Dec 26, 2010

The Lost Symbol

Book Review: The Lost Symbol
Authored By: Dan BrownRelated Posts with Thumbnails

Dan Brown produces yet another engrossing and mind boggling plot in ‘The Lost Symbol’. His combination of facts from Christianity, the secret societies, symbology (he is crazy about them..his books say it…) along with the spices of scientific facts (or fictional scientific facts), crazy drills, and the study of mankind has given the readers a truly entertaining piece. But, one must be careful as this does not stand against his master pieces and my favorites ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘The Deception Point’.

The story starts with our famous symbologist Robert Langdon, being called in the US Capitol House to give a lecture in symbology; but, soon realizes that he was duped by our villain of the story, who has kidnapped the great Peter Solomon, the echelon of the secret society of the Masons, or the brotherhood. This brotherhood believes that there is a mystical pyramid, which through inscriptions on it, opens the door to the human wisdom.

Now, this villain, known as Malakh wants our famous Robert Langdon to help him solve this mystery of secret pyramid, for the sake of Peter Solomon’s life. Here start Brown’s typical twists and turns of the story involving puzzles and symbols. Katherine Solomon, is a help to him for her dear brother’s life.

The villain was also smart enough (..or Brown), to threaten Iano Sato, the CIA director to help him for the sake of national security. All these things make this an entertaining and a cognitive book.

The interesting facts about science and mankind, makes this a different one from the other suspense thriller. However, this goes without saying for all the Brown’s books, but his other books were more satisfying than this one.

Dec 20, 2010

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling good to be back amongst all of you. I was enjoying my life these days, in my own way.

Actually, the truth is I was busy like hell with my office work, and irrespective of my ‘Office’ enabled cell phone, couldn’t find time for blogging and read books. I actually kept my mind busy with growling tension of work, and in that lost control over my mind to write or blog.

I am really feeling good, in penning down my thoughts, as this short time had given me epiphanies about myself, my present professional life, my future, and my aspirations with it. I came to the realization, that I should always know what am I doing, and not move blindfolded in my life.

In fact even right now I have more work than that before, but now I had come to the realization about my life and priorities in it.

I actually like doing my office work, as it relates to learning new things with each day, but then every other thing in life is a new learning, and it is only up to me to decide my actions.

These days helped me in understanding small things about life, and what I want from my life. I will be sharing my thoughts with you all, but at this time instead of boring you with my little philosophies, I should continue blogging.

One thing, I would like to share with you all, is started observing things that can be changed for its better use. It can be any general purpose thing. You can observe that while working, travelling, eating, reading, playing and living. My future posts, very soon be sharing my thoughts on it, and let me tell you they are gonna be technical, related to simple logics and engineering. This, I feel is the best habit that I have gained in these days. Please do share your thoughts with me, and I can assure you they will churn up your mind.

By the way, in these days, I have also finished 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown. I cannot control my addiction for books, no matter however lost my mind is. So, catch its review in my next post.

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Aug 15, 2010

The Evening News

Book Review:The Evening News

Authored By: Arthur Hailey

The Evening News is a book about the people driving the media world. It describes their professional as well as personal lives with a very descriptive and a moderate tone.

The story starts with the happenings of the most popular news channel CBA News, and the people working there, Crawford Sloane, their anchorman, Leslie Chippingham , CBA news President, Rita Abrams editor, Harry Partridge, their best in class reporter, and several other people, responsible for the daily activities of the news channel. It takes a grip when Crawford Sloane’s wife and son got kidnapped, and then CBA starts searching  them, for their best in class colleague, and of course to broadcast latest and the most happening event, ahead of others.

The story moves on with the progress in search in a periodical manner, and in between the eclectic and the best in class guessing makes the pace for locating the victims. Hailey as usual, had been very descriptive in all the aspects of the story, and had beautifully and intelligently described the lives of the people in the E-Media. This book, though with its good story line fails to match with author’s other books-Wheels, Airport and Hotel. However, he had successfully described the lives of the people, which is the USP of his all the books.

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Aug 6, 2010

Soch lo!

How would you handle it if your partner’s EX wants him or her back? Soch Lo!

Oh dearest, I love you so much, I promise you we will have a wonderful life together, you and me will always be entwined in the beads of love.

But, darling I need to tell you something..

Yes, tell me, I don't know whether I would be able to listen or not, let me just watch you, and only watch you, for the rest of my life,

I am actually afraid, how would you react after that….

