In India and the world, major population is now entering into the service class, where people work for somebody else, get their task done, and in return get money;  I would just like to analyze about the people who  work to get money, and about those who get their work done , in order to achieve their goal.

I was contemplating on this thing since a long time, and now finally decided to write something on it. I use to put a question to myself that why do i work(I am also a one who work for others), and in a broader sense why does anybody work(for the others motive); and I only came to the conclusion that everybody works for money, with which they can have happiness in their lives, but is it really true that the means that people adopt to have or what say buy happiness is right.

This then signifies that money can only buy happiness, and if that is not so then one can only achieve happiness by working for others. Actually, I can only derive this conclusion from the condition in which we work, that is we go to office to earn money, and we earn money to buy happiness.In directly, we go to office to buy happiness. Now, comes a point that happiness can never be bought, which in itself is a paradox.

We know from our inner selves that  it is not the money which is giving us happiness, because in this major chunk of service population, not all are satisfied with their job, but they are continuing this thing because of the pre-conceived thought that they are in the selling store of happiness, that money is the only ingredient of happiness, and still they have breakdown because of professional tension.

Happiness is something which makes you feel good about anything, whether you eat a vada pav at some lorry, or eat a sizzler in some good restaurant.
Sometimes it happens with me that, I get bored of going to restaurants, and that day I go to some small shop and eat something, which I would have not eaten for years; the delight in eating that thing, and that instantaneous  feeling according to me is happiness; of feeling good in ourselves without any illusion, pretension of anything.

Lets take one more example, of two people graduated from same college, with almost equal marks, but got different jobs in different companies; one got a very high paying job in a very big organization, while the other got a job in a small company, and almost at half the salary of what the other one was getting; the difference comes when we look into their job profile, man with a high paying salary has a clerical job from 8am to 5 pm, he goes home happily in the evening, and wastes his whole day in cursing the same company about its bad management and system; while the other one work 12 hours a day without any boundation from the company, and most importantly enjoys the work, and even sometimes work on holidays.

Now, who is more happier, one who is earning high, or one who is loving his work; I am of course not implicating that money is not needed in one’s life, obviously it is needed but it should not be the driving factor of life, in fact it should be the important customer of life’s market, but not the only customer.

It should also not be taken as that one who doesn’t love his work, should leave the job, actually one should learn to love the work and in the process, he would find himself doing only that work, which actually would have wanted to do happily.

If  you start loving  your work, no matter with a considerable amount of salary, then your life will get gelled with happiness and smiles.

Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. I agree to you.. We should love our jobs.. And I would say that we have to agree for an organization only when we see that we will be happy while doing this job..

  2. @writer abhilash
    yes you are right...

    if you think positive, you will start loving your job

    keep smiling!!!

  3. Very true Chetan . In our life v always have 2 options
    1.Love what you work.
    2.Work what you love.
    But in both the options, work and love co exist..

  4. Very well said... even I have thought on similar lines.. What I have come to the conclusion that in general, but especially in India, the concept of deriving happiness from work is very much alien.
    Work is something which is done to earn money and from the money you earn try to find happiness.
    This thought process has to change.

    I had written an article about 2-3 years back on what motivates people to earn money.

  5. @vikram pyati
    actually yes that thought process has to change...and i also feel that people are actually not aware or may be do not give a serious thought about how easily can they be happy, even not by earning much money....i think this can form a second post on that line.....thanks for sharing your opinion....keep coming:):)

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