A Change

Amay: Do you remember, that Kachori’s taste ....and tea……

Me: Yeah…………

We coincidently stopped at a shop in front of our college for cell recharge. There was a road, separating us from our alma mater, and we both for a second were lost in those college days, where we use to have so much fun, we use to bunk classes to eat Kachori, and never having that patience to wait till the lunch time. It was so good a feeling, that taste of Kachori, instantly came to my mouth. I saw myself sitting now with my buddies, at a bench which Bhai Jaan use to have for his customers, eating, having fun, laughing on useless things. It was like I just lived that life fully again in that instant.

It is two years now that we have passed out from college, and that lovely picture of us always comes to my mind, whenever I drive from that road. But I sometimes contemplate that, whether I want to return to that time again, or everything is ok as is. It sometimes becomes difficult to come to any conclusion, but if I close my eyes and think deeply, then I always get the answer that I have to move on, and change is important in life.

A change indicates movement, indicates life like a growing flower. If we see around apart from this mundane world, we find, earth, air, water, trees, birds, and even the clouds moving. We all have learnt History lessons in our school days, we have sculptures, arts, from the past, that were built hundreds and thousands years back; they all are examples of a change that has already happened. All these sculptors, arts, buildings, and I should say that purpose of writing History is there to cognizate us to this beautiful law of nature that change is evitable, and we should welcome it with open arms.

We may have in our lives a time, that if we could we would have stopped it. But, have we ever tried to stop a time that might have given us an experience, we may not like to recall. NO..na...... The point here is change has to happen, but it is up to you whether that change will be good or bad. Let us look at this below conversation of a husband and wife to have a deeper look..

Asha: Have you brought salt today??

Avinash: Oh! Yes, it’s there in my bag,

She checked it, and found a 1 Kg packet of local brand ‘Anmol’ shudh namak. She took the packet, and contemplatively went to kitchen for last preparations before dinner. Avinash noticed her thoughtful expression, and then said, “ Tata Salt was double the cost of this one”

Asha remembering his same answer every time, murmured “ God knows, when will my kids eat good and tasty food”, and submissively prepared the dinner.

Avinash: “ I sometimes feel so sorry, that I am unable to give you and kids the necessary comforts of life, if not luxury”

Asha remained silent, and set the dishes for dinner. They ate it silently with the briefest conversation attempt from Avinash and then slept for the next gloomy day.

Asha, by maintaining silence also confirmed to him that Avinash is right, and that they will never have a good time sharing with their kids. I just wanted to tell you that Asha and Avinash both in reality and unknowingly don’t want a good time to come in their life and the proof is their repetitive daily statements. But, the change has to happen, and that will bring more bad times in their life, may be in future they may not have single penny to buy salt, leave for TATA salt.

May be after some time, Asha would think that time with 'Anmol' shudh namak were better, and then the time with no salt but food was better, and then the life will go on like this...

It tells me that if ever you have a time in life that you think should come back that means you are not in your right direction of opinions about life. It is you and your positive attitude that will bring you better and better times in your life, and may be then you may like to bring the change as early as possible.

So, believe and trust yourself and be ready with smiles to welcome the change of a better time in your life……… I am ready, are you????

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Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. Very true. I hear it from many people that we shouldn't compromise.

    That will only make you sad. I still remember a poem from my school days, which has left a long lasting effect on me.

    Character of a happy life

  2. @kumar
    yeah, we should be happy always, and should only think of the betterment, and it will automatically come to you.....

    thanks for making me read that beautiful poem.....

    thanks man

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