Jan 31, 2010


3 YEARS BEFORE “Hey dude , what’s up? Why are you looking you tensed?” Rohan asked “Nothing special” Amay said, eating Poha, “ Prof. Pareekh freaks me out. He suspended me for 2 weeks, and ordered me to submit double assignment of Thermodynamics, once I came back after my suspension period”. Rohan taking spoon from his hand, took two fast rounds, glanced 360 deg. and after finishing it, finally settled down at the canteen table, and asked, as if it’s of daily occurrence with Amay, “ Why so?” “because he caught me here in canteen, with Teesha” “So..” Rohan said, guessing it not to be the only reason of his punishment. “Actually, I took his permission for going to library, but how do I know that s@# @3 a @#$%^ will come to canteen in his leisure time.” Amay replied with frustration. Rohan started laughing uncontrollably, with his fists banging on the table, “You are gone, son you are gone”, and again started laughing … “%o$#@r $u$%^r , let this happen with you, only then will you come to know” Amay said as if surrendering to Prof. Pareekh. “Oh, common yaar, it’s your insanity, and I di…..” “What yaar, have you ever seen his wife, how sexy and beautiful she is…” Amay cut in between, “that ass has lived his life, and who knows how many flings he might be having in his days, or even now” This was enough to make Rohan stop laughing, he continued, “It’s our days, why not we have flings, what the #$%^ he has, if I flirt with any girl, for that matter” “Wait, what is his problem, you sitting with Teesha or you bunked his class”, Rohan asked curiously. “ I am not sure, it may be both, or it may be like ‘why he bunked my class to involve in these mundane things’ “ Rohan after contemplating about Prof. Pareekh, and the punishment, finally said, “ Only a donkey eats a sweet”, and they both laughed uncontrollably, seeking attention of other guys in the canteen. NOW “ Hi Rohan, what’s up, how’s life going??” Amay asked “Nothing special yaar, just going. Tu kaisa hai?” he replied with his mind thinking something else. “ Ummm good, how’s your office going? Is your boss still troubling you?” Amay asked, with the intention of making fun of him. “Hehe, guess what..I kicked his big butt, and got my department changed” Rohan replied proudly. “That’s great, congo man.. what else is going on?” “ yaar, It’s good you called me up, These days naa, I feel like..” “ I’ll talk to you later, my boss just called me up” He cut the phone, and went to his boss’s cabin.
“I am sorry sir, I was very hungry that time, and was also not feeling well”, Amay said as if he is still hungry, and can fall down any time. “Look Amay, I have warned you all earlier to be serious in my class, I can’t help, you are suspended for 2weeks, and have to submit double assignment ” Prof. Pareekh took his time, and then adjusting his rimmed glasses, finally said “ Don’t waste my time, go and do your work” Amay kept standing there, with his eyes gazing at the floor, and abusing Prof. Pareekh, but he finally opened up his mouth, “ I’ll not come to class, ok, but sir, double assignments, please sir, I’ll do it once”, and gave him some time to think, but until Prof, Pareekh would have reached to any conclusion, he again spoke with innocent and sweet face, “I am sorry sir, this will not happen again, from next time I will come with my prospered belly” “ What”, Prof. Pareekh asked somewhat confused’ “ Oh..whatever, I can do one thing, that you can come to class after a week’s time, but mind you, I want double assignment” Prof. then started doing his work, and indirectly thrown him out of his cabin. Amay drowned in tension, sitting on a reclining chair, feeling the criss cross lines of ceiling in his life, but then finally decided, picked up his cell, and dialed his number. “Yaar Rohan, I am in a deep trouble, I don’t know what to do?” Rohan guessing the seriousness in his voice, said “What happened, tell me, and why are you sounding so tensed” “I need some urgent cash” Amay said with an uncommon hurry. “So, what’s the big deal, we can arrange it from anywhere, how much do you need??” “ 2 lac” Amay said, expecting the amount as a surprise to Rohan. It was not a surprise but a shock to Rohan, and asked apprehensively expecting some bad situation that his friend is entangled into, “Why do you need so much money, and that too in a hurry”, taking a pause, “ 2 lac is a very big amount, what are you fishing in your life that requires 2 