Sep 25, 2009


Wait for a sec... Wait for a sec... Every body felt in the same manner, as you might have felt just now for a second or two, when kept on waiting. Well, I am sorry for keeping you on wait.
I think waiting for something can produce good results. But, one thing is sure, it creates anger and impatience even in the coolest person. Waiting for something is not in our hands, for we can not do anything but to wait for a website to open , to get a ticket of a movie and more to that waiting for friends to come ( I am sure, if you are a movie freak, then this might have happened with you), for boss to come, to get in line with the railway inquiry, for your gf or bf.
I would like to tell you that waiting can sometimes be very surprising and good, but the only condition for this is to keep your cool.
If, you can think of other things while waiting, then it could really surprise you. I would like to share my real life experience on this, that I have completed my engineering this year only, and also got selected in company, but as you all know joinings are getting delayed due to recession, and my company was also not the exception. Initially, I was very frustrated and was very tensed, and I kept thinking about this, and wasted one month doing the same, but then somehow with the help of my friends and family, I was able to maintain my cool, and stopped thinking about my joining, and there sprung the idea of writing articles, and what better plateform can there be than blogging.
As I started blogging, I forgot about my joining, and always kept thinking about the titles of new posts, and in the meantime I have also cleared written exam of SAIL, and am now preparing for an interview. So, if my joining would have come on time, I would have not met you all, and would have never given that exam; and now at the end I am happy that, it is delayed for some time.
I think that, if we can utilise our each second, then we will not have the complaints about waiting for something; and waiting could also generate bad results, for you all must have had a fight with your friends, gf, bf to be kept on waiting. I am not intending to be always kept on waiting (no one could bear that), but if a condition arises, then we could utilize that time in other things, and you can bet with me on this, if that does not produce magical results in your life.
Today, I complete my first month of blogging, and I am more than happy that I started blogging, and I would like to THANK YOU all, who visited my blog, read my posts, gave their comments and suggestions, for it is the people that encourages and inspires one to do more and write more.
I hope that you all will keep reading my posts, and keep advising me and sharing your thoughts with me. At last, I would please like you all to pray for my joining to come as early as possible!

Sep 20, 2009

Wake Up!

We must have all seen the 'Jaago Re' advertisements of 'Tata Tetley Tea', where it encourages us to give votes and for not giving bribe. Their style of encouraging and inspiring people, to make them aware of their rights and to wake them up from obliviousness, is unique and beautiful, and in a way that has never been tried before. (For those who have not seen them can follow the links election awareness ads, Govt. officer taking bribe, election campaign) Earlier, efforts have been made through print media, but they all have gone to mental dustbin of people, for no use in future. I think that this effort is really making the difference because of its altogether different way of reaching people's mind, and is making them aware of their rights and duties in a society. What happens in a society from my perspective is that an intellectual and sincere person(not educated person) would find out his rights and duties, and will abide by them, but a common man doesn't know of what he can do or what he can't, and even a graduate comes into the same category; and due to these reasons these efforts are the urgent need of the society. It is true that educated population of India is increasing, as during independence only 10% of Indian population is literate and as per 1991 consensus it increased to 52% literate Indians; but people are not behaving as an educated one, for example,in the first Lok Sabha election in 1952, 61.02% people voted, and in 13th Lok Sabha election in 2004, 57.65% voted, and this condition is a paradox in itself. Apart from voting, there are other examples of people's negligence towards their rights, like 'Consumer forum', which is unknown to a greater population in India. Even a person knowing, does not use it and chooses to give more money, rather than getting entangled in these matter. It is also true that process may be time consuming, and no body has that much time, but somewhere down the line someone has to take the initiative. Educated people are busy making money for themselves, but they don't know how to use it, and poor people doesn't know how to make money, so no question of using it. But one thing is common in both, neither of them knows about their rights and duties. These negligence towards the rights and duties, will always be the hindrance for the country in becoming a developed nation. Although, in recent years one can not question the growth of India in global market, but by not understanding their rights, it will always lack something. We prefer to buy snacks on railway stations or remote areas by giving them extra money, but we do not worry to terminate the process, although it is not a single man task, but if each person perform his/her little duties, then a bigger task as a whole would be accomplished. All these things can be stopped if a message is sent to people in an exclusive and unique way, like the one given in 'Lage raho Munnabhai', 'Wednesday' and now in 'Jaago Re'. They all were success as they were new in their approach, and with more of these efforts, slowly,steadily and swiftly an aim of better culture and society could be achieved. Voting figures and literate population figures are taken from sites-voteindia and adaniel.tripod, respectively.