I am already lost in you, now nothing matters to me as far as you are with me.

Oh, please be serious, listen to me, it is about us, our future, and my past….

I know everything, but do you know what is there between you and me?????

Let me tell you

It is love that binds us

Love, a soul of our relation ship

Soul which has existence only with our togetherness

Why don’t you listen to me, I am very much confused with my life,


No, let me complete, I need to speak, if I don’t speak now, then it would be too late for both of us …

I had an affair with another guy in my past. We loved each other a lot, but time and circumstances divided us, and we had a break up…

After some time I met you, and we started loving each other. I started feeling love with you, in a way that I had never felt before, but you know this world is very complex, and so life can also not be simple.

A few days back, when you were out for some work, I met him, my old lover, and it uncovered all the good times, that we have had together, but there was nothing same between us, after all it had been a long time. He again expressed his feelings for me, that time divided us , and that he wanted to be with me again after, all that had happened with our lives after that break up.

I started feeling guilty from that day, because I didn’t let you know about my past.

A hustle of air, and the lightening clouds stole that moment of silence between them…

I thought about it a lot, and only remembered the lovable time that we spent together, he has no meaning in my life. When I met him again, only after that I realized how much we love each other.

I don’t know, what to do, I am stuck up in my life, I don’t know what to do.

I want to have a new beginning with you; I would love to spend my entire life with you, a life with only a spice of love, trust and belief. I want to have a new beginning with you once again.

This time, even the clouds and wind couldn’t broke the silence between them,

He went close to her, lifted and kissed on her forehead.

Do you know what is there between you and me??

Let me tell you

It is love that binds us

Love, a soul of our relation ship

Soul which has existence only with our togetherness

Togetherness, it has meaning only in this time

Time, it keeps travelling,

Travelling is a way of life,

And Life, it only has meaning with you, and me

And our love………..

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Aug 1, 2010

Bachelors.....Oh my God!!!

Bachelors...Oh my god!

They live their on that 2nd floor, they must have done that. I saw them once there, i am sure they are the only ones…. If they would have not done it, then who else....

Bachelors’ living away from their homes must have heard such comments in their lives. These are actually common reactions of the married people about bachelors, and sometimes they act like they were born married. I don’t understand whether they are jealous of bachelor’s care free attitude, their independent life, which they can’t dream of living, their passion for doing anything and everything in life, which they can’t develop in themselves, because it gets pulverized with age and marriage; and if none of the above holds true, then they must be having some genetic disease which doesn’t allow them to behave well with the bachelors.

It is not once or twice that happened with me, but it had been a frequent occurrence that I was ill treated from this breed of people. Once it happened that me and my friend (of course both bachelors) nearly missed an accident with a married man, and we heard from him "God help their parents who send their kids to study"

It was ridiculous, and it was not ours but that married bastard’s fault.
This is not all, the society in which I live in has put a notice in the common area against bachelors,  which looks like this-

This is completely insane, and whenever I see this my mind goes off the track.

 People think that bachelors didn't understand anything, didn't care for anything but they should also know that they have developed some sense of identifying right or wrong in the things around them, which sometimes is better than older people. This sensibility of identifying right or wrong, in bachelors is developed as per the environment and the society in which they were brought up, now the same people who curse these bachelors for their care free attitude are the responsible ones, because their children might also be getting cursed or would have been cursed or would get cursed at some point of time, and for which they ‘the parents’ only hold the responsibility, because they brought them up in the society which taught them the rules and morales for which they get cursed.

These people should not forget that they are not impotent, and that they also have children who have the ability to grow and come into the category of bachelors.

They should think that the societal life which each married man dreamt of is only possible if it has people of all ages, and if this is the case then they should also understand that they need to live creating a comfortable relation with the people of all ages, and only then will they be able to lead a happy married and societal life.


I, in front of each blogger, promise to treat the bachelors with due respect, when I get married, and  will make sure that they will be well treated with the married people around me.



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Jul 25, 2010


In India and the world, major population is now entering into the service class, where people work for somebody else, get their task done, and in return get money;  I would just like to analyze about the people who  work to get money, and about those who get their work done , in order to achieve their goal.

I was contemplating on this thing since a long time, and now finally decided to write something on it. I use to put a question to myself that why do i work(I am also a one who work for others), and in a broader sense why does anybody work(for the others motive); and I only came to the conclusion that everybody works for money, with which they can have happiness in their lives, but is it really true that the means that people adopt to have or what say buy happiness is right.

