Management and Humanity

Is there is any connection between management and humanity???What say...

I am not sure how the contemporary management gurus will answer this, but views expressed here are mine and inspired from the place where I work.

Management is the ability of a person or a group of people (group of people here is used in a general sense, for family, organization or whatever) to do a task in an organized and a disciplined way. In getting this task done sometimes one needs to directly manage the time and the things related, and sometimes one needs to manage the people to get the work done.
Contemporarily, management of people is more important and is the ability that is looked into many people, when adjudged for management capabilities. Now the point is whether management of people(human), and the humanity go hand in hand, or one has to control the other.

One does management to be in resonance with the things around, which consist of various systems that drive the organization (here being specific to companies). There is one thing that usually people don’t care about is that it is only people who drive those systems, and one can only manage people with humanity, kindness and courtesy. Imagine a work that one has to do say, to get one of his home appliances fixed, first reaction would be to go to some repairing shop and ask for the availability of the person. This is a basic example of a supplier and a customer. Every condition around has minimum one supplier and a customer. Now, imagine a condition of an organization where a person has to get the work done from some third party, and his boss is being brutal to him, and works with only one philosophy of getting the work done by an means. This being brutal of one to his subordinates, directly results a show of not being human to that third party. Here, boss is a customer to that man, and that third party is a parent supplier. Management done in this manner doesn’t actually help anybody, it is good for some time, but in the long run its effect can be gruesome to the one under its shed.

There are certain ways by being friendly, soft spoken and graceful that one can get the things done at the earliest anywhere whether in the day to day life or in any organization. But, this philosophy of getting the work done by any means is now taking its shape like anything and its mould is getting bigger and bigger.

It is not that one has always to be courteous, or always to be managerial, but one has to be the best blend of these attributes.

I have experienced three type of person in an organization i.e one who is very humane and gentle, and in being kind he gets lost in the management front, the other one who only wants to get the work done, because he thinks that he is only paid for that, and not for being kind and humble to others. Being inhuman earns him a reputation of good manager but not a good human being. The third kind is one who manages the things by being kind, generous, humble, and grateful to others. He is one person who is appreciated at all level of organizations.

It is only the last one that leads a happy life, and after all one has to fulfill his wish of living a happy and smiling life.

I am unable to stop writing because what I am writing now I feel is important to be shared…

Managers or entrepreneurs are paid for getting the work done, and it has to be like that,  now each organization has certain systems which makes it ethical, and bound people in certain limits. But, one  thing that I feel personally, and which is important for the leaders of the organization, is that to learn the way of implementing the pressure to their subordinates. There are organization which trains their employees to become leaders, but one thing that should be jelled in their leadership attitude is kindness and courtesy in doing the things.

A more broader look at it would encompass all the families with patriarch rule, and  a general statement is that everyone here is a leader in some phase of his life and only with a blend of kindness, time management, courtesy,    would they be able to live a happy and a smiling life.

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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