lac” “I’ll tell you everything, but can this be arranged” Rohan said furiously, “now, will you not tell me” “I took a loan from somewhere, and I need to pay it back, now please don’t ask any questions, I’ll tell you later”. “ I have an idea”, said Rohan with excitement. “And what is that”, expecting some insane and impractical thing from him. “You’ll not have to do the assignment, a single time, plus you are getting a vacation of 1 week as a bonus” “But how would that be possible”, Amay said ….. “ that Prof. Pareekh doesn’t read assignments, I know very well, and all of them got stacked up in his cabin, to be sold as a waste.” “So, how does that going to benefit us” Amay guessing something in it, which he is not getting at.. “ We’ll steal two old assignments, put up a date your name, and submit it, once you come after your suspension time,oh.. I mean vacations” “oh.. yes that’s great, but it has a big risk, if he caught me, he’ll suspend me for the full semester”, Amay said apprehensively. “Oh. Common, you are not oblivious to the habits of that lazy b@#$%^* , and you just don’t worry, you enjoy your days,and I’ll steal them in the meantime” Amay would have kissed him for this “That’s great yaar, you are such a sweetie” “Whaaaaaaaaaat!” "Amay, your 2 lac can be arranged” Rohan said, but didn’t ask the reason, giving some time to Amay. “ But, how can, I mean how could you do this in such a short interval” Amay actually had not expected this, and was searching for some options, like selling some of his prized possessions. “It’s none of your business” Rohan replied in the same way, as Amay did earlier. Amay almost laughed, “ Sorry, yaar, actually I took a loan to invest in a business, which I was planning to start, but somehow, my company found about all this, and I have been given a last warning” “ But, why does your company would have problem with this” Rohan asked “ My company has a policy, that no employee can work with any other company, or can run a personal business” Amay explained him everything “ But, if you know all this, then why did you plan it” Rohan was surprised at Amay’s insanity. “ I came to know, when I have already taken loan, and then I thought there was no going back, because I had started investing, and I have never ever thought that company would come to know about all that” “ but now they have come to know, I can't continue with that, so I have to return that money back, but tell me, how did you arrange all this” Rohan said, “I took a loan from my father’s acquaintance, for starting a new business” Amay would have kissed him for this, and he said, “ you are such a sweetie, I love you yaar” “Whattt, I have a girl friend , don’t you ever tell her your intentions” Rohan continued, “ Tell me, when are you coming to Mumbai, it’s been a long time, that we’ve been together” “ I’ll come for sure, but next month” “And bring Teesha also with you” Rohan said, “ Remember last time, when you called me sweetie” This story is dedicated to all my friends, with whom I have had the magical time of my life. You all are sweetie, I love you all!" “ My sincere apologies to the Teacher community, but that is the way of life Related Posts with Thumbnails

Jan 17, 2010


“ Fuck!!! I am again late. I’ll miss my bus”. Amay got up hurriedly, freshen up himself, washed his face, ironed an already 2-day old shirt with his hands, and ran out of his place to catch the bus, about to leave the stop.
He took relieving breaths, as he got hold of the bus handle, and finally managed to land into the bus. Taking his time, he connected his headphones, and started listening songs, but soon he realized that already five or six people were standing in the alley, and that there was no place for him sit. But, then he noticed that at the last seat of the bus, where two rows are connected, only 5 people are sitting on 5 seats, and so he peremptorily requested them to adjust him with them.
He finally reached office, and with the hustling, bustling of gates, and hi’s and bye’s with colleagues, started his day’s work.
“Where were you? Why didn’t u pick up my phone? R u so bizy?” A chat box prompted on his screen, when he was trying to find out a mistake in the drawing of a defected component.
@#$%%&* $#@%&, and mumbled something in himself, but finally replied, “I m bizy lov, ll catch u later”, and there on signed out. He really wanted to talk to her, but then the urgency of this work compelled him to ignore her.