This then signifies that money can only buy happiness, and if that is not so then one can only achieve happiness by working for others. Actually, I can only derive this conclusion from the condition in which we work, that is we go to office to earn money, and we earn money to buy happiness.In directly, we go to office to buy happiness. Now, comes a point that happiness can never be bought, which in itself is a paradox.

We know from our inner selves that  it is not the money which is giving us happiness, because in this major chunk of service population, not all are satisfied with their job, but they are continuing this thing because of the pre-conceived thought that they are in the selling store of happiness, that money is the only ingredient of happiness, and still they have breakdown because of professional tension.

Happiness is something which makes you feel good about anything, whether you eat a vada pav at some lorry, or eat a sizzler in some good restaurant.
Sometimes it happens with me that, I get bored of going to restaurants, and that day I go to some small shop and eat something, which I would have not eaten for years; the delight in eating that thing, and that instantaneous  feeling according to me is happiness; of feeling good in ourselves without any illusion, pretension of anything.

Lets take one more example, of two people graduated from same college, with almost equal marks, but got different jobs in different companies; one got a very high paying job in a very big organization, while the other got a job in a small company, and almost at half the salary of what the other one was getting; the difference comes when we look into their job profile, man with a high paying salary has a clerical job from 8am to 5 pm, he goes home happily in the evening, and wastes his whole day in cursing the same company about its bad management and system; while the other one work 12 hours a day without any boundation from the company, and most importantly enjoys the work, and even sometimes work on holidays.

Now, who is more happier, one who is earning high, or one who is loving his work; I am of course not implicating that money is not needed in one’s life, obviously it is needed but it should not be the driving factor of life, in fact it should be the important customer of life’s market, but not the only customer.

It should also not be taken as that one who doesn’t love his work, should leave the job, actually one should learn to love the work and in the process, he would find himself doing only that work, which actually would have wanted to do happily.

If  you start loving  your work, no matter with a considerable amount of salary, then your life will get gelled with happiness and smiles.

Jul 10, 2010


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I remember, last time when I went to Khirkiya, my grand father’s place, a small village in Madhya Pradesh near to Itarsi, I was very much influenced by the life of the people there.

They use to wake up early in the morning, and start their daily activities even before the sun rises. Women would go to that river near by to fetch water, would get the fresh milk from the cattle, and their aroma in the early morning create positive vibes in the homes.

Kids would wake up early, and would give a helping hand to their mother and father in the early morning activities, before going to school. Men would only open their shop after doing morning prayers.

People there use to be so naive and led very simple life. Their life was confided in that village only, but they use to live like it was a complete world to them. They had all the things needed for a happy life, which was a 'good and positive attitude'.

They use to live like a family, and shared good and bad times amongst themselves, where at the time of marriage in somebody’s place, whole village would celebrate, and not a single home would lit a lamp at the time of death.

I remember, once there I had an opportunity to have a ride in a bullock cart to a farm situated in the adjoining area of the village. 

Riding in a bullock cart was in itself an awesome experience, and especially because it was a first timer. The continuous tinkling of the bells moving with the bullocks, the irregular slapping of hunter, the aroma of the market, temples, farm, cattle, fields, and the people passing by along with the tip top tow sound of bullocks made the journey unforgettable.

As we reached the village, I found many men and women working, with baskets on their back or a cutting knife and a dagger in their hand working in the field. There was a well there, which they used for irrigation purposes.One farmer came to me and having confirmed that I was no harm,  showed me what all he was growing, then we discussed about his routine, and how his work changes with the seasons. He described all the things very excitingly, but slowly his reactions changed, because he had a shortage of water and electricity, and only due to which he was expecting a major loss this time.

But he also informed me about one thing, that there was a society called ‘Happy Farming’, which was going to give them a generator on loan, with manageable terms, and an additional facility of water for their farms; that time I could see a ray of hope in his eyes, a hope for his motherland, for his village, for his family.

After two days, some agents visited the village to meet the farmers there, and gave them the assurance of getting the generators and the extra facility of pipeline installed.
It was the first open interaction of the village people with the outside world, with the people who came in never seen before cars, wearing some strange outfits.

I didn’t get the opportunity to see that happiness when the generators installed there, I suppose it was the beginning of the modernization of that village.

Ten years have passed since I last visited here, and this time with the eagerness to see the village I closed my eyes and was lost in the scent of the fields coming from the window seat of the train. I was lost in the running sound of the train and the flowing scent of the fields.

