Floods are controllable...


This is a place to brain storm on the problems that we have in our society, and to think about the approach to solve them, can be with an engineering control. It could also be an approach to improve the existing pattern of doing the things. By a mere observation of things around , their apparent nature, and our actual need, then I feel our churning minds can give us chances of improving each and everything around us. Some solutions might not be feasible with present available techniques, but then what mind is for if we can’t think, and if I am not wrong, that is how you got electricity, telephone, computer and internet. It is from a seedling of some one’s mind that you are eating fruits of those not so feasible thoughts at one time.

Floods are controllable…

Sometime back, I was watching news about a flood in some country and one helicopter dropping food packets from above to the victims of that natural tragedy. I believe we don’t have any means to save people from floods (I am oblivious to any ongoing research on this), and we sometimes become so helpless that even the planned cities got drenched in it... I instantly got a very vague idea, that if we could somehow collect water from helicopter (I was not sure how can this be done), then we can at least do something in this regard.


The major points I believe for doing this are:

1) To control the CG of the storing the water at a high altitude

2) To transfer the water to the storage tank at an altitude.

3) Type of pipe to be used for transferring the water.

4) Design of the aircraft.

The height needs to be worked out at which the flying device will be there, and that will determine the capacity of the pump, and the length of the flexible pipe.

The flexible pipe may also need to be very special, there have to be strong adjustable supports, not a permanent one, and that needs to be installed in each 2 or 3 meter, on pipe while moving them downwards. These supports will keep that flexible pipe straight and will not allow it to bend. There are many alloying compositions available that can be used to make one high fluid pressure resistant pipe.

Next point is the capacity of the pump, and the type of the pump. I am not very sure about this, but of course this can be easily taken care of.

There is one more important point is the measuring factor, which would determine the use of this technique, and that could also be dependent on the capacity of the specially made water storage equipment. The level of water for which the technique to be used is to be determined, say for x level of water above the sea level.

I think this could be done, what say experts……

The last and the most important one is the design of the aircraft; I can’t say much on this but this could be designed, again expert comments are required here…

Please share your thoughts with me; I think if we get our minds burning and churning together, we can invent something useful here for this nature.

If there is any vague idea in anybody’s mind, then you are welcome to share here in TECH-MANIA, this could be interesting as anything.

Image courtesy: www.funonthe net.in

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