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We must have all seen the 'Jaago Re' advertisements of 'Tata Tetley Tea', where it encourages us to give votes and for not giving bribe. Their style of encouraging and inspiring people, to make them aware of their rights and to wake them up from obliviousness, is unique and beautiful, and in a way that has never been tried before. (For those who have not seen them can follow the links election awareness ads, Govt. officer taking bribe, election campaign) Earlier, efforts have been made through print media, but they all have gone to mental dustbin of people, for no use in future. I think that this effort is really making the difference because of its altogether different way of reaching people's mind, and is making them aware of their rights and duties in a society. What happens in a society from my perspective is that an intellectual and sincere person(not educated person) would find out his rights and duties, and will abide by them, but a common man doesn't know of what he can do or what he can't, and even a graduate comes into the same category; and due to these reasons these efforts are the urgent need of the society. It is true that educated population of India is increasing, as during independence only 10% of Indian population is literate and as per 1991 consensus it increased to 52% literate Indians; but people are not behaving as an educated one, for example,in the first Lok Sabha election in 1952, 61.02% people voted, and in 13th Lok Sabha election in 2004, 57.65% voted, and this condition is a paradox in itself. Apart from voting, there are other examples of people's negligence towards their rights, like 'Consumer forum', which is unknown to a greater population in India. Even a person knowing, does not use it and chooses to give more money, rather than getting entangled in these matter. It is also true that process may be time consuming, and no body has that much time, but somewhere down the line someone has to take the initiative. Educated people are busy making money for themselves, but they don't know how to use it, and poor people doesn't know how to make money, so no question of using it. But one thing is common in both, neither of them knows about their rights and duties. These negligence towards the rights and duties, will always be the hindrance for the country in becoming a developed nation. Although, in recent years one can not question the growth of India in global market, but by not understanding their rights, it will always lack something. We prefer to buy snacks on railway stations or remote areas by giving them extra money, but we do not worry to terminate the process, although it is not a single man task, but if each person perform his/her little duties, then a bigger task as a whole would be accomplished. All these things can be stopped if a message is sent to people in an exclusive and unique way, like the one given in 'Lage raho Munnabhai', 'Wednesday' and now in 'Jaago Re'. They all were success as they were new in their approach, and with more of these efforts, slowly,steadily and swiftly an aim of better culture and society could be achieved. Voting figures and literate population figures are taken from sites-voteindia and adaniel.tripod, respectively.
Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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  1. I don't know if this ad is making a difference or not but yes, it is quite unique and makes you think. nice post!!!:)


  2. @shilpa
    i think yes in some manner,
    Thanks for coming again and commenting

  3. ""all have gone to mental dustbin of people, for no use in future.""
    Very well said! These day's Print media concentrates more on entertainment stuffs rather than the core of the news! They wanna market their papers, hence all the crap forms the core!!

    Getting things by paying extra money is not happening only in rlwy stations and other public places! Our own college canteen used to sell like that! Migh! When are they gonna realise and correct themselves ?!
    Not in the very near future i gues!!

    Cheers and a great post!

  4. @Shruti
    Welcome to Smiling PLanet'
    Yes you are correct that this is also prevailing in our college canteens, and also every where we go, but the thing is we are ready to pay extra money
    and Thanks for such a big comment,
    Keep coming here and commenting

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