I found the railway station clean and big with digital displays of train’s information, and was happy to see that village had really developed in those ten years. There were various shops in the area adjoining to station selling different types of items that a traveler could require, and then to my utter amazement there was also a three storey hotel outside just outside the station. There were internet cafes, small restaurants, shopping complex and almost everything that one could expect to buy from money. That night I had a sound sleep in my grand father’s place, with a thought to wake up early to go to that same farm, where I visited last time.

There was some thing changed in the mornings there, not much people were around except some old ladies cleaning the courtyard of their homes. At first I didn’t notice a change, and proceeded to catch a bullock cart, but I forgot that the time had changed, and now there was an auto only. Bullock carts were there but only for transferring bigger things to farms or near by areas.

 I reached that farm in not more than 5 min. I found no body there except a barren piece of land and was a bit confused and shocked on seeing that, I wondered here and there, and then saw at some distance an old man sitting facing his land. I went to him, and found that he was the same man whom I met ten years earlier, but I soon realized that he didn’t seem to remember me. I asked him about this land, and he told me that there was no body to look after it, and that his sons work as a waiter in the hotel near to railway station. He explained, “My grand children spend their time watching T.V and playing, so there is no body left to look over the land. My children want to leave the village, to earn more and more money, and so they are working in that hotel for the search of an opportunity. I have everything here, electricity, water but nobody to look after it; I don’t know what to do” 

I after sympathizing with him, told auto driver to leave, and started walking back to village. I then realized the whole condition of what had happened in those ten years. People came here and modernized the village, gave village various mundane things, but didn’t tell them how to use them. The people here got lost in that illusion and nobody realized what had happened with them, and now there was no turning back.

I then understood why all the markets were closed in that early time in the morning, and why there were only old ladies busy in there morning activities. If this continued, then a day is not far enough when this village would be covered with greed, allusion, fame and pretension every where. There would be malls coming in these barren lands in the coming future, and if that happened with every village then at first the city which the people here were following would be vanished first, and then the village itself. People need to realize that modernization is just a change which would come with time, and which is good of course but people  also need to understand the effects of the modernization in their changing life style.

I got up when the train suddenly stopped at the Khirkiya railway station, and on seeing people here and there realized the end of my dream. I was moving slowly and observing the things around, and then wished ‘Please God, don’t make my dream come true”

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Jun 18, 2010


Each and every human being in this world is a child. One who doesn't believe this, unintentionally and unknowingly becomes a child.
What a child does when he first comes into this world is crying, and he gets milk. This is the most basic nature of human being and true fact of life, that one would only get something when he would cry for it; with 'cry for it' I don't mean to shedding of tears; it can be taken as the attribute of communicating and speaking about the things which one would like to have; aaand the act of communicating or what say, speaking in different manners.
In the very early years of life, it may be considered as crying for food, milk, love, care and every other thing; in the teenage life it is the nagging and irritating behavior and disobedience to parents in decision for their lives; in the adolescence it is the better communication and the smartness in turning the thing around; a bit later it is doing the things with a very controlled mind; in the old age it is doing the things in a childish manner for seeking the attention.
It can also be seen in the light that if the child would not cry, then how a mother would come to know the need of a child; similarly until and unless a young one would not speak, then how would the ideas in his think tank would be revealed.
Each one of us should understand and realize that without showing the attributes of crying as per the time and conditions one can not hope to achieve their goal of life.
When a human being is born, nature sends him\her with the ability to cry, but when those human beings comes and start living his life, then it is only up to them to realize and continue the use of this crying attribute.
This is a bit surprising, for each one of us to realize, and to relate it to the crying attribute of the human nature; in fact I came to this conclusion at the end of one discussion going on in my office that work would only be done only when he speaks about it or in a broader sense cry about it. I just give a deeper thought to it, and came to the conclusion that it is all about crying, and one should know how to cry as per the conditions.
From that day, I have been crying at my maximum possible extent.
So, Keep crying and keep smiling....ha
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May 29, 2010

Cigarette and Cricket....

