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Amay- Honey, do you know what is fool?

Teesha- What fool??

-Fool! That’s it.

-Yeah, I know one thing, that you are the biggest fool

-Ah….that I know, tell me more about fool.

-Oh come on , don’t befool me, and let me make some food.

-If you were told to write some words on fool or describe fool, then how’d you do it??

-What type of foolish topic is this??

-Just don’t think about the foolishness of the topic, and tell me whatever comes in your foolish mind, when you think of a fool??

-I think..this might have sprung out from that foolish group, fool-a-ton, that you foolishly follow


-Ok…Let me think

-Honey, do you know about Harit and Anuja

-Yeah..they live this next street, and are foolishly in love with each other.

-Oh.. that’s the half story, there is something more to it..

-More to it..what happened??

-Last week end, in the absence of Anuja, Harit called his girl friend in their home, and coincidentally Anuja also came at the same time…

Such a fool he had been….Harit…he should have met her somewhere outside, somewhere..I think..

-What do you mean,Amay? You think that he should have met her outside….MY GOD, this implies that you are not such a fool like Harit and…..Oh my God

-Oh, now don’t add salt in your foolish implications.

-Yeah, now I am the only fool here

and she started crying, her head down resting on her knees and eyes closed.

Amay came close to her, held her up, and said THANK YOU, I am going…

-Teesha said hastily, “Whaaat you are leaving me??”

-Amay started beating his head, “ God help me, you fool, I thanked you as you gave me ideas to write about fool”

-“……….how did I help you” asked Teesha with a slow and confused tone.

-Fool.. you just told me that you are the only fool here, so I thought to write some words on you in that foolish fool-a-ton’’, and he started laughing.

-You fool, and she started beating him, and finally hugged him and said, “ You don’t know, how foolishly I love you, and don’t you ever do this to me”

Everybody has this foolish element within themselves, or in their lives, which makes their life pretty interesting and lovely. So, don’t you ever let that foolish element die away from your lives..It will give you all the happy moments that you wish in your life.

Be foolish in your own ways

Keep smiling!!!

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Chetan Maheshwari

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  1. is this a real incident?

    if it is just fiction, kudos!! :D

    Read Up mine: Murali - Fool

  2. nice one :)...
    made an interesting read.

  3. @mural
    it's a fiction, pal

    @mahesh kalaal
    thanks buddy

  4. Such a happy post... not foolish at all... sweet and simple! Keep that smile! =)

  5. Tits bits of life of Lovers!
    Realistic in itself! Another different take on the topic.
    Keep the spark alive
    Cheers Life

  6. that one was nice and sweet also the fact that its a fiction makes it nicer.... :)

  7. I am watching "How I met your mother" an what comes in front of me!!
    he he..
    a very nice conversation that was..

  8. enjoyed this post! all the best!

  9. enjoyed the dialogues... good one... keep them coming...

  10. Nice Post Chetan-- keep smiling

  11. @sahil
    thanks dude


    thanks buddy

    thanks pal

    keep smiling!!!

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