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Related Posts with Thumbnails Seminars, lectures, classes, and now a days meeting have been the part of my life. It is like not a single day of my life went by, without any one of these things. But nothing of them seemed to interest me, and I have found myself brooding over one thing or the other.
It always happens that if I am in an auditorium attending a seminar; my mind would stare at the near by window, at the innocent clean sky, and my eyes would think about a bird crossing by the window…… This happens with me always in a unique and different light. In such type of moments of my life, there happened one incident, not an incident as such, but an observation, which changed forever my way of looking at people’s face.
During those soporific lectures ( I guess everybody must have experienced them), I use to notice other people’s postures, gestures, their reactions when an impromptu question is asked, and I also noticed my reactions at the similar conditions (for consciously, one is not aware of those instantaneous actions). I compared those reactions of students, and came to a vague conclusion, that there is something common in the body response to certain conditions. After five or six days, I was able to conclude one thing about human nature, irrespective of sex, and age, as I also tested it on people outside the class. Now let me come to the point, and not harp on this more; I noticed that whenever a person is afraid of something, his hand would subconsciously jump to cover his mouth or chin, or would just rub the mouth and come down.
If a question is asked to a student, his hand would automatically jump to his mouth before answering that question, and would remain there depending on that student’s confidence level, but if he is confident, then he would directly answer the question without any unusual body movement.
My conclusions got much clearer, only when I observed it on myself, because only one knows what actually is fishing up in the mind. I compared again and again reactions of different people, and finally came to this conclusion that this all depends upon one’s optimistic, fearless and confident thinking. More the person be confident, lesser will be the time for which his hand would cover the mouth.
I started observing it in my day to day life, and found that how I, in fact everybody is feared of small small things in life.
One can also understand it better, by observing oneself in similar conditions like- when a guest arrived at home, then the body gesture at the initial start of conversation, when one is sitting with friends and suddenly a new topic popped up for discussion, then all the hands would jump to faces, and will remain until they reach certain confidence level. It not only implies in the face to face meeting, but even telephonic conversation can cause such type of unusual body movements, for it entirely depends upon one’s confidence level.
Now coming on to other part of how it can help us in our daily lives. Lately, I was discussing something with my boss, or more correctly sharing my views with him. I noticed that after a few moments, his hand moved up to cover his mouth and remained there till I was talking, then and there I took a chance of discussing something which I was not sure about, but I also know one thing that he was also not sure either. It worked, and he liked my ideas. This increased my confidence level, and now I am in a much better position to explain the things to anybody.
These simple observations can also be helpful for those who attend business meetings, dealings, negotiations, as they can easily come to know where they can beat the people on the other side of the table.
Now, reading people’s mind and studying their body language has become my hobby, and probably I would write something more about it, for certain things in my mind are under their preliminary stage. I would also like to request all to share their views on this topic, and to suggest a real good book on such things. Keep Smiling!!!
Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.

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