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Are we missing Childhood ??
News Headlines: All the children of age group 12-18 are missing, they are no where to be found. This can be the reality of the country, if we do not get concerned towards our younger ones.
Actually, I was watching some talk show of an actress, who was asked, that is there something that you miss in your life, and she said " Yes, my childhood,I never got a time to live that", then a thought sprung to me that this can be a serious problem and should be discussed.
Today, children can be seen everywhere, whether it be movies, T.V.serials, in factories( what we better know as child labour), and I think there is no field left, where a child is not seen indulging into.
I am a bit confused, whether to take this positively or negatively. If we look at the positive side, everything seems fine, as a child is getting smart and intelligent with the time, but if we look at the bitter side, that very same child who is becoming smart and intelligent is also losing his/her childhood at an early age.
Today, instead of playing Hide-and-Seek, children are managing their dates of shooting, some are doing labor in factories,some are finding it difficult to tackle with their heavy load of studies, and the remaining are overwhelmed by the fast developing technology.I think technology, money, glamour, culture are reducing the life of a childhood.
It is not only actor-child or labour-child, but it is the same case with all the children of this generation, in some way or the other. Today, a child is as smart in using Internet(or any other technology), as an adult. Technology is making them aware of certain fats of life, which he/she should know at the later age of their life.
In the process, they were involved in the activities of higher age group people, and the children with silly talks and playing games are no where to be found.
Moreover, educational system is also somehow responsible, with its so much load, that a student is not free from his schools, tutions and their parent's expectations, and he doesn't get a time to live his childhood.
Infact, this is not only for age 12-18, even children younger than this age are working. You might all have watched 'L'il Champs' on Zee TV, where a boy and a girl of 8 or 10, were hosting the show, and were cracking jokes and making fun with all the guest celebrities on the show.
Nobody is untouched from this thing, not even me not even you; i/you have known certain things in life, which i/you should have known some time later in life.
Majority of these children are teenagers, but this age is decreasing with time, as one can see in L'il Champs,but there has to be some line drawn to this, otherwise it would be a problem in disguise.
Infact, government is making some efforts in this area, by implementing the grading system in 10th standard, but initiatives should be taken in other fields also, especially in bollywood, where a 5 year old can also get a film; and we feel proud in ourselves that child labour is banned in our country. Is a child working in some glamorous film, is not a child labour of some type.
We all should make efforts to check this, otherwise the day is not far enough when a new born child, from a mother's womb, would understand life more better than you.
Chetan Maheshwari

Hello, I am a Project Management Professional, and an author and a blogger by passion. I like good sarcasm and humor. Books, people around me, and nature inspire me, and my blogs and book reflect the same.


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