DISCLAIMER: This post is only published with the intention of seeing the other side of coin for cigarette, and it's similarity with Cricket Can you guess anything common in between cigarette and cricket ??? Let me tell you some of them…Cigarette and Cricket, both are mostly loved by men. Cigarette gives pleasure, and cricket entertainment. Age can never be the barrier to use them, and the most important one; they both have the capability to bring a good change in your mood. But apart from the above benefits, there is one more, which any body uses them, enjoys unintentionally. Cigarette and cricket are actually wonderful networking assets. Imagine a pan shop, at the corner of a road, with a television at the time of cricket match. You would find a lot of people pushing each other just to catch a glimpse of the score. Some of them would be regular visitors; some would just stop there to peek into the latest score, while some would be the occasional visitors, like this day. Now, a sixer from Yuvraj, some hi-fi’s exchanged, and the enthusiasm combined can just add some more people in your friend’s list. Take another example of a middle aged man, who had come to a café, and was just tossing his time with smoke, whereas you a geek enjoying your time with friends in the same café, but without a match box, and you just went to him to ask for one stick, and you had this brief conversation with him and came to know that he was an MD of some big company; now one could imagine all the possibilities. Cigarette and cricket have always been the part of lighter moments of one’s life, or one can say that they are the reason of those moments, sometimes. A cricket match, or a puff of cig shared together can ease out tension between two pals, can remove the hesitation or the burden of age between the two age groups……… I personally do not smoke, but have friends who are regular smokers. Some days before, we (me and one of my smoker friend Amol), came out of a restaurant, were just talking outside, while Amol was searching for matchbox at every possible place in his clothes, but couldn’t find a single stick. Frustrated, he was on the verge of losing his control, but then he noticed a man of our age, sitting and smoking silently on the railing of the hotel. He saw a ray of hope, and so we went close to that man, and silently sat beside him; of course a few distance away. At first, Amol hesitated because of the visible reserved nature of that man, for he didn’t even notice our arrival, but was some where deep drowned in his own thoughts. But, how long Amol could had resisted the desire to smoke and finally asked in a very light tone, “Boss, do you have a match box”. He turned his face towards us portraying just a-killing-time look; he looked at our faces, mine an innocent face without cig, and while Amol with a cig in his hand, waiting patiently for him to give a match stick. He put his palm forward, I at first didn’t understand, but amazingly Amol got that and handed his cigarette to him. He lighted Amol’s cig, with the one he had, and gave back that to him, and laughed in himself; and there started a new relationship. We talked with him for some time, until the cig was burning, and then we left. We noticed that person one or two times at the nearby shops, exchanged smiles and went away. Similar incident is with cricket, but it has a bigger group of people, came from different places, with different works, but was coincidentally gathered at one place to watch cricket. We clapped, we enjoyed, we danced, we ate, and we celebrated. This is the power of cricket which everybody enjoys unknowingly. Cigarette and cricket are one of the best networking assets that I have observed in my life up till now, and this life will go on, and who knows how many of such things are here which each of us enjoy unintentionally. Related Posts with Thumbnails

Apr 17, 2010


BOOK REVIEW: The Fountain Head Authored By : Ayn Rand

The Fountain Head is a story of one man and the rest of the world. It is a philosophical fiction that entails the story through love, lust, trust, jealousy, care, passion, and enthusiasm of the people and the world.

The story starts with the two architecture students, Howard Roark and Peter Keating; one being expelled from the college for his designing methods that were considered inappropriate by the professors, and the latter being the topper of the same college. The story moves on marking the methods and principles, they adopted in their architectural career, and how it became the reason for their success and downfalls. It also presents a very powerful picture of print media, that how it can control the people, the world and their opinions.

There are certain parts in the book which can be read, reread and reread a number of times. While reading it, there were instances, when I lost track of the book, and drove on to the path of my own life, thinking deeply about it. This book is so powerful in its essence, that it can change a person’s view for nature, world, society, and an individual. This is one of the most intelligently written books that I have come across; one lady suffering for her lover, two men wanting to own the world, other people dancing to the tunes of money and fame, and one man living his life as he desired, all this together make this a very energetic and dynamic book.

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Apr 10, 2010

Being Sexy...

Sexy is the word that amazes me a lot, I have always found myself using it for almost everything and anything; and I have also noticed people gazing at me when I say Pav Bhaji as sexy, or Sachin’s shot as sexy.

When I googled this word I found that it is first used in the early 20th century, in 1905, and refers to some thing which arouses sexual desire. But this is the refined definition of early 21st century, but when the word was originated it was generally used for referring to women. I think that this was the biased image of a male dominant society, and is carried on since then, that only a woman be considered as sexy. There were times when women were treated as an object of physical pleasure, and the word sexy is used for them in the times of love making. But this image has been transformed since then, thanks to the educational system that developed rationality in people’s ideas and thinking. This did one thing, that everything was started getting seen in the broader sense, and this also implies for the word sexy, and the time came when it was not only the women, who were considered as sexy, and hence came the refined definition.

