Nov 14, 2009

SACH is the personality

Sometimes it happens that you were awed by personality of some people, that you just became clueless, and couldn't guess how a person can be like this. Let's be more direct and not bore you more with all this gentleman's talk; I am talking about one of the most influential person of India and the world, SACHIN TENDULKAR.

You all might be aware of the just finished India-Australia one day cricket series, which India has already lost; actually that is not the point and time to discuss , but the 5th one day match of the series, which made us saw some magnificent cricket from the most entertaining cricketers of the world ..(only on

Let us first take a fast look at the Australian innings, in which she scored 350/4, with some crackling and mind blowing shots from Shane Watson and Shaun Marsh. When any team batting first made such a huge score, people lose all interest in the match, as it has always been inevitable that the 2nd team would easily surrender, and so I also left watching it.

I was as usual searching something or the other on net, and I came across Indian batting score card with 50/1 at the run rate of more than 6, and the most surprising thing of this series, Sachin ( as he was a low scorer in previous matches) was still not out, and was really playing very well. I switched on the T.V. with the fear that, Sachin will get out, within few seconds of me watching match, but it just happened reverse, and he using his feet hit 2 consecutive sixes to an Australian spinner, and instantly I know that today is something different as we rarely get to see Sachin hitting sixes with feet movement.

Shane Watson, next over and another rocketing six, and I was like hip hip hurrah. But as usual for an Indian team, she was once again after so many years on the verge to prove that India is a ONE MAN ARMY, but thanks to Suresh Raina who kept his cool in such tough conditions, and played some of his finest shots.

Actually, I am not writing all this to discuss match, but the way Sachin played in this match, was once in a lifetime event, and I was so happy that I have been able to see him play at the best of his best.

I think that it is not only about budding cricketers who can learn from him, but we all as human beings can learn something or the other from him. The way he played his innings inspired me to move on with self confidence, however tough the conditions may be. It was reflected in his cool temperament that he was only thinking about the present, neither is upset of the past, nor is feared of the future. We all must be like him, for it is only through this approach that we can achieve whatever we wish in our lives.

He set an example that age is not a barrier for anything, but one's passion, devotion and self-confidence are more important; and I think that the shots that he played in his blasting innings of 175, is impossible for any youngster to play in such tough conditions.

His passion, his devotion, his nature, his optimism, his selection of shots, his cool temperament, his smiling face that inspires not only other cricketers but each and every person of this world. We, therefore should not watch him playing cricket for fun, but also to learn something from him, for his each act, his each shot is a symbol of positivity.

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Nov 9, 2009

I shall not hear the nightingale

BOOK REVIEW I shall not hear the nightingle
Authored by- Khushwant Singh
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I shall not hear the nightingale' is the story about love, pride, passion, religion, culture and all the things that represent indianness. It is set in the pre-war conditions in 1942-43, when the British government was thinking to free India, from its 1000 years old rule.
The story starts with Sher Singh and his revolutionary friends, preparing themselves to start a war against British rule in their province. On the other hand, his father Buta Singh was one of the megistrate; and has inborne loyalty towards British government and people. The story moves on with this entirely different thinking pattern of father and son, each busy to attain their own pride in their group of people.
On the other hand, Madan a family friend of Sher Singh was involved in his drama with Champak and Bina, wife and sister of Sher Singh.
The turning point of the story was when Sher Singh was caught by police in his revolutionary activities, and was faced with a dilemma to save him and his father's hard earned reputation, or to save his revolutionary friends.
Sabhrai, mother of Sher Singh was a godly figure in the story, always involved in religious practice, and I think that makes her the most powerful character in the story; for it was this Sabhrai, that brought the good ending to the story.
Khushwant Singh, in this novel has proved that he is truly an Indian, with his description of Indian culture, religion practices, superstitious of a common man, and most important life of indian men and women.
But talking about the story, I feel that he didn't provide the satisfying ending to the parallel drama of Madan and the two girls.
On the whole, story was good, and I didn't regret reading this book, but one thing I regret is choosing this book as my 75th book; and I must say that this was not one of the finest works of Khushwant SIngh, and probably it has got no stand against his other novel 'Train to Pakistan'.

Nov 7, 2009

If I were a baby again.

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Hello, how are you??

Where were you, don't you know that I miss you so much, and nobody tells me where did you go.

Do you know, today also Mamma forcefully injected milk into my mouth, and nobody came to save me, not even you? Grand Ma standing over Mamma watched all this with watery eyes, but didn't interrupt, I don't know why.

You know, I like cow very much, she looks so simple and caring; but I don't understand why doesn't she speaks like my Mamma, Papa, Grand Ma. Whenever she comes at our home, and bang the gate with her horns (my God, so painful), Mamma would leave her work and run outside to give her chapati, and would touch her head and then to her and mine chest. I feel so good and protected whenever Mamma touches me, hugs me, kiss me. She loves me very much, more than anybody, even Papa, and I also love her. Papa would always bring different toys for me; he plays with me and becomes overprotected when I hurt myself in some mischief. I love him.

You don't know how sad I become, whenever I didn't see you, and you sometimes go absent for many days. Do you know Grand Ma relates it to my health problems on looking at my sad face? Can't you just come daily for my Grand Ma and me? I become so happy whenever I see you.

Please come daily Chanda Mama (Moon Uncle)

Promise me, otherwise I would tell BABAAAA to bite you.

Good Night

Sweet Dreams.

If I were a baby again, I would like to have this conversation with my Chanda Mama. Actually, I didn't remember anything of my childhood, and I think so nobody can; I was a bit puzzled as what would I do if I ever become a baby again, I then decided to watch daily activities of my one and a half year old niece Mauli, my sweetie, and then I found that she shares a special relationship with her Chanda Mama; whenever she cries, we take her to Chanda Mama, and she would stop crying, and would just stare at the Moon. I don't know what she looks at, but she instantly becomes happy and smiling.

I don't remember any such thing of my childhood that relates to my Chanda Mama, so I thought to have an opportunity to talk to Chanda Mama, and experience this beautiful relationship of a Baby and a Moon

I dedicate this post to my beautiful niece Mauli.

May you always smile in your life,

May you have your Chanda Mama, forever in your life.

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