“ Fuck!!! I am again late. I’ll miss my bus”. Amay got up hurriedly, freshen up himself, washed his face, ironed an already 2-day old shirt with his hands, and ran out of his place to catch the bus, about to leave the stop.
He took relieving breaths, as he got hold of the bus handle, and finally managed to land into the bus. Taking his time, he connected his headphones, and started listening songs, but soon he realized that already five or six people were standing in the alley, and that there was no place for him sit. But, then he noticed that at the last seat of the bus, where two rows are connected, only 5 people are sitting on 5 seats, and so he peremptorily requested them to adjust him with them.
He finally reached office, and with the hustling, bustling of gates, and hi’s and bye’s with colleagues, started his day’s work.
“Where were you? Why didn’t u pick up my phone? R u so bizy?” A chat box prompted on his screen, when he was trying to find out a mistake in the drawing of a defected component.
@#$%%&* $#@%&, and mumbled something in himself, but finally replied, “I m bizy lov, ll catch u later”, and there on signed out. He really wanted to talk to her, but then the urgency of this work compelled him to ignore her.
At the end of the day full of meetings and appointments and blah blah.. he was crossing road, walking in his own tune, when suddenly an Innova came rocketing towards him at the speed more than 100 km/hr, and he just jumped back to save himself. A second late in his reflex action, he ‘d have gone. He kept standing at the corner of the road like a small piece of dirt, which can be pulverized by any vehicle passing by. He moved his head left and right, and kept looking at the people and vehicle around him.
All were moving in a hurry, and vehicles were honking like all got an appointment with God. He just tracked one bike moving with around 60 km/hr, and the rider just managed to stop it at the traffic light, and no sooner he stopped a truck passed very close to that ,and his breaks would have not worked properly, then there could be a different story; on seeing that Amay laughed at himself, and at the people and world around him.
He was actually going to catch an auto, but then he decided to walk. He kept walking, thinking and watching people....
He came to the conclusion that this life is entangled in the traffic; in the traffic of people, money, new technologies, machines, one’s own mind. He again wondered, that Innova would really have killed him.
With all this contemplation, he also came to one more conclusion; he himself is responsible, who has made this traffic survive in his life. His greed resulted in increasing traffic of money, people, mobile, love, in fact everything in his life.
This greed is actually the root cause of all the problems, but then he was also convinced that greed is the wonderful gift in disguise; for it is this greed in human nature that made us see and enjoy all the advancements in the civilization, and it is because of all these advancements that we see trafficking around us. He thought that this traffic which is actually given birth by us, the people, is transforming our lives, and is taking control of us. He came to the point that he has to learn to manage this traffic in his life, and that would only be possible if he could manage and direct his greed in right direction.
Once again the time will come, when those with manageable greed will again transform this traffic, and will give it a new dimension, and only those with manageable greed can be able to survive that transformation.
He understood this fact very well, when he walked 2 kms in the moonlight, amongst sparkling stars, and finally decided, to let himself control his life.
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  1. You said it right at the end. Without traffic life will be meaningless. What matters is how we divert the traffic in our life - whether we streamline it into a positive flow :)

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