But then sexy has never been that type of word, which can so easily be adopted in the common language, or we can say that adopted in the talking etiquettes of the cultured society, as it has always been considered as the word that portrays vulgarity and lasciviousness.

But with time, the meaning and scope of being sexy has changed a lot, and I feel that it is not only man or woman that can be considered as sexy, but in fact everything around us that is attractive, tempting, eye catching, and that has a feel good factor (obviously not only in the sense of sexual desire) can be considered as sexy.

It can be anything be it some delicious, spicy, tempting dish, a unique, intelligent painting, a pretty girl, or a handsome boy, it can be anything, even a blog.

The meaning of sexy has changed, but that thousand years old image can not be so easily removed from some decade old transformation in the life style.

I am looking out for that time, when a waiter would come to me and suggest the sexiest dish in their kitchen.

Please don’t mind, if I comment sexy for a really good post.

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Apr 3, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 9; the ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Amay- Honey, do you know what is fool?

Teesha- What fool??

-Fool! That’s it.

-Yeah, I know one thing, that you are the biggest fool

-Ah….that I know, tell me more about fool.

-Oh come on , don’t befool me, and let me make some food.

-If you were told to write some words on fool or describe fool, then how’d you do it??

-What type of foolish topic is this??

-Just don’t think about the foolishness of the topic, and tell me whatever comes in your foolish mind, when you think of a fool??

-I think..this might have sprung out from that foolish group, fool-a-ton, that you foolishly follow


-Ok…Let me think

-Honey, do you know about Harit and Anuja

-Yeah..they live this next street, and are foolishly in love with each other.

-Oh.. that’s the half story, there is something more to it..

-More to it..what happened??

-Last week end, in the absence of Anuja, Harit called his girl friend in their home, and coincidentally Anuja also came at the same time…

Such a fool he had been….Harit…he should have met her somewhere outside, somewhere..I think..

-What do you mean,Amay? You think that he should have met her outside….MY GOD, this implies that you are not such a fool like Harit and…..Oh my God

-Oh, now don’t add salt in your foolish implications.

-Yeah, now I am the only fool here

and she started crying, her head down resting on her knees and eyes closed.

Amay came close to her, held her up, and said THANK YOU, I am going…

-Teesha said hastily, “Whaaat you are leaving me??”

-Amay started beating his head, “ God help me, you fool, I thanked you as you gave me ideas to write about fool”

-“……….how did I help you” asked Teesha with a slow and confused tone.

-Fool.. you just told me that you are the only fool here, so I thought to write some words on you in that foolish fool-a-ton’’, and he started laughing.

-You fool, and she started beating him, and finally hugged him and said, “ You don’t know, how foolishly I love you, and don’t you ever do this to me”

Everybody has this foolish element within themselves, or in their lives, which makes their life pretty interesting and lovely. So, don’t you ever let that foolish element die away from your lives..It will give you all the happy moments that you wish in your life.

Be foolish in your own ways

Keep smiling!!!

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Mar 20, 2010


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It was a warm night, neither humid nor too hot – in fact just right for a stroll. But it was 11.30 pm , not late by metro standards. But in the suburbs where the company township was situated, it was way too late. The highway was about ½ km away and occasionally the hum of heavy vehicles passing by, could be heard but other than that , it was quiet with only the chirping of the cicadas in the background.

Ranjan hurried along the small lanes of the VIP quarters , isolated and further away, in the moonless night, frequently giving furtive glances around him. He seemed tense but strode ahead with purposeful steps, until he reached a particular bungalow. He stopped in front of it and stared at it for a few minutes. The senior level executives were issued spacious bungalows with lawns while the junior and the mid level executives were assigned one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, a fact that did not go well with them , after all the divide was quite unreasonable they thought. But this was not the issue at the moment. He was here for his own personal reasons…

It was quiet and dark on the other side of the wall. One notable thing was that the street lights were few and far between and most of them were not working. The spot, where he was standing was shrouded in darkness, which suited him just fine.. There was no sign of any activity inside the rooms of the freshly whitewashed bungalow of Mr. Gupta. Only a dim red light flickered through the curtains of a room, most probably the master bedroom. He scratched his head and tried to remember if Mr. Gupta had a dog and, No ! No dogs, no watchman., so nothing to be afraid of. Yes! Everything was going according to plan. Mr. Gupta was out with the executive board members in the Company Club house entertaining the overseas client trying to secure the coveted deal, which meant that he will not be back before 2 am. That left him with enough time to accomplish whatever he had come for.