At the end of the day full of meetings and appointments and blah blah.. he was crossing road, walking in his own tune, when suddenly an Innova came rocketing towards him at the speed more than 100 km/hr, and he just jumped back to save himself. A second late in his reflex action, he ‘d have gone. He kept standing at the corner of the road like a small piece of dirt, which can be pulverized by any vehicle passing by. He moved his head left and right, and kept looking at the people and vehicle around him.
All were moving in a hurry, and vehicles were honking like all got an appointment with God. He just tracked one bike moving with around 60 km/hr, and the rider just managed to stop it at the traffic light, and no sooner he stopped a truck passed very close to that ,and his breaks would have not worked properly, then there could be a different story; on seeing that Amay laughed at himself, and at the people and world around him.
He was actually going to catch an auto, but then he decided to walk. He kept walking, thinking and watching people....
He came to the conclusion that this life is entangled in the traffic; in the traffic of people, money, new technologies, machines, one’s own mind. He again wondered, that Innova would really have killed him.
With all this contemplation, he also came to one more conclusion; he himself is responsible, who has made this traffic survive in his life. His greed resulted in increasing traffic of money, people, mobile, love, in fact everything in his life.
This greed is actually the root cause of all the problems, but then he was also convinced that greed is the wonderful gift in disguise; for it is this greed in human nature that made us see and enjoy all the advancements in the civilization, and it is because of all these advancements that we see trafficking around us. He thought that this traffic which is actually given birth by us, the people, is transforming our lives, and is taking control of us. He came to the point that he has to learn to manage this traffic in his life, and that would only be possible if he could manage and direct his greed in right direction.
Once again the time will come, when those with manageable greed will again transform this traffic, and will give it a new dimension, and only those with manageable greed can be able to survive that transformation.
He understood this fact very well, when he walked 2 kms in the moonlight, amongst sparkling stars, and finally decided, to let himself control his life.
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Jan 10, 2010


When civilization took its first step, people started living in the region fulfilling their basic needs of livelihood. They started habituating near lakes, water resources, and started farming. At the initial years, people use to stay at the same place, but then as human desire is never satisfied whether in the twenty first century, or the first century; they started exploring new areas and travelling to different places. They either use to travel through ship, or cover large distances on animals.
Slowly they came to the realization, that world does not only consist of their place of living, but is a far bigger pool of different places, which are to be explored, travelled and enjoyed.
At that time, there were no automobiles, and so there were no roads, one has to travel to uneven mountains and wild forests, always with the fear of getting attacked by wild animals. So at that time, not everybody travelled, but only few, and brought back some newly discovered things from newly explored areas. They use to take all the basic amenities with them, and return after many days, if at all successful in their purpose. That was their way of life, surviving on the things that were at hand, while waiting for the other things to be brought to them.
Again, his mind is enticed to the ditch of desire, and so came the invention of bullock cart, and people started travelling more frequently than ever before.
This had brought a dramatic change in their lives, for they now started living a bit far from rivers, water resources, or their place of work; and now they were free to go at other places without their tiresome walking, but only of animals……This changed their living style, increased their living standard, and also spiced up their life, and added varieties to their food, for now they could have had food grown at different lands, equipped with different nutrients and minerals.
Very soon trade system started taking shape in their lives, for they have realized and truly started believing that all things cannot be made available at one single place. Trade system increased their demands of different things, and forced them to improve their way of travelling.
Then came the invention of steam engine, and it again changed everything, every thought, every view, and their lives changed for the good…..
Automobiles, vehicles came into existence, and people started travelling more than ever before, and now they not only travelled for trade, or for things of necessity, but also for excursion and globetrotting. Then came the invention of petrol and diesel engines, and that made world smaller and flat, and reaching to different places was no big task, for now they had trains, aero planes, and what more.
Trade had now transformed into business, education system had been introduced, new technologies are getting developed each day, and this all together gave birth to traffic, which we see today.
People travel to other places to lead their lives, to solve their purpose, and within this traffic of inventions, automobiles, and people, I and you were born to lead our lives and to solve our purpose.
I sometimes wonder where this traffic would take us, whether we add up a new dimension to this traffic, or this traffic would transform us.......
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