plant trees, it will number to thousand. Now just imagine how many trees those thousand students will plant in their entire life.

3) Government: Government can do many things in this regard, but the most influencing that I feel is the tax exemption for common people. It goes like, if you own a land and you dedicate 2.5% of that land for growing plants, then you will have a 10% of tax exemption, and more the plantation more the exemption. This has dual benefits, one is the tree plantation and the other is eradicating corruption.

Look at this way to be more clear, everybody I feel forge bills to submit in Income Tax department, as there is no other way to save tax (by this I mean without investing money in any mutual fund or equities). If this is implemented, the latter technique may lose its importance, and people will follow an easy one to save tax, i.e more and more tree plantation.

To be frank, I do not have a tree in my home, and if there is some policy like this, I may be the first one to do the plantation.

4) Business Man: These people rule the world; if you are not a business man then you are driven by them.

We all watch TV, isn’t it? I assume daily there are 4-5 new schemes introduction for getting something free on purchase of that company’s product. I remember one ad, if you purchase a toilet cleaning spray you will get a toilet cleaning brush FREE FREE FREE…….Man this is sick.

If these greedy minds start giving small plants as a free item, then how will that be? Of course, a business man reading this one may think up of his benefit first, and that is genuine.

Where there is a business, there is a government. If any business man gives 10000 plants under a free scheme to customers then that business group can use 1000 lts free petrol for their goods transportation. Now, this can have many better implications effecting inflation to tree plantation.

5) Bollywood: If we dedicate some land to Bollywood in each city……let me complete……. where actors can come in only in that area to promote their films by artistically planting trees say by each name of a movie, or may be trees can be designed as per movies’s theme, and then sold out and exhibitioned in malls. It will again do two things, will stop traffic rush at that time in the area wherever actor goes, and the other is, they (actors) themselves will be happy.

6) Colleges/ Universities: They control youth, and youth of today makes the nation of future. Youth should be engaged to read more books, to watch more movies, documentaries that supports the cause, and should always be kept motivated and inspired to plant trees. It is the most important time, and is the time where one can set the thinking process of a particular person for the entire life. They should come out from a university, with the perspective that always inspires them to support ‘make green’ cause.

7) Doctors: It is a well known fact among many people that sometimes doctors just prescribe medicines to make patient feel comfortable; but actually attitude problem is also the cause of many diseases, and which cannot be cured by any medicines but yourself. Doctors can prescribe patients to be in the vicinity of a particular plant to cure attitude problems, may be the examples of it may form my other post….but as a small one if somebody is feeling dull; prescribe him to be in the vicinity of sunflower.

8) Corporate Houses: They should engage their employees in tree plantation activities, and in fact I have seen some companies doing it and that is appreciable. One thing I would like to suggest is there should be a special tax exemption to corporate houses under the name of Green Tax Free, and money should be given to employees on the basis of their tree plantation activities on Sundays.

9) Media: Media has the biggest responsibility in greening the world and the first thing I would like to tell is to make them realize that they are the only ones who can green the world rapidly, and then see how they create trees out of sand. They have the privilege to educate people of any age, and that is enough to green the world.

10) Common Man: What to say about this creature……he who daily goes to office, and comes evening to his happy family…he who every Sunday takes his kids to malls …..He who loves his wife so much and can eat a tiffin lunch devoid of salt and still praises that to his friends….the above 9 factors will only succeed if he will be with them.

I am ready to support every cause towards greening the world, are YOU????????????

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