He gave another glance towards his left and right and also the two bungalows flanking it , but all was silent. It would be a fool who would be out at that hour leaving the comfort of a bed and wife to roam about here and there…. He smiled at the private joke. He touched the gate gingerly. It was an iron gate. He tried to move it but it gave a low audible creak and he stopped.

“Damn!Asha , my sweet little fool. Why does she have to wish for near impossible things.” He could not afford to make any noise. He was dressed in track pants and a rubber soled shoes . He also shockingly realized that he did not have his cell phone nor any identity proof with him in case of an emergency.

He decided that the best and fastest approach inside would be to climb over the low brick wall.

“ Asha! How you bewitch me!” He sighed, “All for love!” The brick wall was not high but it still disrupted the normal functioning of his 37 year old body for a few seconds, after he climbed over and jumped onto the other side clumsily. But thankfully the grass was thick which carpeted both his fall and the noise. He panted. His heart was racing at 100 beats/min ( more out of anxiety) and coupled with that he experienced an alien sensations gurgling deep inside his stomach. After all this was the first time he trespassed someone else’s property.

He nearly gave up and retreated , but then he calmed himself , took some deep breaths and sat on the soft grass for a few moments.

“ No snakes, I hope” he thought peering in the darkness. He had to do it today. He was not going to get a better opportunity to come here.

His hate quotient multiplied, knowing his nemesis Gupta, deserved every bit of it. Mr.Gupta fitted the description of a monster boss to a Tee. Ranjan first came across him eight months back when Mr.Gupta was transferred from their Bareilly unit. The dislike was mutual and the Monster made his life miserable. Finally after requesting the administration and literally prostrating himself in front of them, he was transferred to another unit ,but the scars remained till date . It took all his patience not to physically assault his boss. He used to often wonder how could anyone tolerate Mr.Gupta. How did his wife and children cope with him? He knew that Gupta had two sons aged 9 and 6 years. What did they think of him? Was this monster a normal person? He did not seem to have any friends or associates either. The only admirable thing about him though was that he had not seen anyone else with a greener thumb than his. He kept an impeccable garden and was the subject of envy among the others.

He looked at his watch . He had sat there lost in thoughts for almost 15 minutes. He stood up, smiling , he turned towards the verandah!…

“Asha,! Its your birthday and I want you to be happy”.he chanted in his thoughts. He felt the air cooler comparatively, on his way back home. Was it so late? He again looked at his watch and then his eyes went to the ‘ package ‘ he was holding. Tenderly , he shifted the banana leaf holding ‘it’ slightly. He smiled , pleased with himself his face glowing with satisfaction. He did not feel the least bit exhausted after his nightly caper. His step was light and springy.

He smiled again when he reached his apartment block, but his smile disappeared when he saw the watchman napping in a chair near the lift. If he was seen , it would give him away instantly and there would be a big scandal. As it is, it was a small town and things get to spread fast over here – be it news, rumors, fire or illness.

“What do I do now?” he thought shifting restlessly. There was no other way out.

He had to take the stairs, but for that he had to walk through the well lit lobby and down the corridor. He looked up at the window of his apartment on the third floor.

“ All for love”! He sighed and he tip-toed towards the staircase… He gave a last timid glance at the watchman before disappearing up the stairs. “Thank God! He is asleep” and stifled a chuckle at the irony. He started climbing the stairs slowly . sprinting was not an option, lest he woke up the entire household!. Panting, he reached the door of his flat. He took out his key and silently opened the door. When his eyes adjusted in the darkness, he walked past the drawing room to the bedroom. He stared at his wife from the door. She was still sleeping . She looked so innocent and angelic in the dim light. He walked in , sat beside her and touched her cheeks tenderly. She stirred in her sleep . He was still holding the ‘package’ and he moved towards the bathroom, when, she woke up.

She was fully awake within seconds.

“Ranjan? Where had you been so long?”

He froze and then turned around slowly- smiling broadly.


