A day in the life of a road side tree

“Give me two kachoris, brother”

It amazed me, that how can I give him 2 Kachoris, and from where had he come in my family gathering asking for  a Kachori, doesn’t he know that I do not eat kachori and that he should ask Catchy Uncle for that.

“Today is something special in your Kachori, Catchy, it has never tasted like this”

Where is my family, where are mango and guava….man this is ridiculous how can they leave me like this, and .. “Nothing special, it is my wife Gluey, she has magic in her hands”

……..And this is Catchy uncle speaking to that person asking kachori, but why am I not seeing him….

Splash………………What is that, Oh God! I was in a dream, and I will not leave this person, he splashed left over curry on my trunk, and that too made by Gluey Aunty, let me just add a spicy tamarind in his next Kachori.

I as usual woke up late today as the sun has already reached my face, and Catchy uncle is so sweet he never disturbs me, always comes as if a swift breeze and setting up his kiosk for the day. It is a pleasant day, with warm sunlight making it good for uncle. I remember that fateful day, when hurricane hit this place, most of my friends Ashok, coconut, Mango fell down, and worsened the conditions even more for the people here. I could not do anything to save people that day, but to control myself from falling down, and that time I saw one old man with a hunched back and his wife came running to my shed. At first I thought I had to now control myself at any cost from falling down, and having seen it as the only chance I had to support life, I shrank my trunk to save them from air blows. After some time, when the air became swift, I saw them sleeping underneath, and became contended that at least I did something to support nature. The next morning I saw that man and his wife thanking me, and silently left away.

There was honesty in that man’s voice which I still remembers with my each breath. After some days to my surprise and happiness that same man with hunched back returned with his wife, prayed to me and introduced themselves as Catchy and Gluey, and started selling Kachori’s with a kiosk at my shed. I was so happy that an honest man like Catchy Uncle, I always calls him Catchy uncle I just like it that way only, would be there with me daily selling Kachori.

“Uncle, please give me two Kachori” a cute boy with curly hair and hazel eyes asked Catchy Uncle and handed him 10 rupees. Catchy Uncle always becomes so happy whenever he sees that the customers like his Kachoris, and he is always so kind to small children. Sometimes, impatient and mundane people say harsh words to Catchy Uncle and throw down Kachoris at me. These same people when returns back to the pavilion, as the Kachoris are so tempting that they cannot just ignore it always, I give them a sour tamarind in it.

I feel so good that rich, poor, young, old, kids, mates, all come in my shed just because of Catchy Uncle, and sometimes even dogs, cow and cats also come here. If I had let him die that day, I would have also died with him living alone in the after days. In a way, I saved my life that day, and not Catchy uncle’s; after all I am a part of this nature and I also have to contribute like all others.

Its midday and my working time, strong shed is required for uncle to rest till Gluey aunty brings another set of Kachoris. In the noon time, people do decrease but Catchy uncle always smiles and somehow he manages it so well that not a single Kachori did he take back to home. I don’t know how he counts, but at the end all get their share dogs, cows and all other species. However, I do not like one thing, people come here eat Kachoris and throw papers at me and sometimes even Catchy uncle at the end of the day do the same. I know Catchy uncle has become old, and I can handle Catchy uncle, but other people I am unsure.

Uncle cleans it also, but he is weak now, and cannot do much work. This prevents my food, and sometimes I have to be hungry for the whole day as the waste makes me unable to drink water. With Catchy uncle I am also becoming week because of increasing waste, people do come here to eat kachoris, but also throw waste papers. Sometimes, I shout at them to just clean if they want to continue eating Kachori’s.

“Catchy, give me one hot and tasty Kachori”

“I am afraid, brother it’s all over now” said uncle to his last customer. Then, quickly uncle and gluey aunty packed up the things cleaned my shed and left for the day.

“Next day”

To my surprise I wake up even before uncle came, may be because of the waste piling at my shed. Today, is something unique in uncle’s things, he brought one box and kept at the corner for some unknown reason. The very first customer today, after eating ever delicious Kachoris, throw the paper at that box, and I got it…..man….”uncle I love you, you saved my life I know you can understand me better than any other here”. I will now pray to every people here to throw the waste paper in the box only and not at me. They should also realize that, I do have the sourest of tamarinds that can make their digestive systems as crazy as hell.

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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