Oct 24, 2009


Oh, the wonders of magical tea,
Bright sunlight
Chirping birds,
Fresh newspaper
and a cup of tea
Morning pressure
Daily breakfast,
Family Gossip
and a cup of tea
College assignments
Fun in canteen,
Jokes, laughing pots
and a cup of tea
Fight with a best friend
Double cross in love,
Bunking classes
and a cup of tea
Night brain storming for tomorrow exam
Good Results,
First Job
Shortage of money to party
and a cup of tea
First presentation
First love,
First romantic night
and a cup of tea
Fight with your wife
Child's illness,
Limited money
and a cup of tea
Loss in business
Son leaving home for a job,
Lonely life
and a cup of tea
Chats with grandchildren
Meeting with old pals,
Sun, moon, stars
and a cup of tea
Oh! the wonders of magical tea


aayan said...

Reminded me of Purani jeans....
nice one.

Chetan Maheshwari said...


...purani jeans.. i think you are right,i didn't think of it earlier, i should add it as a tag with this post

thanks buddy

Shruti said...

This post of urs was truly awesome!! Everywhere the cup of tea plays a vital role :)
Cute one :) It became so close to my heart!

Chetan Maheshwari said...

you are right tea plays a vital role
Thanx, i m happy u liked it

Dreamer said...

Hi, Read this and then went on to read your previous post - the book review. We often underestimate the soothing effects of tea, because we drink it all the time, I guess. Cheers from a tea-totaler, :)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanx for dropping by
by the way i am also the teatotaler
keep smiling

VeeKay said...

Nice post man..You have given many sweet experiences..cheers to the cup of tea..:)

VeeKay said...

btw these are my blogs..check out the other posts..I will check yours too..:)



commited to life said...

a wonderful poem for true chai lovers..
after reading this i am missing my moms's hugs and the tea that compliment it..

p.s i saw the link somewhere thats how i landed here

Chetan Maheshwari said...

thanks for dropping by
i will check ur other posts also for sure

@committed to life
this always reminds me of some fine moments of my life

thanks for dropping by...

keep smiling!!!

nipun said...

nice one :) i love coffee so its cup of coffee for me.. :P

Chetan Maheshwari said...

good to see u here

Roli said...

a cup of tea reminds me ofa english textbook lesson. dont remember who wrote that but it was completely different.
well poetry s nt an easy task
u do it so nicely dude

Chetan Maheshwari said...

U are right, a cup of tea reminds us of very beautiful things, and each day a beautiful moment adds with it.
Thanks for dropping by....
Keep coming and keep smiling