Feb 2, 2011

Unique Toe

I don't know what to say, but I was quiet surprised when I went to one foot ware shop to buy a sandal for myself. My leg size is 9 inches, and was wearing the sandle of that same size; when I tried the new one of the same size, it just didn't fit in my leg. I couldn't digest that, as the size was constant since a long time (I don't even remember since when). I tried sandals of different sizes as all have different fittings, but none fit in and than I noticed that my ankle (or should I say toe) got broader over a period of time and one can just roughly make out that a size 10 may fit in. I tried it, but then the unique feature is the length of my toe didn't increase.

So, a size10 doesn't fit in for length, and 9 doesn't fit in for width. In that condition I reluctantly bought a size 9, which was close to comfort level for my toe.

A 'close to' is always a ' close to', and never becomes a perfect one, and that is what my condition is. I don't know how to solve this problem, or I feel now that I may need to get the customized chappals for my toe.

I am now thinking what all other unique features may come up in future.....I believe I am surely not alone here with unique features......

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Romeo Das said...

Haha .. Nicely written bro :)
Really enjoyed my stay here.

By the way, hope you enjoy reading my post too - To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks dude
keep coming

you write really well...