Oh! Asha, you are still awake, don’t you have to go to office early in the morning”. Asha, baffled by his sudden caring attitude in all these days of tension..; but she doesn’t want to disturb this flow of water, and saw it as a chance to ease out the things between them. She replied, ignoring his question, “I was waitingfor you, you haven’t yet taken your dinner”.

“I’ll take it, don’t worry”. Ranjan know that she is angry with him, but he also know that she loves him very much, and that everything will be fine, tomorrow morning.

Ranjan loved her very much, but his professional life tensions had created worries in his personal life, and he got to understand it very late, that unknowingly he was slowly stepping towards the end of their marriage life.

Bright and warming sunlight falling on her eyes, through the window above their bed, woke her up only to be amazed to find that Ranjan was not beside her. She looked here and there hastily, and was about to get up from the bed, when her eyes glowed with sudden happiness and delight. Cristhina, the flower she loved most, was spread all over the room, and were falling on her.

Cristhina, her favourite flower, which she had only seen in pictures, is a rarely found in India, and she had never had the opportunity to touch that flower, to feel the fragrance of that flower, which Ranjan knew that Gupta had it in his private garden. He stole those flowers from the garden for Asha, for it to act as a balming agent in their relationship, on the occasion of her birthday.

A soft and melodious voice of Ranjan, wishing her birthday, brought tears in her eyes; he went close to her, took those prized drops, kissed her forehead and said, “You are looking so cute, and your presence made this flower look more beautiful”

Her glowing eyes filled with pearls, said everything to him.

They kissed each other….

NOTE: Cristhina is only a flower in my imaginations.

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Mar 17, 2010

An Observation

Related Posts with Thumbnails Seminars, lectures, classes, and now a days meeting have been the part of my life. It is like not a single day of my life went by, without any one of these things. But nothing of them seemed to interest me, and I have found myself brooding over one thing or the other.
It always happens that if I am in an auditorium attending a seminar; my mind would stare at the near by window, at the innocent clean sky, and my eyes would think about a bird crossing by the window…… This happens with me always in a unique and different light. In such type of moments of my life, there happened one incident, not an incident as such, but an observation, which changed forever my way of looking at people’s face.
During those soporific lectures ( I guess everybody must have experienced them), I use to notice other people’s postures, gestures, their reactions when an impromptu question is asked, and I also noticed my reactions at the similar conditions (for consciously, one is not aware of those instantaneous actions). I compared those reactions of students, and came to a vague conclusion, that there is something common in the body response to certain conditions. After five or six days, I was able to conclude one thing about human nature, irrespective of sex, and age, as I also tested it on people outside the class. Now let me come to the point, and not harp on this more; I noticed that whenever a person is afraid of something, his hand would subconsciously jump to cover his mouth or chin, or would just rub the mouth and come down.
If a question is asked to a student, his hand would automatically jump to his mouth before answering that question, and would remain there depending on that student’s confidence level, but if he is confident, then he would directly answer the question without any unusual body movement.
My conclusions got much clearer, only when I observed it on myself, because only one knows what actually is fishing up in the mind. I compared again and again reactions of different people, and finally came to this conclusion that this all depends upon one’s optimistic, fearless and confident thinking. More the person be confident, lesser will be the time for which his hand would cover the mouth.
I started observing it in my day to day life, and found that how I, in fact everybody is feared of small small things in life.
One can also understand it better, by observing oneself in similar conditions like- when a guest arrived at home, then the body gesture at the initial start of conversation, when one is sitting with friends and suddenly a new topic popped up for discussion, then all the hands would jump to faces, and will remain until they reach certain confidence level. It not only implies in the face to face meeting, but even telephonic conversation can cause such type of unusual body movements, for it entirely depends upon one’s confidence level.
Now coming on to other part of how it can help us in our daily lives. Lately, I was discussing something with my boss, or more correctly sharing my views with him. I noticed that after a few moments, his hand moved up to cover his mouth and remained there till I was talking, then and there I took a chance of discussing something which I was not sure about, but I also know one thing that he was also not sure either. It worked, and he liked my ideas. This increased my confidence level, and now I am in a much better position to explain the things to anybody.
These simple observations can also be helpful for those who attend business meetings, dealings, negotiations, as they can easily come to know where they can beat the people on the other side of the table.
Now, reading people’s mind and studying their body language has become my hobby, and probably I would write something more about it, for certain things in my mind are under their preliminary stage. I would also like to request all to share their views on this topic, and to suggest a real good book on such things. Keep Smiling!!!