Sep 10, 2009

Are we missing Childhood ??
News Headlines: All the children of age group 12-18 are missing, they are no where to be found. This can be the reality of the country, if we do not get concerned towards our younger ones.
Actually, I was watching some talk show of an actress, who was asked, that is there something that you miss in your life, and she said " Yes, my childhood,I never got a time to live that", then a thought sprung to me that this can be a serious problem and should be discussed.
Today, children can be seen everywhere, whether it be movies, T.V.serials, in factories( what we better know as child labour), and I think there is no field left, where a child is not seen indulging into.
I am a bit confused, whether to take this positively or negatively. If we look at the positive side, everything seems fine, as a child is getting smart and intelligent with the time, but if we look at the bitter side, that very same child who is becoming smart and intelligent is also losing his/her childhood at an early age.
Today, instead of playing Hide-and-Seek, children are managing their dates of shooting, some are doing labor in factories,some are finding it difficult to tackle with their heavy load of studies, and the remaining are overwhelmed by the fast developing technology.I think technology, money, glamour, culture are reducing the life of a childhood.
It is not only actor-child or labour-child, but it is the same case with all the children of this generation, in some way or the other. Today, a child is as smart in using Internet(or any other technology), as an adult. Technology is making them aware of certain fats of life, which he/she should know at the later age of their life.
In the process, they were involved in the activities of higher age group people, and the children with silly talks and playing games are no where to be found.
Moreover, educational system is also somehow responsible, with its so much load, that a student is not free from his schools, tutions and their parent's expectations, and he doesn't get a time to live his childhood.
Infact, this is not only for age 12-18, even children younger than this age are working. You might all have watched 'L'il Champs' on Zee TV, where a boy and a girl of 8 or 10, were hosting the show, and were cracking jokes and making fun with all the guest celebrities on the show.
Nobody is untouched from this thing, not even me not even you; i/you have known certain things in life, which i/you should have known some time later in life.
Majority of these children are teenagers, but this age is decreasing with time, as one can see in L'il Champs,but there has to be some line drawn to this, otherwise it would be a problem in disguise.
Infact, government is making some efforts in this area, by implementing the grading system in 10th standard, but initiatives should be taken in other fields also, especially in bollywood, where a 5 year old can also get a film; and we feel proud in ourselves that child labour is banned in our country. Is a child working in some glamorous film, is not a child labour of some type.
We all should make efforts to check this, otherwise the day is not far enough when a new born child, from a mother's womb, would understand life more better than you.

Sep 4, 2009

News Channel or Cultural Channel

How do you like to decorate your drawing room with-a T.V. showing news or a T.V. showing a daily soap.

I think that we all should care about this antique piece of decoration in our drawing rooms and in our lives rather than some exquisite and elegant show piece. Today, we all are engaged in our strenuous daily lives, that nobody has more than one or two hours to watch T.V. The important thing is what you choose to watch in that short span of time, after you come from your offices and meetings.

-A news channel showing some death news, for example : Raj is brutally murdered, stripped and then robbed by a gang of four, when he was about to sleep in his home at 12'o clock


- A cultural channel showing some laughing pot cracking a joke, for example : A man came out from his car, running like a mad, reached a pizza shop in a hurry, when it was raining heavily, and asked to give him a pizza. In return. shop owner asked him whether he was married or not. He answered - Do you think my mother will send me at this time to bring for her a pizza.

Now, it has to be your choice, what you should watch. It is not that we should not watch news channels at all, but we should be careful, what all is being shown on T.V, and if that makes any sense to us or not.

There are around 10 to 15 twenty-four hour news channel, showing one and the same thing all time for no reason, and also there are almost same number of cultural channels presenting reality shows and daily soaps of all types. It is not that cultural channels show everything genuine and correct all the time; that is not possible, and one should not hope for the same.

Instead, one has to be conscious of what channels are showing, as it is scientifically proven that what one watches forms an image in a mind, that can lead to change in thoughts, thus eventually changing one's course of actions.

One can look at the above fact under the light of a daily soap, in which two ladies or two bahus (more appropriate), are fighting for their position and rank in their very own home, then that also has a same effect on mind of people watching it, and suppose that you are one of the bahu in your own home, then what impact could it make on your thoughts.

It is not a spontaneous process but a gradual one, that moves like tortoise , but once the race is finished can explode like a thunder storm in your lives.

As you watch something repeatedly of same kind, it forms an image in your mind and that governs you to take actions accordingly, and in my opinion news channels and soaps showing fights and irrelevant matters can effect your lives more than anything.

Not a single day is there, that we do not come across a news of death, robbery, molestation, kidnapping and all the other dreadful crimes. The life of the one who suffered the incident gets destroyed, and news channels showing them repeatedly destroy lives of common people. It is a mystery to me, what one gains by watching all those slayings and killings, that is not for a penny, concerned to the common people.

Now with the changing times, T.V. has also reserved its place in our bed rooms, and suppose one comes across a news as of my first example of Raj being murdered and .....You can imagine that, it can destroy your night's sleep, and can also effect your mornings, and once morning is not good, then what to talk of the forth coming day.

I think it would be better, if we spend sometime laughing and listening to songs, as that can attract happiness and good things in our lives. In fact, we all are aware that it is written in our religion books, that one should indulge in activities like bhajan and kirtan ( songs praying to God). I think that those songs, have been replaced by songs that we hear today, probably for the youth, and that can have the same impact as those songs if sung in group, as it is not God mattered in the songs, but the energy that is created by so many people singing one thing together; and I think it can be anything, if it is good and sensible.

Lastly, it is we who can change our lives and can attract immense happiness in our lives, by simply sitting and watching T.V. in our drawing rooms.