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Sexy is the word that amazes me a lot, I have always found myself using it for almost everything and anything; and I have also noticed people gazing at me when I say Pav Bhaji as sexy, or Sachin’s shot as sexy.

When I googled this word I found that it is first used in the early 20th century, in 1905, and refers to some thing which arouses sexual desire. But this is the refined definition of early 21st century, but when the word was originated it was generally used for referring to women. I think that this was the biased image of a male dominant society, and is carried on since then, that only a woman be considered as sexy. There were times when women were treated as an object of physical pleasure, and the word sexy is used for them in the times of love making. But this image has been transformed since then, thanks to the educational system that developed rationality in people’s ideas and thinking. This did one thing, that everything was started getting seen in the broader sense, and this also implies for the word sexy, and the time came when it was not only the women, who were considered as sexy, and hence came the refined definition.

But then sexy has never been that type of word, which can so easily be adopted in the common language, or we can say that adopted in the talking etiquettes of the cultured society, as it has always been considered as the word that portrays vulgarity and lasciviousness.

But with time, the meaning and scope of being sexy has changed a lot, and I feel that it is not only man or woman that can be considered as sexy, but in fact everything around us that is attractive, tempting, eye catching, and that has a feel good factor (obviously not only in the sense of sexual desire) can be considered as sexy.

It can be anything be it some delicious, spicy, tempting dish, a unique, intelligent painting, a pretty girl, or a handsome boy, it can be anything, even a blog.

The meaning of sexy has changed, but that thousand years old image can not be so easily removed from some decade old transformation in the life style.

I am looking out for that time, when a waiter would come to me and suggest the sexiest dish in their kitchen.

Please don’t mind, if I comment sexy for a really good post.

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Chetan Maheshwari

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  1. Calling Pav Bhaji sexy LOL.. Innovative way to use adjectives

  2. @farila

    thanks for dropping by
    i call each and every attractive and alluring thing as sexy

    keep smiling!!!

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